WWE Network Signup Problems, Trial Users Report Charges, I Helped WWE This Morning

At 9:20 AM EST we were made aware of WWE Network signup problems with users unable to signup when they accessed the module on dot com.

Also, I've heard from a couple of users that signed up for the "one week free trial" and ended up getting charged. I can confirm my credit card was billed $9.99 for my subscription as I consented to the 6-month re-bill.

Vince McMahon and Triple H can thank yours truly for helping #WWENetwork trend in America:

  • JLR

    Absurd that in this day and age the WWE can’t even launch a network successfully. I’ve spent the last hour trying to sign up but the pages won’t load up. If they suspected a massive amount of signups then they should have prepared better.

    • Judas

      Agreed. They should have allowed people to sign up before launch day. I can understand bugs in the service, but over an hour of failed sign-up attempts is rather frustrating.

      • Guest

        It’s not as simple as you think. Look at the GTA Online launch. These things aren’t that simple to launch.

        • Judas

          I am aware that most programs and software experience bugs in their initial 2 weeks of launch. As my previous comment stated, that is to be expected and not an issue. Being unable to even sign-up at all comes from poor planning in not allowing people to sign-up before launch, which is the frustrating part of it.

          • Venom

            Yeah but it’s better to not be able to sign up get charged then deal with not being able to login while still being charged.

      • Ashley

        Glad to know I am not the only one who has spent an hour trying

      • BlazeKing

        Nothing would have changed. The servers would have still been swamped with tons of people doing early sign-ups.

  • The Bops

    I hope this isn’t reflective of the service we’ll get from the Network.
    Did WWE use the same guys Obama used??

    • WNW Fan

      I was thinking the exact same thing! LOL!

      • The Bops

        Bottom line, we should have been able to sign up beforehand. I would’ve bought in a month ago to save this aggravation.

  • Matt

    Apple tv just updated there software and there is now a wwe app on the menu… I would’ not get to concerned. There probably getting lots of traffic just like when you try an log on to this site after a PPV…

    • MaGayle AceVivid Starks

      I can sign in on other devices but not on my xbox. It says it does not recognize my user name or password. I don’t get it

      • Corey kitchen

        Same exact thing happened to me username or password is unreconized. Right?

        • MaGayle AceVivid Starks


          • Corey kitchen

            Has it worked for you yet?

  • MaGayle AceVivid Starks

    I can’t sign in on my xbox

  • matt

    you do have the option to order directly from itunes however it is 59,95 upfront

    • Jason

      I would rather pay the $59.95 up front than have to worry about $9.99 every 6 months. Thanks for pointing that out! I may look into that option!

  • Frank Rizzo

    How could this have happened when almost every person of the IWC stated they were done with WWE and were boycotting by not giving Vince their money??? Interesting

  • Crimzoncosmos

    I already went through the sign up and finished. Watched for 20 minutes and froze. Upon restarting browser I just get redirected to preview page when trying to access network now.

  • Joshua Tribble

    Well there’s go Wrestlemania. Thanks WWE. I can’t even get off the network page, I can barely even sign up.

  • jason witten 82

    I can watch wcw ppvs w/out a problem but not wwe, and can only get on the ps3 but not the xbox.

  • ZayfromCT

    Signed up for the free trial, nothing is working besides the live video & less than 10 minutes later, I get a notification saying Ive been charged $9.99 by WWE . . . I now know that regardless of whether they get the network fixed or not, Im not buying it. I got robbed for $10 & cant even access it. WWE can suck it while I find the same things elsewhere for free.

  • Just wanna back up WWE a little here. Any popular online launch is almost certainly going to begin problematically. No matter how it’s set up, no amount of quality assurance, no tens or even hundreds of testers, are going to accurately recreate what happens when possibly millions of people all try to access the same system all at once. See GTA Online, Diablo III, SimCity, pretty much any online service that had a huge gathering attempting to sign up on day one. I hope they can get it smooth ASAP, although for more selfish reasons I hope UK gets it ASAP, because I want it! 😐

    Recommendation: give it a day or two if you can wait for it, any further attempts are only going to jam their servers further.

  • MrOldSchool

    Wonder if the fans Raw and Smackdowns will NOT be available for 30 days after the first showing After 30 days what good is an episode of RAW.

  • smark sloan

    look at richard popping for himself and getting himself over haha

  • Gerr Bear

    I have bought it no problem. I seem to have trouble veiwing from my tablet (galaxy note 10.1) and my s3. I can get the live feed no problem. Its veiwing any other video that doesnt load. I got it work a little bit on my ps3. Its funny i was watching raw on dvr and when jbl searched jbl all his matches came up. When i search jbl on my tablet nothing comes up.