SummerSlam Main Event, Lesnar Back Early, Two WWE Stars Getting Big Heel Pushes, First MITB Ladder Match Entrants Revealed, Kaitlyn's Wardrobe Malfunction, How Long Mark Henry's Main Event Run Will Last, RVD's Contract

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Backstage news from WWE Raw in Grand Rapids…

- CM Punk's babyface turn wasn't decided upon until last week. We're told Punk really wanted to wait until closer to SummerSlam but the penciled in match for the show is to do Brock Lesnar vs. Punk.

- We're told Vince McMahon thought Raw was becoming very bland and needed some type of an angle throughout the summer to entice people to watch. This is the reason for the angle with Triple H and Stephanie.

- Brock Lesnar was brought back early due to concern over the lack of top heels currently on the roster. This is also the reason for Damien Sandow getting a push and the alignment of Antonio Cesaro with Zeb Colter. We're told this is the case of the company actually looking long-term in that they need to build more heels.

- One of the reasons why Rob Van Dam and Christian were brought back was due to McMahon's discontent over the shows feeling stale and the fact he thought the Money in the Bank ladder match was too predictable last year. The plan is to put both in the bout this year as the feeling is people will have the "second guess" who is going to win.

- Kaitlyn did indeed have a wardrobe malfunction on live television but production caught it just in time. This is why the screen went blank but as one observer put it, the front row got a peep show (pun intended).

- The final Raw script didn't have Brock Lesnar returning to take out CM Punk. Very few people knew he was even in the building and he didn't arrive until after 9:30 PM EDT. It was then that Vince cued in Punk and the producers about what was going to happen. We're told the hot shot booking makes it very difficult for the writers and a lot of angles have no direction because nothing is set in stone.

- Mark Henry was granted his main event program with John Cena after politicking real hard for it, however, we're told it's currently set for a 6-8 week run.

- Rob Van Dam's new WWE contract doesn't have him working as many dates or live events and this is why he was receptive to returning. Van Dam is one of those guys that hates being on the road and hates being away from his family. This was the main reason he defected to TNA Wrestling in the first place.

  • Justin Lal

    Mark Henry deserves to be champion just based on how creative this angle was. I love that he took the initiative to bring this angle up to management.

  • Chris

    What’s this sites latest obsession with Mark Henry? He’s always been a horrible worker and promo guy! WWE should have just let his fat ass retire!

    • Justin Lal

      Did you see how well he acted last night? There’s a lot of “over actors” in the WWE. Mark Henry did so well last night. I was just amazed.

      • chris

        By saying “well” do you actually mean horrible??? lol. He is a clown!

    • Stephen

      And you sure are clueless

      • Xavier

        Not sure if he’s clueless or if he’s just trolling.

  • Patrick

    Kaitlyn”s wardrobe malfunction has all ready been posted online…WWE wasn’t quick enough LOL.

  • Xavier

    I’m really looking forward too Punk/Lesnar. This feud will force Punk outside of his comfort zone. As great as Punk is on the mic even he has gotten really repetitive with the “best in the world” stuff. With Lesnar I expect Punk will be forced too change it up which will be a good thing.

    I actually noticed that the WWE is really face heavy at the main event/upper midcard scene at the moment. You have Cena, Orton, Punk, Bryan, Sheamus, Kane, Christian, Mysterio, RVD, Ziggler (it appears he’s turning face) and then you also have part timers like HHH, Taker & Rock still floating around. So it makes a lot of sense for creative to push Cesaro & Sandow up the card. At some point they should really consider turning a few of these other guys heels.

    I really hope there is only one MITB match this year. Two briefcase holders is overkill IMHO. It limits what you can do from a creative standpoint. Take last year fro example, Ziggler was only allowed to cash in on the World Heavyweight Champion. With one holder it allows that wrestler to cash in on whoever which adds a real element of surprise to that angle.

    • andy55

      i agree with you on that whats the point

  • sir-rusty82

    Brock Lesnar was brought back early due to concern over the lack of top heels currently on the roster??? Ummm how can that be true they turned the top heel into a babyface for this fued & as much as Im looking forward to Punk vs Lesnar if that’s the best creative can come up with in short notice no wonder wwe has such boring story lines