WWE Manipulates Crowd Reactions On This Week's WWE Raw That Likely Caused Commentary To Be Audible In The Arena; Details On Why & How It Was Done, Update On The Company's "Now Or Never" Prospect & A Likely Title Change At SummerSlam

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Crowd Reactions Manipulated on WWE Raw

Perhaps causing the commentary to be audible in the arena during Ryback vs. JTG on this week's WWE Raw, I'm told the "Goldberg" chants were killed by the company turning off the audience mics. They then piped in the "feed me more chants" to make it seem like Ryback drew a bigger reaction than he actually did.

As for JTG getting the match and his Twitter comments being made storyline, it's a double-edged sword. On one hand he got on television but on the other hand, it was a job to Ryback. For more on the office's response to JTG's Tweets, check out this exclusive update on a meeting held backstage at this week's Raw.

"Now or Never" for Antonio Cesaro

At this point Antonio Cesaro is seen as the favorite to beat Santino Marella for the WWE United States Championship in the SummerSlam pre-show match. I'm told the bout was originally scheduled for the pay-per-view, however, the thought of doing a title change on YouTube would help draw buzz.

As we noted previously, Cesaro is seen as a "now or never" prospect and if they plan to develop him as a viable main eventer, they have to begin the build now and focus on getting him over in a bigger way over the next year. The company is high up on the size, look and in-ring talent of Cesaro and feel they can get him over in a short time.

With all this being said, I'm not by any means confirming Cesaro over Santino for the title and can only report it was heavily talked about at this week's Raw.  Plans change at the drop of the hate with Internet leaks being known to influence WWE's decision making.

  • Patrick Peralta

    Good for WWE I'm sick of hearing the Goldberg chants. the compare the two is annoying as hell. I enjoy Ryback and I'm a fan of his.

    • n1ck

      its a move that lacks intelligence, they’re trying to force someone to get over which simply won’t work. Supporting a move like that shows that your not very informed about the business

      • Stephen

        Not very informed about the buisness? Yeah cause her wanting WWE to cover the Goldberg chant is soooo ill-informed and un-knowledgeable. Good one…

        • n1ck

          its them trying to force someone over actually its worse, they’really pretending he’s over. to support that is a sign of not understanding the business, sorry but I stand by my statement

    • urnemystic

      Couldnt agree more. I feel Ryback is developing as a performer and as a character, gimmicks are recycled and goldberg wasnt the first "monster" pushed in professional wrestling. I feel Ryback already looks better in the ring than goldberg ever did.

  • Bobby W.

    I called that the noise was piped in last night! The "feed me more" chants at first were like wow they are warming up to him. Then I saw nobody in the crowd moving or mouthing anything, then I just facepalmed…

  • dave

    I should have known. I was so surprised to hear those chants loud from the fans on a Raw episode. But you could still hear some Goldberg chants regardless of WWE’s tampering.

  • nathaniel

    I like ryback. its interesting some places he goes to house shows and stuff hes getting over. but other places you have the idiots doin the goldberg chants and i ask why? really. i like him and I hope he gets over dont get me wrong i like a guy like daniel bryan and cm punk who are amazing in the ring. but i still believe that the larger than life charcters have there spot in wrestling as well so good luck to ryback.

  • Stephen

    I actually noticed a lot of fans more into his gimmick and the feed me more chants. I dont mind WWE altering the chants because the golberg chants ruin it for me, Im a big supporter of Ryback, also I cant wait for Cesaro to be the US Champ! Its going to be #VeryEuropean and awesome.

  • Kleck

    Better feed him more. That is the only way the Goldberg chants will end. Build him into a competent and entertaining wrestler. He can make the character his own.

  • elgato48

    They did it past week as well. I went to raw and when I finally see the tv version there were a lot of extra boos and cheers when they didn’t exist. Especially with daniel bryan and cm punk

  • ChromeyDaniels

    I feel to help get Ryback over they will continue to do that until the Goldberg chants stop. I enjoy the gimmick! It’s a new type of monster. I wanna see more mic work but we won’t see that till those goldberg chants stop. People need to stop with the chants, it’s very annoying. Give the guy a chance to get over

  • chris

    Fans that chant Goldberg during Ryback matches are idiots!!

  • nefty131

    I bet: Some one on the audio team got their ass chewed for that hiccup. Lol

  • Miles

    Next there will be ” this is awesome” chants in a Kelly Kelly match

    • Blaze

      I hope not. Maybe backstage she gets those chants.

  • Ranfery25

    I’m a very huge Ryback Fan as well hopefully they can continue this until They eliminate the Goldberg chants

  • hurrigame

    Love the Ryback character. As for the Goldberg chants, I agree that the fans doing it come off sounding idiotic. As far as I’m concerned, Ryback>Skip Sheffield>Goldberg