WWE Loses The Trademark For "ECW"; Registered By Another Company For Wrestling Use

A Limited Liability Company out of New York called "Mocker" registered the trademark to "ECW" for wrestling use back in March. WWE apparently let the trademark expire and the registration was assigned to an examiner for review last week.

  • JakShowtime

    Did WWE let just the letters ECW expire, or Extreme Championship Wrestling as a whole?

  • Dave Barton

    Whoever let that slip by in WWE is definitely gonna be fired.

  • Matt

    TNA could of had done with that a while back haha

  • who?

    LMAO! that company wanna make money.

  • An0n

    hopefully, theyll make ECW good

  • Jman72485

    Could this be the rebirth of the original ECW?

  • Joe


  • Wwe4L76

    ECW is back baby!!!! NEW YORK!!!!

  • evangrove

    I know it won’t happen but it would be great if Paul Heyman was behind this!!
    Interesting they let it expire since they recently released a DVD too.

    • Kevin

      I was thinking the same thing. This sounds like something Heyman would do. You know the old saying: Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. He could have gotten back into the WWE just so he could watch for something like this. As soon as it expired, BAM! He jumped in and licensed it, and soon we'll be seeing the reemurgence of the original ECW!

  • Kleck

    That’s one hell of an oops

  • proud

    Inside jobby

  • Johnnyjammmer

    WWE didnt need to market their brand under ECW any longer, they abandoned it. Shane Douglas will hopefully relaunch the brand and the way it was originally produced. I saw an ECW show under the WWE name and it was weak. I never watched it since.

  • MonstaHeel450

    Raven, Sandman, Shane Douglas, Dreamer, and Francine should be happy bout this. Time to pick up where it all unceremoniously ended. E-C-DUB FOREVER!!!!! Bring back the hardcore, Man!!!!

  • Randy

    Ted Turner… Keep your eye out.. WCW maybe next 😉

  • havoc525

    Doesn’t matter, since Vince owns the tape library. If anyone is willing to risk the injuries risked in the ECW everyone remembers, for no pay, that’s their problem. Vince still owns the trademark on Extreme Championship Wrestling, and the ECW letters for promtional purposes.

  • Tony23

    ECW sucks

  • JimmyZTT

    That’s a mighty quick turnaround time for a copyright!


    Glad to see wwe have done This the whole wwe brand is not as good as it was in the Randy savage Jimmy snuka days TNA all day long

  • Jay Riverz

    TNA is definitely steppin their game up. Hogan knows its make it or break it. Aries will be a fine Champ(except he NEEDS to stop Hushing the crowd when they cheer for him. hes done it twice already…”shhhhhh”?…no bueno), but overall, OFN and Gut Check along with a New Blood X Division, should make TNA a staple in wrestling. WWE is OBVIOUSLY catering to a very young demographic. Im sorry, Im 33 yrs old, its bad enough I still love wrestling, lol. Don’t make me regret it……

    • Dre

      Do you actually watch TNA cause your facts are wrong they have 1 storyline that involves Dixie Aj some random actress Kaz and Daniels that is stupid that is played and done everyweek and gets worse and worse. Then the rest of the time they just jumble in other crappy storylines that play every few weeks or so.

      • A.C.

        Agreed. Plus they have a lot of unused talent that we never see on T.V. Plus, you can ALWAYS count on Jeff Hardy, RVD, and Mr. Anderson wrestling no matter what, which is getting boring.

  • Jay Riverz

    Oh and ECW has died my friends… Please DO NOT try to reincarnate this again, only to have it desecrated AGAIN… R.I.P…. let it goooo….let it gooo… in My Austin Aries voice:”shhhhhhhhh…”

  • Now if they lost the trademark for “WWE”, that would be hilarious.

  • Paul

    There will be no more ecw reunions, it’s done, let it go.
    Wrestling will never be as extreme as that again.
    Tna would not benefit from picking up ecw to anyone who thinks that is a good idea, their hardcore reunion thing was bad enough.