WWE Looks At Turkeys In The Ring, Aren't Very Complementary Of Kizarny

WWE has a feature on their official website looking at "Turkeys in the ring." The piece is not very flattering for Kizarny as it reads:

#3 Kizarny
Something wretched this way comes. Looking to ruffle the feathers of the WWE Universe in 2009, the bizarre circus freak known as Kizarny strolled into town with his unorthodox look and "carny" way of speaking. Within two months, he was gone. Like the circus itself, this clown was fun for one night. After that, he was as nauseating as riding the tilt-a-whirl with a bellyful of corndogs.

Other turkeys listed included Michael Cole, Vito, Bart Gunn, Fake Razor, Mike Adamle and The Gobbledy Gooker.

Click here to check out the full feature.

  • Daniel

    Kizarny would’ve been a great heel with a mixture of Mankind/Edge/Christian however, WWE missed the ball on that one. Stupid PG Rating…

  • Nostaljack

    Sorry but I disagree totally. Kizarny is better off gone. He was a total novelty and he wore out his welcome quickly. I'm glad he didn't last. He only got to TV because of his friendship with Edge.

  • simbasamba

    Vito shouldn't be on this list of flops, he was great

  • Mike L

    Michael Cole? Couldn't agree more!

  • ShanND

    Maybe Jerry Lawler wrote it? He might miss The Chynette Kat.

  • The Shockmaster

    Bart Gunn is only on there because he ruined Steve Williams' push in Brawl For All. They dropped the ball with him after that.

  • tony

    Vito was awesome and entertaining. to put him on this list is a insult to his 23 years in wrestling.

  • MonstaHeel 450

    Anyone remember BB? She lasted as long as her IQ#: 15 minutes
    NICOLE BASS: That went well. Couldnt wrestle for squat and made (pre-op) Chyna '96 look like a supermodel in comparison. ugh.

  • christopher525

    And of course Mr. Bodhi is complaining about this list on Facebook today.

  • Jeff Block

    What about Kevin Fertig doing the Mordecai gimmick? That lasted all of one show, didn't it? HAHA….Vince has nobody to blame for the crap he has invented.