WWE Network Problems, Hulk Hogan Happy To Be Home, The Miz Speaks On Wedding

- We continue to receive reports from readers that are having problems with the WWE Network. I watched another episode of NXT on Wednesday night without issue. I'm not sure if I've just been one of the lucky ones but the issues for me have been limited. However, I am aware of the readers that have reported serious problems including not being able to watch the video-on-demand library and unable to login. For the most part, there do not seem to be issues with the live feed if a user is able to access it.

- Hulk Hogan is very happy to be back home with WWE. He Tweeted the following after a day filled with doing media for the company:

- The Miz did an interview at this link where he talked about his recent wedding to Maryse. He said he just wanted a wedding where he could talk to everyone, hang out and have fun. He said it was beautiful and wonderful and perfect. Miz said his honeymoon was in the Elimination Chamber.

  • Mr. Gray

    I still cannot sign onto the network on my 360. What makes me upset is wwe does not seem to be addressing the issue. I understand they will have issues for a bit, but I would like wwe to address their customers.

  • KingKongBrody

    I have a Roku. after days of trying to get ahold of somebody at the WWE Network tech support I was put on hold repeatedly Upwords to an hour and a half and then getting hung up on after spending over an hour on the phone on hold I finally got ahold of somebody when I told him my issues I was told by a WWE Network representative in Manila that wrestling is not that important and I need to get a f****** life. All I can say is WOW!!!!! I’m a fan since 1978.

    • The Bops

      My initial reaction had me burst out with laughter because of the sheer rediculousness of what happened to you an the utter lack of professionalism of these clowns. Then I realized I coulda been you… It’s asinine that you couldn’t get help and were friggin hung up on after an hour. I’d be bulls…!! I hope you finally got the Network up and running bro.

      Customer service ain’t what it used to be!!

  • On my PS3, even the live feed stalled a bit last night. They really need to get this together. All of this should have been figured out well in advance of the rollout.

  • Gerr Bear

    I can watch stuff but when i fast forward frozen city.

  • Josh

    I am able to watch on my computer, nowhere else. I cannot log in on my 360, and my iPhone and iPad both give me an “invalid user credential” notice. Considering I can log in and view my account on the computer, I know for sure it is not an invalid credential. As far as the computer, the live stream works fine, though I have yet to be able to watch anything On Demand.

  • The Bops

    Watched some old PPVs at 2am and had a few buffering issues. A pretty small problem, but one I hoped to avoid.

  • Matt

    I’ve had random problems of on demand content freezing. However, with the live streaming, not a single issue. I, too, consider myself one of the lucky ones (knock on wood)

  • Peter Brian Hoover Jr

    I’m still having issues on my Roku 3 accessing VOD for more than a few seconds at a time. Most of the errors are timeout and socket errors.

  • Kevin

    Are the past HOF induction ceremonies anywhere to be found on the network?