WWE Moves Forward With Jack Swagger, Wrestlemania 29 Lineup

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For those that missed this week's Monday Night Raw, WWE is moving forward "full steam ahead" with the Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter storyline. Swagger, who went over Sin Cara in two bouts at live events over the weekend, went over The Miz on Raw.

With John Cena beating CM Punk and Triple H returning to oppose Brock Lesnar, below is the first look at the Wrestlemania 29 lineup:

WWE Championship Match
- The Rock © vs. John Cena

World Heavyweight Championship Match
- Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez © vs. Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter

SummerSlam '12 Rematch
- Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H

Lesnar vs. Hunter hasn't been officially announced but is certainly the direction WWE is taking. Wrestlemania 29 will take place Sunday, April 7, 2013 from MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

  • coolkd1

    Is it just me or is sheamus having too many feuds, one minute it seems he is feuding with wade barrett and then he goes back to the shield.

    • I thought that also. And it seems like they already do not know where to go next with the shield. It was like they randomly threw Orton back in to the mix last night. Since Orton has been reduced to a mid carder because of his wellness violations, adding him back to the shield feud almost feels like a step down for The Shield angle.

      • coolkd1

        Speaking of being reduce to mid card, swagger should be for his trouble, its unfair swagger gets no real punishment and go to wm.

    • Mark J.

      I actually think that this angle presents the PERFECT opportunity to turn Orton heel. Booking Sheamus, Orton and Jericho against the Shield, and then having Orton turn on Sheamus after Jericho gets knocked out. Letting Orton either lead the Shield or at least turn on everyone (and go his own way) would be a perfect WM 29 outcome, even if it resembles Hogan’s turn at the Bash PPV. Orton can’t turn heel before WM. But what a cool story it could make if they use it right. Ryback should only stay in this match if they want Orton to turn on Ryback primarily. Otherwise, Ryback should face Henry or Big Show at WM.

      • Xavier

        I’d rather not see Rybotch at WM29 at all. and that is the dumbest theory i’v’e heard. No way is Orton turning heel and we’ve already seen Orton vs Sheamus.

    • Kenneth

      I’d rather see crossover feuds like this. The rest of the WWE doesn’t cease to exist simply because Sheamus has a beef with Barrett right now. Expecting a wrestler to only be mad at one guy at a time is a little simplistic.

      • coolkd1

        Since it is wrestlemania season, I figure they all should focus on those storylines they are in. Plus do anyone else feel punk should have been added in the wwe title match,he should not start his feud with taker so late, it should have started monday or the week before that

  • Chris

    What a horrible Wrestlemania lineup!!!

  • Michael

    This is what I have been saying since the arrest of Swagger and I got so many people wanting to argue with me that I was wrong and sounded stupid thinking that Vince would ever allow Swagger to continue in the Wrestlemania match after the arrest and bam what did Vince do exactly what I said. I knew this would happen because Swagger was into deep into the storyline and was drawing the media attention that Vince craved. I also knew that Cena would meet the Rock in the rematch. With Cena/Rock II and Swagger/Alberto and Lesnar/HHH II this card is shaping up to be strong, add Taker/Punk and the card would be strong with just those four matches along. The show will end up with about 8-10 matches and that will be stacked, it would be better if they were to bring back the Money In The Bank match this year to give the mid-card and main event wrestlers that will be lost in the hype of the big three or four matches a chance to steal the show.

  • Nostaljack

    Swagger is officially untouchable.

  • John

    CM Punk, Orton, Sheamus, Ryback, Jericho, The Shield & Mark Henry are all going to be on the WrestleMania card yet we are still nowhere nearer finding out the direction they will go.

    The Sheamus/Wade Barrett “feud” is purely to hype the release of Dead Man Down which is released next week.. They are not going to be facing each other at WrestleMania.

  • shwo

    I’m still holding out for taker/lesnar as crazy as it seems

  • Patrick

    Typical WWE refuseing to punish someone untill after the fact….not suprised at all Swagger was not going to be punished… WWE sets a bad example by not doing something right away…

  • It’s a joke he should of been pulled what example does it show the impressionable in the audience?