WWE Network Testing International Subscribers; Check Your Subscription Before Battleground

WWE is currently testing the WWE Network with international subscribers. The following email was sent out to prospective international users:

While that's for international test users, WWE is urging current domestic subscribers to log-in to their accounts before Sunday's Battleground pay-per-view. Our very own Jesse Sherwood received the following email:

  • Charles Downend

    Once the network is released in the UK, the subscriber numbers will go through the roof! The sooner they can release it the better!

    • John

      A lot of international fans already have the Network.. It’s extremely easy to gain access to it with a quick google search so the amount of new subscribers won’t be as high as you might believe.

      • Charles Downend

        Yea there is that I suppose…I’ve looked into that myself to be honest.

      • Simon Veitch

        Exactly right, I’ve had the network here in Australia since mania. The problem with this, is it means the US figures aren’t accurate and there are less Americans watching than they thought, and also that the international audience, the hardcore, day one subscribers, already have it so I’m concerned it won’t be as strong as WWE hopes

    • Bob’s Diner

      Through the roof??? How many people in the UK order PPVs? Or even watch Raw?

      • Mysterion

        Dude you’re making it sound like WWE isn’t still popular in the UK? The wrestling scene over here is huge with most cities having at least one school or company running from them. Personally I watch ppvs at a bar that shows wrestling and it’s always full to the brim with people.

        • Bob’s Diner

          Sorry I don’t mean it to sound like that, I’m just so sick of people blowing out of proportion just how much difference international availability will make to the network. I have no doubt they’ll get a few hundred thousand from the UK and Canada (at least) but some people are expecting it to be somewhere around a million. Which is just ludicrous

          • BIG M

            Your forgetting Australia New Zealand and Europe are supposed to get the Network officially late this year early next year.
            You add Canada and the U.K. and U.S. fans who have already signed up would it really be surprise you if The WWE Network had over a million maybe over 2 million subscribers then.

          • Scott Davies

            But then there is also Japan. They worship wrestling of any kind & have a full day devoted to it.

          • Bob’s Diner

            I’m not forgetting at all. Fact is, WrestleMania only draws around 3-400,000 buys every year. Network subsciptions are around where the US buys for WrestleMania usually are.

            Not even WWE really think they are going to get 1 million internationally, since their goal is 1 million domestic and then another 500,000 international

          • Mysterion

            I think it can too the million with the current 670,000 American sign ups but I’m not thinking it’ll be like a boom. Like every UK resident is gonna go NEED IT! Haha.

  • Rob

    I know I didn’t use the network for quite some time, prior to last month’s ppv. I know I had a bunch of updates which prolonged watching the ppv. Maybe that’s what Jesse’s email pertained to.

    • Jesse Sherwood

      Nope, simply because I haven’t logged in. I use PS3 to watch the Network, and with PS+, I automatically get the app updates downloaded and installed.

      • Venom

        Jesse, why didn’t u use the wwe network for 2 weeks? Is there something wrong?

        • Jesse Sherwood

          I’ve been really busy with my kids and this divorce. It’s close to final, and I’m now the primary caregiver for my boys. So I don’t have a ton of time for the Network.

  • Splat

    I love the Network. I wish more people felt the same way…

    • Jesse Sherwood

      I love the content as well, just wish I had time for it!!!