WWE Looking To Hold A Pay-Per-View In The United Kingdom

While overseas on their current international tour, WWE officials have met with representatives of three different venues about holding a pay-per-view in the United Kingdom. The venues include Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales, Wembley Stadium in London, England and Old Trafford in Greater Manchester.

Other than the fact the meetings took place, we're unable to confirm any specifics including what pay-per-view and when it could actually happen. The last time WWE held a major pay-per-view in the United Kingdom was SummerSlam 1992 in London, England. WWE has produced UK-only pay-per-views in the past but stopped in 2002.

  • Charles

    About time! If they held it at Old Trafford that would be a dream come true for me being a Man Untied fan! I can see the stadium from my apartment as well! To be honest I’d go no matter where in the UK it was held.

    • Ilyas G

      I'd love to see that happen as well. However, I think Wembley is the most likely to be selected among these venues.

      PS: GGMU!

    • William Shatner

      I prefer my med tied and helple… oh, United. Ah.

      • Charles


  • The Awesome James

    This would be great. With the inbuilt seating plus ring-level capacity, you'd be looking at over 100,000 tickets in any of those venues. The atmosphere would be mental!

  • KingKongBrody

    God I hope its Summerslam 2014 I’m so tired of watching it from L.A. Staple Center every year change it up please.

  • Spike westphal

    I would love it for a major ppv to come back to the uk as I went to summer slam 1992 and that was one of my best child hood memory’s

  • Stupac

    Wembley has a retractable roof too so the inevitable London rain wouldn’t stop anything

  • Mark3man

    Leeds building a 30k seater stadium . ready in April. Would be great to Christen that with som

    e wrassling.

    • William Shatner

      I'm so glad I don't live in Leeds any more.
      I used to live near Elland Road, near Gildersome Roundabout where the A650, A62, M62, and M621 all crossed, near the M1 also. The M1's the main north-south mororway, the M62's the main east-west motorway, the M621's straight into the city centre just past Elland Road Stadium, the A62's another major route into the city, and the A650's the main route there into Bradford if you want to avoid the motorway.
      Complete and total chaos. One of the most dangerous clusterfracks in the country.
      It was a frikkin' nightmare getting into Bradford. An hour plus to do a fifteen minute journey.
      Leeds just isn't designed to have a 30k seater stadium, not without ploughing it all under and rebuilding. It's a dump.

      • trist

        cool story bro.

  • Patrick Peralta

    about time I liked it when Summer Slam did a PPV in London England in 1992… suprised me they didn't do another one other then the UK only PPV's over the years.

  • Paul uk

    They could sell out wembley stadium with a major wwe ppv and that stadium had 80,000 seats.

  • Tna

    Any chance of any more info on this really interested !!

  • Sjenttivensventa

    One night only?

  • Mike Brailsford

    It is as easy for foreign fans to fly in to Manchester as it is to London. Manchester's advantage is more direct transport links to Old Trafford. They could easily hold the PPV on the Sunday and Raw and Smackdown in the following 2 days. The Theatre Of Dreams would be best !

  • Btb

    1992= No internet spoilers.

    The sole problem is the time zone difference with the US. The buyrate would be horrible if the results, torrents, and screenshots were available online before it even aired..

    • snap

      While nothing would be able to prevent results from being spoiled, they could eliminate the possibility of torrents and screenshots (other than peoples’ own photos) by taping the event and then broadcasting it as they would if it was a typical PPV.

  • Andrew

    About time!

    It has to be a Summerslam or Wrestlemania, otherwise there is no point as only them 2 shows would sell out an 80,000 stadium like Wembley.

    Wrestlemania 30 at Wembley stadium anyone?!

    • Ricky

      WM30 they already said is going to be in Madison Square Garden

  • Lloyd clarke

    I think the shit crowd at hiac and loud we were on raw might have em thinking ha

    I’ll travel anywhere to this though,maybe cardiff best bet as its roof fully closes and wembleys doesnt?

  • PhilT81

    If they held it on a Sunday night then it could be live in the US on a Sunday afternoon. Summerslam isn’t an appropriate PPV due to the UK weather and it being an established PPV. It also doesn’t have to be a ‘B’ level PPV – but a new ‘A’ PPV which gives slightly more prominence to international stars than normal shows. We could have Regal in charge, Sheamus in one title match, Barrett in another title match and even McIntyre in a tag title match. Of course, there would also be a Pipers Pit. I just wish they’d bring back The Highlanders for Brit Brawl.

  • ken

    Hell yeah! I say let’s have it at 1am Sunday night I’m sure we’ve all become used to staying up to the early hours since wrestling was invented;-)

    I can’t see a Wrestlemania or a Summerslam being held in England as because of the time difference.

    It would be amazing if it does, but an PPV like the Great British Bash and Capital Carnage would still sell if given enough build-up.

    If at Wembley, it will break the largest attendance record I believe.

    Barrett to beat Sheamus for the World Heavy Weight Championship!