The WWE Network Gets A New Prospective Launch Date - New Date Revealed Here & Why It's Possible You May Not See The Network Launch This Year, What Vince McMahon Thinks, Arguments Being Made, More

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The new prospective launch date for the WWE Network is the first week of December 2012.

I am told there are "many" in WWE who thought there were several advantages to launching the day of Wrestlemania XXVIII but that it was simply too soon for a viable launch.

With the new date being so far into 2012, there is more and more thought being given to waiting until next year and launching the network on April 7, 2013 (the day of Wrestlemania XXIX. Vince McMahon is said to be against it and feels the network needs to launch as soon as it can be ready. One source says Vince doesn't want to have any more egg on his face than he already has from the numerous delays.

My source, who is close to the WWE's thinking on the WWE Network, isn't overly optimistic the company will meet the December launch date. If it doesn't happen and gets pushed into next year, April 7, 2013 might become to new date. While Vince is against it, his position could change with all of the arguments made for a Wrestlemania launch of the WWE Network. However, Vince is "pretty determined" to roll out the network before the end of the year.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    so if they may not be ready to launch the network by the end of the year what makes them think it will be ready by next Wrestlemania. if it rolls around and nothing then you will hear oh it will be ready for 2014 or 15.

    at this point who really cares I don't see it up an d running at all.

  • jon

    WWE Network: that stands for Won't Work Ever Network