Did WWE Miss The Boat On The Shield?, Evolution's Interference, Lesnar After Ending The Streak, Flair's Endorsement

I am a huge fan of The Shield but mostly Seth Rollins. Do you think WWE missed the boat in splitting the faction up or does it give them more time to build each as a singles star?

The biggest problem I have with the booking of The Shield is the fact WWE teased dissension for so long only to pivot and turn them. It was the difference of opinions between Vince McMahon and Triple H playing out on television that I didn't like. I was optimistic The Shield would have no problem getting over as babyfaces and they haven't disappointed. Ultimately I think the babyface run will only increase their stock as singles stars and tend to agree they weren't quite ready for singles when the idea of splitting them was first brought up. So to answer your question, I do not think WWE "missed the boat" and only increased their stock with the turn.

Did you notice the negative reaction the crowd gave when Evolution interfered in the Raw main event? It seemed to be more about the fact that Evolution essentially ruined a very good Wyatt vs Shield match the fans loved. This run-in reminded me of WCW's annoying habit of having the nWo do that over and over and generate the wrong kind of heat. Do you think WWE should me more cognizant of this?

Knowing that WWE wants to do The Shield vs. Evolution again at WWE Payback in June, I understood the purpose of the run-in. TV can't be treated like pay-per-view in that it's used to build and further programs and not feature pure wrestling matches. When this type of thing happens on pay-per-view, in a blowoff situation, I'm much more critical. TNA has always had a horrible habit of overbooking high profile matches and that reminds me of the WCW run-ins you mentioned. I had no problem with what happened on Raw but I understand your valid concern.

With the Undertaker being pretty banged up after Wrestlemania, was there any heat on Brock Lesnar for working stiff?

If Brock Lesnar had heat, I didn't hear about it. I heard Brock was very humble after the win and you could see him thanking Undertaker in the ring if you go back and watch closely. Brock Lesnar is what he is and that's part of what makes him such a big draw. Undertaker was concerned about what type of match he could get out of Brock and the fact of the matter is, his concerns were realized when he was concussed early on. The match left a lot to be desired but I warmed to the outcome (after initial rejection) after hearing all sides. The pressure is now off Undertaker on multiple levels. He's no longer faced with being forced to come back or in a situation where it's up to him to save the show. WWE could still do a very high profile match in Sting vs. Undertaker if Undertaker wanted it. If not, he's a first ballot Hall of Famer and will be commended for passing the torch.

For those that are not friends with me on Facebook, I posted a note about the streak on Thursday morning. I'll include it below:

What role do you see Ric Flair taking on with his apparent backing of The Shield. Is this a swerve or legitimate change of heart?

I looked at Ric Flair's endorsement of The Shield prior to Extreme Rules as "there's more to the story." We'll see what becomes of it but it's another element that adds intrigue.

From the Ask WNW vault…

February 2012: Despite only airing for two weeks the angle of Natalya is tedious already. Is there any purpose in it or is it just a way to keep kids entertained during the PG era? - The Natalya “farting” gimmick is disgusting. I have told people that I feel it is Vince McMahon’s immaturity at the forefront, highlighting his weird sense of humor. I don’t know the purpose but I can’t believe someone would find it entertaining.

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  • Slay

    There really isn’t any need to split up The Shield. They’re hotter than they’ve ever been and they’re working out great as a face group.The smart thing to do would be to push them individually while keeping them together as a faction like they did back in the day with Evolution. I think splitting them up would mean 2 out of the 3 would only end up getting lost in the mix.

  • Dave Barton

    I really thought that if they came up with any stupid gimmick for Natalya, it would be that she would “get caught” shaving her chin…you know, because her dad is Jim Neidhart and he had the long chin-whiskers. Sounds stupid, I know, but so does having her fart.

  • Eddie Edwards

    At what point can you see Lesnar thank Taker? I went back and watched it but still couldn’t see it

    • David Jr.

      He winked at him.

    • Bryan Smith

      Also, he reportedly whispered “Thank you Taker” when Lesnar pinned Taker.

  • Tony Rankin

    I doubt the crowd was upset at all for that reason since we’ve seen the Shield vs Wyatt’s at least 3 times now (more if you attend live events, see dark matches, etc). I’m guessing they thought the Shield would finally go over since they lost their previous encounters, but that obviously didn’t happen

    • Ronnie

      Didn’t the Shield beat them on Main Event in Round 3?

      • Tony Rankin

        I honestly don’t know because I don’t watch main event, if they did then I’m half wrong.

  • jdl

    They can’t split the Shield up just yet, as Reigns is not ready to work solo. If this face turn for the group has shown anything it’s that he’s pretty, buff and can hit things with a spear or superman punch and that’s about it. Can’t cut a promo to save his life, can’t do any technical wrestling, hasn’t developed the required experience to call a match, has issues with instilling his character into his work and gets lost in longer matches. The feud with the Wyatts made it quite clear considering Wyatt was carrying him during their solo matches. Give Reigns a few more months of experience and maybe he’ll be ready for the mid card on his own.

    • Razmos

      With his size and being known as a “powerhouse” why would he need to be technical? There are powerhouses, brawlers, technical wrestlers and high flyers, he cant be all 4, his promo work isnt that bad either, he plays a bad a$$ tough guy and plays it well, the superman punch is a move the crowd love and cheer fpr everytime he hits it. The guy is ready.

      • Bob’s Diner

        It isn’t about technical wrestling to me – it is about experience. He is learning from two very experienced guys right now and quite honestly needs it. He is the guy WWE want to push and see as a future main eventer – makes sense to give him more time to get better at everything first. Otherwise, they risk having him go solo and it failing badly, which would hurt his drawing power for the future. The match with Bray Wyatt was a big wake up call for WWE and they’ve made the right move. Not to mention, The Shield have been the most exciting part of the show since their debut. Keep it going, I say – it isn’t hurting any of the three in any way and is far from getting stale

      • jdl

        You need some measure of technical ability, it’s a requirement. Not saying he has to incorporate a lot of it into his moveset, but the technical stuff is quite often the best time to call upcoming spots and to give yourself a breather. He needs a few holds, he needs some depth to his moveset or he’s just a prettier, taller Ryback.

        • Razmos

          His technical ability is to work his ring space which he does well, look at the great powerhouses, none of them had an array of submission holds etc, they just flat out dominated with power move sets

      • cranktheradio

        What I find amazing is that Seth Rollins is three of the four things you mentioned; technical, high flyer & a brawler. To me, he may not only be the best of The Shield, which is saying something, but the best we’ve seen in a long time. He has his “big spots”, but also paces matches well and has tremendous timing.

  • Me

    As opposed to having the Shield turn on each other, creative should have someone or some faction defeat them forcing them disband. It would be unique and different. We’ve seen the “team implosion” angle over and over again.

    • Gary Robert

      They didn’t have to be defeated to disband, either. They can simply cut a promo talking backstage where they each talk about how great they are together, how they will always have the other’s backs etc etc but each can agree they want more for themselves on their own and make a choice to go their separate ways. You are right that the whole jealousy or team dissension angle causing factions to blow up has been re-done more times than I can count. I like the idea of them just choosing to walk away and pursue diff paths for themselves.

  • stoney

    No diva or wrestler deserves a farting gimmick, no member of the Hart family deserves a farting gimmick (except for Teddy)

  • Jay El Bee

    Wait a minute heels were getting a negative reaction and that is a bad thing, maybe I’m wrong but that is the type of reaction heels are supposed to get. I can see why the guy asking the question would be confused though, WWE crowds and wrestling crowds in general have been pretty crappy over the last 10-15 years.

    • Bob’s Diner

      I actually read somewhere someone was bashing TNA because their fans don’t cheer the ‘cool heels’ like they do in WWE – and your response is exactly what I said to him. I don’t understand WHY anyone would want the heels to be cheered. Their job is to get booed. If they can get booed out of the building and rubbish thrown at them, then are really good at their job.

      Hence I think Evolution should go to Chicago and make fun of CM Punk

      • Guest


    • Guest

      Yeah, the fans are idiots nowadays…well not all of them, but a lot are.