WWE Network Launching On YouTube?, Stephanie McMahon At Raw, JR Reacts

- According to Ad Age, YouTube will begin to introduce paid subscriptions for individual channels this spring. With WWE ending their current YouTube programming, many have speculated a WWE Network tie-in on YouTube. We reported here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com Premium in May 2012 that YouTube offered WWE a substantial amount of money, believed to be $12 million per year, to launch the WWE Network as an exclusive on the platform. Given the clearance problem WWE has had with their network, this wouldn't surprise me.

- Stephanie McMahon was backstage at WWE Raw this week in Las Vegas, Nevada. She isn't at TVs every week but her and Triple H are known to like to visit Sin City when they get the chance.

- Jim Ross has a new blog entry with thoughts on this week's WWE Raw online here on his website.

  • Cody Zeller

    JR liked the show too it seems

    • wagdaddy wagdaddy

      JR likes every show…have your ever heard him be critical of ANYTHING with a WWE logo on it? He’s a HOF shill and tows the company line regardless of how awful someone or something is.

  • I assume that Triple H and Stephanie have a nanny for when they’re on the road? Obviously Steph can’t fly to TV’s every week if she has the kids to look after. As they grow up it’d really interfere with their education etc – there will come a point where part of their education will be in the business though.

    WWE ran adverts on TV saying that the WWE Network would be launched last April? I’m guessing that like everything else, Vince just thinks that the fans are stupid and have short memories and will conveniently forget everything.