WWE Monday Night Raw Audience Remains Under 4 Million Viewers

This week's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw did an average viewing audience of 3,680,000 viewers on the USA Network. Below is the hourly breakdown:

  • Hour one - 3,620,000 viewers
  • Hour two - 3,620,000 viewers
  • Hour three - 3,800,000 viewers

Raw ended up with an abysmal 2.6 cable rating.  The show was up against stiff competition as the NBA Playoff Game 7 between the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers did an average viewing audience of 11,570,000 viewers on TNT.

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  • Matt

    Can I be the first to point out, during Punks reign, this article would have been flooded with people bitching that Punk doesn’t draw and “at least people tune in for Cena as champ”. This clearly proves otherwise as that’s two or three weeks in a row the downward trend has continued. Also, I remember Punk being up against MNF and NBA and people saying these were not valid excuses. So, now Cena is champ and the ratings continue to be low is the NBA relevant? Or is it Rybacks fault?

    • markpol

      lack of interesting storyline therefore wwe creative writers’ fault

  • Carlos

    I know i’ve stopped watching because everything is so repetitive and predictable… same wrestlers against each other same bs storylines… just don’t care about watching wwe anymore