WWE Looking To Form A Street Team

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WWE is bringing back a concept that was prevalent amongst smaller independent-type promotions. They are looking to form a Street Team. Below are details as sent in by Wrestling News World reader Logan Walker:

Are You Fan Enough? WWE is seeking enthusiastic fans for the new WWE Street Team.

WWE Street Team members monitor WWE programs, confirm WWE programming time slots and provide overall WWE feedback.

If you qualify to be a WWE Street Team member you will be eligible to receive V.I.P. perks like free tickets, exclusive merchandise, and more.

Click here to apply.

  • Benjs

    I don’t get it can u explain

  • Kleck

    Can’t send the form…

    • azarrising

      I tried a couple times, and without it actually saying it, the reason probably was that your answers to one or both of the questions was too long, try shortening it

  • Logan_Walker

    The "Street Team" Help The WWE Tell There Progams Time Zone, What Channel Any Improvement that they could do if you get through you get free tickets, Merchandising and more things

  • WyFo

    I think this is kinda old. I looked at it and where it asked how often you watch each show every week, ECW is listed instead of NXT.

  • dave c

    a street team is a program where they give you promotional material and you have to go around pass those materials out, and in return for your work they give perks which can include tickets to live events (house shows), discounts on merch and tickets to tv tapings and or ppvs