WWE Network Subscriptions Billed Monthly At $9.99 With 6-Month Commitment

There's been some confusion about how the WWE Network will be billed. According to question nine on the official WWE Network Q&A, subscribers will be billed $9.99 each month. However, it's clear to get the $9.99 per month rate, you must make a 6-month commitment (as explained in question two).

The confusion stemmed from the belief you had to pay 6 months at a time, which is not the case. According to WWE, you will be billed monthly.  Just so we're clear, we're going to print both questions below:

2. How much will a subscription to WWE Network cost?
A monthly subscription to WWE Network is $9.99 per month (plus tax where applicable) with a 6-month commitment.

9. How and when will I be billed for WWE Network?
You will automatically be billed $9.99 every month (plus tax where applicable). The charge will show up on your bill as “WWE Network Subscription.”

  • Guest

    DirecTV unhappy with WWE Network… Dropping WWE PPV ??? http://owl.li/stsbP

    • Mysterion

      You’re aware Richard already posted that you asshole?

      • James M>>>

        Mysterion, have you considered professional help?

  • John

    Subscribers will be paying monthly, but it’s still a $60 commitment.. The $9.99 per month is nothing more than a sales pitch.

    • Mysterion

      But $60 over six months is nothing compared to the $50 WWE charges American audiences per pay per view.

      • RJR

        You’re wrong, Mysterion. Sorry.

        Here’s the very simple, very rough math:

        Last year, WWE had 2.31 million PPV purchases. Most PPVs were 44.95, with Wrestlemania being 59.95. That means they brought in $113+ million dollars. 75% (roughly) of that goes to distributors, cable companies, etc. Therefore, WWE netted somewhere around $28.4 million dollars from PPV buys.

        With the WWE network… let’s just lowball it and say they get 1 million subscribers. 1 million subscribers at 9.95 a month for 12 months will net WWE $119.4 million dollars. And you KNOW they’re collecting more than a measly 25% off that deal. I’d be willing to argue that they’d be collecting close to 100% of what’s coming in.

        So, it would not be a stretch to say that this will be an at least $100 million per year profit for WWE. And even if my math is slightly wrong… it’s not $100 million wrong.

        • RJR

          My math, by the way, is completely for domestic (U.S.) purchases only. When you factor in other countries subscribing to the WWE Network… and even more countries who won’t be able to get WWE Network, who will still purchase PPVs the old fashioned way… that’s even MORE profit for WWE.

          • RJR

            LOL @ the down vote. Sorry you’re offended by rational logic and math. I’ll try to post things not so above your head next time.

        • Mysterion

          Hang on. I’m saying paying $10 a month is less than paying $45 a month… And you’re saying I’m wrong? Because you’ve misunderstood a post and got pretentious? And FYI, I’m not a member of this chat service thing, so I can’t do downvotes. Other people obviously think you’re being stuck up instead. If you still think paying $45 each PPV is less than paying $10 a month you really are an idiot.

          • RJR

            There was a comment above yours that said WWE would be losing money by putting PPVs on WWE Network. They were fairly degrading of WWE, calling the idea “stupid” and guaranteeing it would fail.

            With the wording of your post, it made it sound like the “$60 over six months is nothing compared to the $50 WWE charges” was agreeing with him that WWE would be losing money.

            That post has since been deleted, so your post changes context and makes more sense.

            That being said, I didn’t say anyone in particular downvoted me. I can see you are posting as a guest, therefore I already know it wasn’t you. Don’t make assumptions.

            And nowhere in my post did I insult you. Your post (written after the original nasty post) was taken in the context it was taken in because it was directly after a post disagreeing with your point. All I said was that you were wrong. I didn’t call you an idiot or attempt to insult you. That’s the route you chose to take, sir.

    • Gerr Bear

      Dude its been years since i bought a wwe ppv. I torrent them once the ppvs are over. This is a no brainer. Its basically paying 9.99 a month for a ppv vs paying 50 in sd and 60 in hd. Plus you are gettig everything else for free. This is a win for the wwe. Look at me i torrent ppvs, now i am willing to pay wwe 9.99!

      • Splah

        I only buy the rumble and mania. This will pay for it self. It is a no brainer. Sync it up with my xbox and there you go

    • Nick K

      Well seeing how I spend 60$ per month for ppvs I’m just fine with getting 6 plus the myriad of other content. Y’all can try to bring it down all you want but the fact is they are truly delivering a fantastic deal with this.

      • John

        When did i try to bring it down? All i said was the $9.99 per month fee is just a sales pitch to make it sound better … If you are not happy with the product after say 2 months, you are still locked in for the next 4 months and theirs nothing you can do about it, so saying its “only” $9.99 per month is a false promise.

        • RecklessMyrtle

          How is it a false promise? They’ve said all along that the $9.99 per month comes with a six month commitment. There’s no false promise there.

          • John

            In the entire one hour announcement launch of the WWE network, how many times did they say it was a six month commitment? Zero is the answer !! It’s basically a “in the fine print” type deal.

    • dave

      60 dollars is not bsd

  • Gerr Bear

    If one million people buy this at 59.99 for 6 months they are making 60 million. All of the money is profit. No other people to pay!

    • John

      And if they don’t get one million subscribers (which they won’t for a long time) then how much are they losing? It will be a major bust for WWE!

  • keith

    Its funny how the wwe site boasts all 12 ppvs including wm 30. So only elimination chamber and wm30 well see on the network but what about the ppvs after. Seems there’s no clarification plus the 6 month commitment makes me think that after the 6 months they may raise the price. Hmmm?

    • Mysterion

      You’ve misunderstood clearly.

      • keith

        That couldn’t of been any clearer. The only ppvs left when then network comes out is Elim chamber and wm30 the other ppvs I’d assume are streaming but not new for us. They way they’ve worded seems that we get all 12 ppvs including wm30.Didn’t say anything about the ppvs after unless they’re streamed after its already been aired which by then most would of already streamed it by free. And as for the second part it does seem fishy that there is a 6 month commitment begs one to think either something will change after said 6 months. But until wwe gives further clarification we won’t know

        • Mike McCarthy

          I guess I’ll be the one to explain the many things wrong in this comment (You’re welcome anybody that had to read that). ALL pay-per-view’s are included, I have no idea why you think it’s only Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania because the Network doesn’t even launch until after EC. Live streams will be available for every single pay-per-view starting with WrestleMania. If you don’t understand what LIVE means, it means at the same exact time it’s happening. You literally CAN’T get more new than that. They also include FREE REPLAYS of every WWE, WCW and ECW pay-per-view ever. Right when a pay-per-view is finished airing it becomes available for FREE REPLAY. All of this was included in the announcement, don’t spew propaganda on this page just because you can’t pay attention. The reason there’s a 6-month commitment is so people don’t pay $9.99 the day of WrestleMania, watch it, and then cancel their subscription. The idea of NOT having a commitment is completely ludicrous and would result in WWE losing a catastrophic amount of money.

          • Nicholas Cobraetti


            “That couldn’t of been any clearer”
            This statement has no meaning in the English language.

  • Moe Green

    Are there going to be commercials with content?

    • bkcl07

      I imagine that will show it without commercials like they do on the app

  • James

    What will WWE Network cost after the six month subscription ?

    • Afulmer

      I think the six month commitment will always be the deal. I guarantees the wwe that you don’t subscribed for one month so that you can only pay 10 bucks for particular ppv. It makes sense, same reason why phone company’s can let you get a phone for $30, only if you get in a 1 or 2 year commitment. Those phones without contracts cost hundreds of dollars, and companies can offer them for much less with a commitment because that guarantees that they will at least break even in the end.

      • dominik

        will it alwyas be 9.99 a month? or will it be like internet contracts where you get a good deal for the first year or two but once the contract ends you gotta pay the real price with no option of signing another contract

        • JWS

          You know, that’s a good question…. I’m wondering the same thing. How much is the WWE Network gonna cost after the 6 months is up?

  • froggyfifi

    Ok so I’m confused….how much is the 6-month commitment fee?

  • Greg Dickson

    So at launch am I paying $10 to get it started or $60 and then $10mth after 6 months?

    • henry

      Launch u will pay 60 then in 6 months u will start paying 10 per month