WWE Moving On From CM Punk, Fans Not Ejected, JR's Podcast, Mark Henry Update

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- WWE continues to distance from CM Punk, removing his image from the Raw graphic on the WWE App and on the official TV opening. As we've noted, the company is moving on under the assumption he won't be back.

- Some are claiming that WWE ejected fans from the CenturyLink Center Omaha at Raw that were chanting for CM Punk, that didn't happen. The company had event staff confiscating signs and the most epic one can be viewed at this link.

- The new Jim Ross podcast on Podcast One will debut on Wednesday, February 19, 2014 with Steve Austin as his first guest. The podcast will be named after his former column on dot com, the "Ross Report."

- Mark Henry, who is scheduled to return to Monday Night Raw next week in Los Angeles, was backstage at this week's show in Omaha, Nebraska.

  • P.

    Punk has said for the past few years he is cool as far as his money is concerned so he doesn’t need to hit up the indies to keep money in his pockets. Mid 30’s and got money. He can take off a few months and pop up here and there in the indies like he was doing in the WWE and if he doesn’t sign back (or possibly go to TNA or ROH) he is good…

    • dean

      WWE is fine without CM SKUNK . wwe does not need a MALCONTENT WHINER AND crybaby on its roster.
      doesn’t punk know that pro wrestling is fake? it is an ENTERTAINMENT SHOW that is watched by at most 5 million people in the usa on Monday nights.
      the super bowl which was horrible this year because Denver got its doors blown off by the seahwks drew 111 million viewers in the usa.
      pro wrestling is not a sport and will always be a niche form of entertainment like the circus and mixed martial arts.
      john cena is the “true face” of wwe because he is a great guy in real life and loyal to wwe and NEVER causes trouble backstage or unleash bull shit “pipe bombs” directed towards the man who made him famous and made him set financially and will even pay for his rehab if he has “demons” in the future.

      • Patrick

        and I suppose your always happy at your job and never bring up concerns about it wiether it effects your personally or not.

        • opie

          Maybe so, but I don’t walk out.

        • dean

          In the real world, most people are employees at will which means the employer can terminate the employee at any point in time.
          wrestling is fake. the titles are props and the it is foolish for punk to quit just because he was “scared” to lose a “scripted” wrestling match to triple h. every one knows the matches are not “real”. this why bret looks like a cry baby for refusing to lose to shawn in 1997 especially when he was joining wcw and getting a 2 million raise in pay from wcw management.

        • Jimmy

          Not everyone can have a dream job that they love doing as well as being famous from it and get paid for it above all.

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    It’s possible that WWE is “distancing” to great a storyline for when/if he returns. Just hope he returns in Chicago.

  • Cubed56

    Confiscating signs? C’mon really? Now I understand if the signs contain vulgar language and stuff like that, but how can you confiscate a sign that simply has CM Punk’s name on it, or says “we want CM Punk”, or something along those lines? People pay there hard earned money to attend these shows and have the right to cheer what they want and hold up whatever signs they want, provided like I said before they contain vulgar language. Do they also make people take off their CM Punk shirts? I’ll be interested to find out as I’ll be attending the Feb 24th raw and I’ll be wearing my CM Punk shirt just to see what happens. To me this is another mistake by WWE, further fueling the fans to act even more ignorant at live events.

  • Adamtrace

    Here is a link to some tweets from peeps that claim they were ejected… Can anyone prove they weren’t?


    • Jimmy

      Do you believe everything you hear?

      • Adamtrace

        No, but then why are you being dismissive of what I’ve put up? Is it because you believe everything you read? I was asking for proof ie someone who was there who chanted and didn’t get booted. Is it ridiculous to think I might like corroborative evidence (anecdotal though it may be) and therefore asked for it? Do you feel better about yourself?

        What happened to this site, everyone’s an effing scholar or genius, be constructive next time.

        Try adding to the discussion ya goose