WWE Looks At "A Revolution Is Coming" Viral Marketing Campaign

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WWE has a new article online over on dot com looking at the "A Revolution is Coming" viral marketing campaign. The piece doesn't shed any new details and is just looking to generate hype for the campaign.

WWE uses these type of marketing campaigns because they generate a lot of interest and social media buzz. You can read the piece on dot com at this link.

  • christopher525

    Might be for their "new live show" before Raw.

    I'm still hoping for Dean Ambrose.

  • Daniel Lim'ass

    WWE is putting a lots of effort for this campaign and if it's true it's for Dean Ambrose's debut, that means WWE surely got high hopes on him. He is the future of WWE.

  • Gibbons08

    I've watched a few FCW shows and they a couple good talents and Dean Ambrose is a top talent guy that would make a amazing heel!

  • InTheZone

    It's Batista