More On WWE Network Problems, View Owen Hart Advisory Here

There continues to be widespread WWE Network problems as of Noon EST. Everything from subscribers having a hard time watching on-demand content to users having a hard time signing up. I tried to view the schedule for the day and got booted out and can't get back in on my desktop.

I updated the WWE App and am able to watch fine on my iPhone 5. I haven't had an issue with the live feed at all and was just able to bring up the WWF Over the Edge 1999 pay-per-view on my phone with no problem.

Speaking of which, below is the Owen Hart advisory shown prior to the pay-per-view:

  • Jason

    If they think there are problems now, just wait until the week before Wrestlemania when everyone else signs up for the 1 week free trial just so they can watch Wrestlemania for free, then cancel!

    • Stephen Heim

      They will still get a $9.99 bill for 6 months even if they cancel after the free week. But I don’t see the free week going after this week anyway.

      • Jason

        The $9.99 is a credit authorization that drops off after 7-10 days. That is the charge that you see when you sign-up. It’s no different than when you sign up for a free trial of Netflix and you see an authorization for $7.99 or the same for Hulu Plus. Companies have to do this now because of fraudulent accounts and stolen credit cards.

    • Nathen

      The free trial isn’t available on weeks that include PPVs.

    • Shaun Stevin

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      censorship and now I can watch all 12 PPV events live online on WWE Network.

  • It’s quite simply, really. WWE should have been prepared for the roll-out and they aren’t. I want this to succeed but so far, so bad. I cannot sign up for it and I’ve been trying for well over an hour. Those who are casually interested would have long since given up by now. They’re really blowing this badly.

    • Simon Veitch

      There are very few companies anywhere that are able to handle day one roll out, just be grateful that WWE didn’t do a world wide launch. If anyone seriously expected this to work flawlessly day on they were kidding themselves. I have no doubt WWE Network will become a fantastic service, but for now people are going to have to wait over the first day or so for WWE to optimise the servers for the actual load they’re getting.

  • Ali Jawad

    I was able to get it to work using VPN I did signup and I am watching already, the url is actually for users from UK and the likes but it worked for me from inside the states , see

  • Tim

    I was finally able to sign up for the network. I have been trying to sign up since 11am. It appears as if they have hidden how to sign up for the network right now.

    • I saw that too. I had go through hoops to do it. I finally got on too but it took far too long.

  • Question: Many of us and you got so upset at the idea of OTE ’99 being available. You didn’t actually watch it, did you? I know you have a job to do but my hope is you stopped at the intro and won’t bother with it. I promise you I won’t.

  • Chris Smoove

    I knew this would happen. This is the same thing that happened when Rockstar games launched Grand Theft Auto online. So many people tried to get in but the servers were down and many could not play and were booted. Same thing is happening here with the WWE Network. I give it at least 2 weeks until it’s really up and running.

  • Eddie Edwards

    Is anyone having trouble signing in on the PS4? It won’t let me type in my user name. I can get it on my galaxy s4 though.

    • Eddie Edwards

      Scrath that. I’m trying to watch past PPV’s and keep getting an error

  • Bob’s Diner

    I love the “accidentally passed away” – what a way to word it

    But yeah, network problems. And all those people were complaining they weren’t launching it in other countries at the same time…

  • David Queenan

    I have been part of many gaming rollouts and anything with serverside content always bogs at launch. That being said;

    Was able to sign up and pay thru my Iphone. There were problems trying it on my laptop.
    Runs video in IE 9
    Iphone 5
    Can’t run video in Chrome yet, therefore can’t cast it.

    Hope they dedicate a few more servers in the next few days.

  • kingdook24

    I’m sure I’m late for the party but just a few questions. So I’ve noticed that there has been difficulties signing up for the WWE Network.

    I’m on the website, but I can not find a direct link or page that will allow me to sign up for it. Is this because of high traffic on the Network that WWE took down access for signing up? Because everytime I go to sign up, it directs me back to the main page.

  • Simon Veitch

    Like with the vast majority of massively hyped video game launches that consist of only online play, such as Sim City, Diablo 3, Final Fantasy XIV, GTA5 Online component etc… Companies ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS underestimate the amount of interest in the product and get bogged down day one, the servers just can’t cope with the load and WWE is going to need to work hard to fix that, especially if they plan to roll this out to the rest of the world over the course of the year.

  • Josh

    I have the newtwork. I’m streaming through my PS3…checking out ECW Barely Legal 97. It’s most definitely uncensored…they didn’t censor when the crowd was going “F*** you, Devon”…love it. Only issue was that it slowed down a little at the beginning to buffer, but no issues otherwise.

  • Christen

    just launches today and has problems already haha nice