WWE Network Down For The Count (Back Just After 9 AM EST)

The WWE Network is currently down. I loaded the live feed page and the feed is not working. It looks like the issue has been ongoing since the 5 AM EST hour as the "Up Next" programming is for the 6 AM ET and 7 AM ET hour.

So far, there has been no acknowledgement from WWE about the outage.

March 5, 2014 9:12 AM EST Update: I just reloaded the page and it's back online. We still do not have confirmation as to how long the service was out. End update.

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    the MLB at Bat service is down too. So its likely coming from them since they are partners with WWE on the Network.

    first problem for me with the Network, sucks

    Edit; Both working now

    • Do you know how long MLB was down?


        around same time as the WWE Network

        • Scott Reichart

          My Guess is if Both the MLB At Bat service and the WWE Network were down at the same time. either servers were down. or they may have been doing maintenance on the servers at MLB

  • BIG M

    Richard your an I.T. guy and a businessman right.
    so in your professional opinion how much are these constant problems with the network potentially costing WWE and how can they get these problems sorted out faster.
    Because at this rate the WWE network will suffer from so much bad publicity that fans won’t bother to sign up for it in fear of these bugs affecting there service.

    • Outages are horrible. I don’t know how much it’s costing them but when it happens here, it’s awful. While the system in place for WWE Network is much more sophisticated than the servers we use here, it’s a difficult situation to address. Most of the time when there is an outage, there isn’t a black and white answer as to why.

      • BIG M

        Well I’m no expert all I know is if these problems keep coming up I’ll probably think twice before subscribing to the network when or at this point IF it lands in Australia.

        • I haven’t experienced enough problems with WWE Network where I would discourage subscribing. There have been issues but they haven’t been that bad on my end. I already feel like i’ve gotten my money’s worth in the one week plus I’ve had it. I’m sure there are others with horror stories but I’ve had minimal problems with the live feed and video-on-demand programming has worked well for the most part.

          • BIG M

            Most of the horror stories I’ve heard relate to the VOD stuff.
            Again all I know is I’m not going to spend my hard earned money working graveyard shifts for a service full of bugs.
            I really hope it gets fixed before it comes down under.

  • I’m having a huge “stall out” right now. This is in the middle of the afternoon EST. They really better get all this under control before Wrestlemania.