Backstage News On What Could Finally Bring The WWE Network To Television, Why WWE Is Willing To Sacrifice The Pay-Per-View Business, Smackdown's New Home?

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DirecTV has emerged as the best shot at the WWE Network making its way to television.

While WWE officials feel selling the network at $29.99 (at most, proposed price points listed here) will kill the pay-per-view business except for Wrestlemania, it will guarantee them money. Piracy and online stream sites remain a problem and are seen as part of the reason for reduced pay-per-view revenue. Guaranteeing a monthly amount for the WWE Network will be a way to combat this.

We're told there are some "very negative" on this model but its supporters point to how the NFL Sunday Ticket single handily saved DirecTV and with over 20 million subscribers, it would be enough to force cable providers like Comcast and Time Warner to carry it as well.

There also remains a possibility of Smackdown moving to the WWE Network when its contract comes up with SyFy next fall.

  • Isaac

    I think it could be a little optimistic to compare the wwe network to what the nfl did since they have a much larger audience. Its forcing the wwe audience to pay for programming and probably will encourage even more online piracy to those who choose not to buy it.

  • You are playing with fire here WWE. Comcast owns NBC Universal now. Meaning not only is your contract with Syfy can be a problem but also your contract with the USA Network for Raw. Comcast and DirecTV are competitors in the TV market. Be careful.

  • yragcom1

    $30 a month for WWE? No thanks.