WWE Network Format Announced; Won't Disclose Launch Date

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Vince McMahon just announced on a conference call with investors to discuss WWE's 2012 third quarter earnings that the WWE Network will be a premium subscription model and will be distributed by all the major players.

He said it will be the most interactive network in the world and put over the tremendous amount of research the company has done in exploring formats. Later in the call, George Barrios said that he doesn't believe it's in the best interests of their shareholders at this time to discuss potential WWE Network launch dates.

For those wondering what a premium subscription model is, you can compare it to that of networks like HBO or Showtime.

I'm still on the call and will have more when it is over.

  • Kleck

    As I stated before. If they are going to put B level PPV shows on it, I would gladly pay the premium rate per month for a PPV and the bevy of shows that would be shown. Perhaps even past shows.

  • Matt

    I'd happily pay a premium charge for WWE Network. ESPECIALLY if they can launch it on Xbox 360 and PS3 like HBO Go and other apps. They have a real opportunity here to make it big. Let's hope they take time to look at all options. I'd rather wait a few more months for it to be awesome than have them rush it out and possibly be a disaster.