WWE Network Launches Internationally; Introduces $12.99/Month Plan

The WWE Network will launch as an over-the-top service in more than 170 countries and territories on Tuesday. Additionally, it will launch on a subscription basis on Rogers Channel 512 in Canada. Rogers will offer the WWE Network content preview subscription to all cable, satellite and IPTV providers across Canada.

Dot com makes it easy to check availability where you are at this link.

The company has also rolled out new payment plans and they're different than what was previously stated. The $9.99/month plan with a 6 month commitment is still available and you can pay for all 6 months at once at $59.94. The biggest change is a new $12.99/month subscription that is available with no commitment that can be canceled at any time. This is $7 cheaper than what the company stated in their last conference call.

You can view the new pricing plans at this link.

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  • 170 countries and still no UK. Damn it!

    • Bert


  • Nathen

    $12.99 is a much better price than $19.99 and will work even better from a marketing standpoint. While the $19.99 price tag certainly would push people toward the $9.99 option better than a $12.99 plan will, I think the new plan will work as a trial month of sorts. It is priced well to get consumers to bite. But the content will have to continue to grow to keep those consumers who just took a bite to sit at the table.

    • Bob’s Diner

      Actually, it is going to mean less subscribers; now for those people that just want WrestleMania or Royal Rumble, they only have to pay for 1 month and at a much lower price instead of signing up for 6 months

      • Nathen

        That is a very real possibility. Which is why I pointed out that content will have to continue to grow. Without growth, at a faster rate than at present, I agree they will have less subscribers. But if WWE adds compelling content at a consistent rate, they will be able hold on to their subscribers.

        Additionally, every PPV will have to be ‘must see’ for consumers to remain subscribed to prevent consumers purchasing only major PPVs.

        • Bob’s Diner

          Totally agree

  • BBKF

    “Let’s be friends! Add me to Facebook” (a) Sounds kinda’ weird (b) You could just create a WNW page (https://www.facebook.com/pages/create/?ref_type=logout_gear) ;o)