WWE Magazine Officially Ceases Operations After 31 Years In Publication

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WWE Magazine is closing up shop after 31 years in publication. WWE decided to cease all operations as part of ongoing budget cuts with the final issue being the October 2014 issue.

The department said their goodbyes on Twitter, in which we'll bring you below:

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  • Jesse Sherwood

    With the closure of WWE Magazine, I think that makes PWI the last print magazine for wrestling in the US. A sad day indeed…

  • Samantha

    I used to subscribe to their magazine back during the Attitude Era. I wish I still had all those issues to look back on. Shame to hear it’s going on under. Definitely going to pick up that final magazine as a keepsake.

  • I always enjoyed WWE Magazine. It was a well put together publication and always a neat read. Print media is sadly becoming a thing of the past.

    • Rachel Miller

      I did too. And I also reading reading WWE Kids and WWE Specials as well. And I also wouldn’t be surprised if PWI and Fighting Spirit end publication in the very near future with print media giving way to digital. Your thoughts?

  • Terra Ryzing

    Wow. I remember waiting every month for the new issues to come in the mail as a kid. I totally remember Ric Flair’s doctored photos. What a sad day indeed.

  • Michael Burgess

    My question is what happens to those who have payed for a years subscription back in July? Do I get a refund? Are they just going to outsource the Magazine and I’ll still receive issues?

    • Jesse Sherwood

      You should be receiving a refund prorated to the amount that was left on your subscription, ie around $16.

  • Michael Scholz

    My MIL got me a 2 year subscription for Xmas last year hope she gets a refund