WWE Network Statement Regarding On-Demand Issues

WWE Network Tweeted the following about subscribers experiencing technical issues with the service's video-on-demand tape library:

  • 0zzz

    Yeah half off it doesn’t work. They should of took their time and did it right!

    • Agreed. They couldn’t have been “in the dark” about the demand they’d be facing when everyone signed up and used the service. They should have been ready for it. I’ve been having a rough time with anything “on demand” and I’ve stopped trying for now. Everything is either not available (1st episode of “Raw”) or it’s constantly held up by buffering. The only thing that works is the network feed itself. No problems there at all. Still, so far, so really, really bad.

      • Tim

        The fact that there is no issues with the live feed is very promising. I can handle waiting for the rest of the issues to be fixed. They can predict demand and run hypothetical scenarios but until its actually live, they are not going to be able to find all of the bugs with that many users. Other companies have the same kind of issues when they first release their online products such as Rockstar and GTA online. It will be great once its 100%.

        • Trey Warner

          The feed won’t come in on my pc…at all, only on my Iphone and it comes in perfectly on there

        • Tim

          The gta online is still shaky. Rockstar is still relatively new to online. But they need to come on already.

  • 0zzz

    Of it*


    guess I am one of only ones without having no problems at all with anything (well except X-Box 360 still can’t log on, but on MAC, PS3, & Apple TV its great)

    • Rick

      Lucky, my Apple TV on demand is not working at all. Only the live channel.

  • jason witten 82

    Im getting excited to actually be able watch some of this, so far I’ve got about 10 minutes of 4 different ppvs

    • Trey Warner

      Still more than mine

  • 1molly23

    Even though there have been complaints about being able to register for the WWE TV – the rumblings don’t compare to the outrage over the mandatory Obamacare signups…may Mr. President ought to learn a lesson from big business instead of trying to destroy the U.S.A.

    Kudos to the McMahons for a job well done!

  • Tim

    They currently have it fixed where you can watch programming from the library, however you can not skip through.

    • Trey Warner

      It’s not fixed on mine…

  • John

    This was always going to happen. The way they launched this thing was really stupid. They should’ve opened the signing up process weeks ago in preparation for the launch.

  • Tim

    I want to watch the royal rumbles. But it won’t load when I skip to them.

  • Tim

    What’s up with the limited replays? Are they all coming in time? Or is it a trial problem?

  • Gerr Bear

    It seems fixed on my end. But for some reason it appears to be sd not hd like before.

  • Thomas M.

    Still experiencing some significant lag with on-demand. I never experience lag on Netflix with my internet connection. Live streaming is no problem, so I am not stressed about Wrestlemania working.