Following A Messy Legal Battle, WWE Looking To Purchase Major Pro Wrestling Promotion; Why Triple H Is Pushing The Company To Make The Bold Move & How It Significantly Impacts WWE's Future

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The lawsuit regarding insurance fraud and the National Wrestling Alliance has been settled and the promotion is now owned by Bruce Tharpe. I'm told this could end up tying into the WWE Network.

WWE has actually tried to purchased the NWA a few times over the last decade but the NWA was such a "shady and legally-complicated mess," that nothing ever came of the talks. WWE wasn't offering big money but would like to own the brand if they can get it for a responsible price as so much of their tape library and the history that will be featured on the WWE Network revolves around the NWA (or more specifically, the NWA World Championship).

Part of the motivation for some of the board members trying to wrestle away control of the NWA with the lawsuit was in hopes they'll be able to "cash in" if the NWA is ultimately sold to WWE.

The story also involvesĀ Triple H as I'm told he has a "soft spot" for the NWA brand and it has been discussed in recent weeks that WWE may try to engage the new ownership in acquisition talks at some point.

  • mjledesma

    Wow that tape library will be huge.

  • christopher525

    So, would that mean that R-Truth would be recognized as a former "world champion" as a former NWA champion?

    • Jaryd

      That's a cracking bit of rhetoric!

  • Patrick Peralta

    I agree if this works out for WWe then what a goal to accomplish.. The NWA was the bigest promtion around even before WWE. not to mention the library is huge.

  • Sythian

    I wonder how extensive that would be, since NWA recognises a lot of promotions, for example here in Australia we’ve now got NWA-Warzone and as part of that we have Colt Cobana and others flying down to wrestle on the shows. Could be interesting if wwe takes notice of this to also find potential in future talent