WWE Main Event Audience Up After WWE Network Airing

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We normally do not track ratings and viewership for WWE Main Event, however, with the show airing live on WWE Network the night before it aired this week on Ion Television, I thought there would be more interest. This week's show actually scored higher in terms of an average viewing audience than it did the previous two weeks. Below is a look at the numbers:

  • March 5th - 1,487,000 viewers
  • February 26th - 1,289,000 viewers
  • February 19th - 1,316,000 viewers

This week's episode featured Daniel Bryan vs. Kane and The Usos defending the WWE Tag Team Championship against The New Age Outlaws. WWE Network will continue to air WWE Main Event on Tuesday nights before it airs on Wednesday on Ion Television.

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  • kristolium

    the usos vs the usos?

    • Nah they defended against The New Age Outlaws

  • Padres4life

    First they acknowledge Bryan’s tee shirt sales are doing well, then he is involved in the highest 10pm quarter hour in a year on this past Raw and he brings the Main Event audience up…..and they say this guy isn’t going places?