WWE Network Problems Widespread As Of Late Tuesday Night

WWE Network problems remain widespread as of late Tuesday night. We've received a ton of communication from readers through email and our social media accounts reporting issues with lagging, buffering or the fact they cannot get the video-on-demand content to play.

Monday was dominated by users having trouble signing up and now this. An official statement was issued on Tuesday afternoon via the WWE Network Twitter account, explaining there was a technical issue affecting 20% of viewers and they expected to have it resolved by 6 PM. So far, we've received complaints well past that time period.

The issues are not device specific either as we've heard from users that have had issues using the WWE Network on their desktop computers, their Roku media devices, phones, tablets and more.

Tuesday was the first chance I've had to "dig in" to some of the content and I actually had pretty good luck. I watched the first 43 minutes of WCW Bash of the Beach 1996 on my iPhone without an issue.

Once I started to experience streaming issues, I checked out the February 19, 2014 episode of WWE NXT. I was able to watch the show in its entirety without issue. It's a good thing as I was able to watch Adrian Neville show off his Red Arrow finisher that's one of the best finishers in the business. For those unaware, it's a corkscrew shooting star press.

While I had success, it wasn't without issue. The company must get these issues resolved before Wrestlemania 30 in April, however, I will state I haven't had much trouble out of the live feed. The majority of the problems I have experienced with the WWE Network have been with the video-on-demand library.

How has your WWE Network experience gone? Feel free to comment about it below.

  • drock

    Haven’t been able to watch more than a minute at a time with any of the on-demand PPVs on the Roku 2.
    On the laptop I can get about 3-15 mins (If I’m lucky).
    and like everyone else, the live stream is working a-okay,

    • Peter Brian Hoover Jr

      same here, but using a brand new Roku 3.

  • joey

    Nothing has worked for me other than the live feed. I have xbox so of course that doesnt work but then I tried my phone and still couldn’t watch on demand. I contacted support and we went through some troubleshooting for about an hour with no improvement. Then I tried on my computer but stillthe same issues. Checked my internet speed thinking maybe it was something on my end but at speeds of around 20-25 mbps it was definitely fast enough. I even suggested to them to just let me do the week trial then start my subscription next week since it isn’t really working but they wouldn’t let me.

  • Batman

    Not device specific? Are you drunk, son? Xbox, that specific device. Not a one can login to it.

    • Ted

      Think he was saying they are having issues with all platforms not just one

      • Yeah, I’m not sure what Batman is talking about.

    • Cef Fracker

      So i am not the only one than who can’t use there Xbox than ? I was scared for a bit there

  • Mike

    Every pay per view would stop and start to buffer and never reload at a different time. This went on all night long

  • Michael

    I haven’t got to watch a single whole show. It is freezing like 15 mind in. Very disappointed.

  • HazMatt23

    I just pulled up WrestleMania 2000 and skipped to the Triple Threat Ladder match. I’ve been trying to watch this match since Monday and right now it’s doing the best it’s done since the launch. It still pauses but just for a second or two and then runs fine. I’m watching on a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 over a WiFi connection.

  • David

    I have a Roku and have had on demand issues since the rollout. The live stream has worked fine (although I have noticed a couple of times there is some repeating for like a second of material but not enough that it’s really a problem). Sometimes I’m able to get video to play and then it will stop after a minute or two with a different error message. Sometimes I’m not able to get it to play. A couple of times I’ve been able to watch a full video though. It’s frustrating but I figured there are going to be growing pains. Hopefully they will get it worked out soon but at least the live stream isn’t having issues. That would be a disaster during Wrestlemania. I kind of thought they would have issues with the live stream as opposed to the on demand content!

    On another note I kind of wish they would stretch the video on older content. My main TV doesn’t have that option. I’ve noticed they’ve done it on some of the content that’s a part of new programs.

    Also I wish they would have included the Clash of the Champions broadcasts as part of the WCW pay per views (not that we could view them at the moment anyway).

    • Ted

      I agree. I thought we were going to have way more content from past raws like reliving the attitude area.

  • Ted

    As of Wednesday morning still having the issues with the on demand live tv is okay but who is choosing this programming? Not for everyone. Im all about the on demand and lets at least give us more updates on the issue. On a ps4. No search feature with the ps4 either. Fast forward and rewind seem to cause video to freeze. Average about 30 to 40 minutes into a ppv then lose it.

  • Dave

    PS3 and PS4 have been an absolute mess.

  • Vic

    I was only able to watch anything that was live without buffering until the WWE Countdown where it buffered the whole time while i was watching it on my PS3. Hopefully within the next two weeks it’ll stop so people can watch their favorite memories of WWE without interruptions

  • Jason

    I can get the live content and recent episodes to stream. Anything beyond that is hit or miss. I have been trying to get several PPV’s to stream and the only one so far I have had luck with was Wrestlemania 12.

  • iamjohnnymcb

    Thanks americans for participating in wwe beta test, i hope you guys make the app better before they release it in canada

  • Video on Demand has been awful on Playstation 3. It was admittedly better last night (got through 20 minutes of the first Raw) but once the streaming issues started, I lost interest and logged out completely. The live stream hasn’t been the least bit problematic so Wrestlemania won’t be a problem at all. Still, they offer VOD content and they need to get it together.

  • Southern_Dandy

    My live feed has been fine pretty much. The situation with VoD however, has been apocalyptic. I don’ think I’ve gotten more than 7-8 minutes into anything on any device – Roku, PS3, tablet, desktop – without it crashing. I guess I expected bugs, and I’m sure the issues will be resolved? Its just kind of a bummer.

  • Kyle

    I’ve successfully watched Bash at the Beach 96 and Royal Rumble 2003 at odd hours, so my guess is the reduced traffic helped in both cases, but beyond that, nothing except the live feed will work. And as of Day 3 since the launch, my XBOX 360 still claims I’m not using the proper username and/or password.

  • Jed

    The iPhone app hasn’t worked for me since Sunday. I have a 5s and the app crashes after 7-10 seconds every time. iPad, appletv and iMac work fine for live content but ondemand library never works for more than 5 mins on every apple device. I have comcast blast so I know the issues are on MLBAM’s end.

  • Lance

    They also used to have all the ppv’s in order now they start at the 1994 king of the ring and you have to type in the other events that arent listed i thought that was weird.

  • patiojoeref

    Same problem as everyone else. Live feed is great. On demand content not so much. It starts for about 5 mins or less and then just freezes if it starts at all.

  • Aaron Potts

    Most of my issues have been the on demand service. The live stuff has been ok, a few lagg periods. I dont understand why i had to pay the 9.99 when all i wanted was the free trial period for a week.

    • James G.

      I had similar problems and am trying to get a refund before try and charge for another five months when the purpose of the free trial was to determine if you wanted the subscription. It almost like they set it up so the people you talk to can run you thru a maze towards exhaustion.


    I’ll be completely honest about the fact that I’m in Canada, so I shouldn’t even have it yet, but I bucked the system and did it anyway. I haven’t had any problems on my PC, but when I try to connect with my PS3 (using an American DNS server – it works for other streaming services), I get through the TV PG screen then I get a “Fatal Error” message and have to shut it down. Just wondering if any other PS3 users in the US have experienced the same issue.

  • Cubed56

    Where is the Monday night war show? I can’t find it, am I looking in the wrong spot, or is it yet to debut on the network.

  • Roku23

    So although they say it is for ROKU 2 and above, NONE of the ECW programming appears, only 2 WCW PPVs and a multitude of error messages for on-demand! UGH!

  • Christen

    I don’t have the WWE Network really don’t have money to pay for it right now. I do have Netflix i had the same problem with netflix it will freeze on my Wii sometimes. Video on Demand does that all have problem with it really. It’s not just WWE Network Netflix has had problems same with Hulu Plus. I am sure WWE will fix it

  • James G.

    I chose the 1 week free trial and cancelled 2 days before the trial ended and confirmed 1 day before. Still got charged spoken to at least four different reps had my refund denied claiming I only cancelled my renewal. They need to correct whatever problems they’re having and soon.

  • Nelson Metrejean

    IT’S been four weeks since I been able to connect to wwe network what is the problem need help.