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WWE Raw Results - 9/19/2011 - Fired? Really? Really?

Written by Kendra Bunyon on Sep 19, 2011 - 11:10:40 PM

This post NoC RAW starts with music and pyro.

Cole appears to have his voice back from NoC. JR then talks up Hugh Jackman as the Special Guest of the night.

Punk comes out taped up and limping. Into the ring and Punk gets a mic. The fans cheer for Punk, but he admits that this building hasn't been kind to him. He had to forfeit there and Bob Holly once hit him so hard he still has a blind spot. He was beaten up last night, but his pride hurts the worse. He has to admit maybe he was wrong. That R-Truth and Miz were right, there's a conspiracy in the WWE. Not the conspiracy Miz and R-Truth talk about, but a conspiracy that...

Triple H cuts Punk off and ticks him off as he wasn't done. Trip is in a lovely dark blue suit that fits better than they gray suit he had been wearing recently. The color is better on Trip as well. Trip looks really pissed, Punk glares back. Trip give Punk credit, he's as beat up as Punk. They went to war last night, but Trip's still the COO of the WWE. In two weeks is HIAC. Last night Cena made history winning the WWE Title for the 10th time and ADR deserves his rematch. Honestly Punk deserves the rematch he didn't receive. In two weeks, for the first time ever the WWE Title will be contested in a Triple Threat HIAC Match.

Now, if Punk can't get it into Punk can't thick head that this wasn't Trip, that Nash wasn't, that Miz and R-Truth were, he'd like to go back to war with Punk. Punk says he has no trouble going back to war. Punk says his pride is hurt. They're both being played by someone. Punk should have realized it wasn't Trip. Someone used their issues. There's a conspiracy in the WWE, but it's higher up on the ladder. Punk could go on and on about Miz, R-Truth and conspiracies.

Laurinaitis comes out and cuts Punk off. Laurinaitis says Punk's in the middle of the conspiracy. Trip shouldn't be listening to Punk, he's upset at Trip for beating Punk. Punk saw it last night wishing he's the one who would be COO. He wanted to swoop in when Trip lost. Punk bets dollars to doughnuts that he sent Miz and R-Truth, texting Nash. Laurinaitis says he won't be disrespected like that as Punk works for Laurinaitis. Trip turns on Laurinaitis and growls that Laurinaitis works for Trip. Laurinaitis back to pointing fingers at Punk. Laurinaitis 'Future Endeavors' Punk. Trip says Punk isn't fired, but if anyone's fired, Trip will be the one to do it. He'll get to the end of things tonight and someone will be fired.

Laurinaitis and Trip leave the ring. Trip rips on Laurinaitis the whole way up as Punk watches from the ring.

Later JR will talk to Henry about his Title win.


Sheamus & Kofi & Evan & Jusin vs Christian, Otunga & wade & McGillicutty

Gabriel and McGillicutty lock up. McGillicutty runs the ropes into a drop kick. Kofi tags in and takes McGillicutty off his feet for two. Kofi holds McGillicutty out, tags in Evan and feeds McGillicutty to Evan for two. Side slam to Evan, then stomps. Inverted atomic drop, then Otunga tags and tackles Evan. Wade tags in and works Evan. Backbreaker on Evan for two, then Christian tags in. Christian up in Sheamus' face, then back to choke Evan in the ropes. Elbows to Christian, and he elbows back before eating a high knee! Otunga tags in and hits a cheap shot on Kofi to knock him off the apron. Otunga goes for a short clothesline, but Evan ducks and tags in Sheamus behind Otunga's back.

Sheamus takes Otunga down, then backbreaker on Otunga, but everyone in to break it all up. Kofi flies and takes wade out in a big way. Sheamus sets up for Otunga, then realizes Christian is going to spear. Christian flees and Sheamus sets up for the Celtic cross on Otunga, looking straight into Christian's eyes. Sheamus pins for three.

Winners – Sheamus & Gabriel & Evan & Kofi

All four celebrate in the ring together.

Chad, the ref is afraid of Miz and R-Truth. Trip says he'll take care of it. ADR then rushes into Trip's office to complain about Cena. ADR wants VKM to come back and lead WWE. Trip warns ADR that he knows what it's like in a HIAC Match. ADR looked rather nervous.


ADR vs JoMo

Ricardo announces ADR who comes out in a Porsche convertible. ADR comes stomping out looking really pissed. JoMo out in his famous slo-mo way, decent smile on his face.

ADR on JoMo with kicks, stomps and blows. ADR stomps JoMo into a corner, but JoMo fights back. Jaw breaker on JoMo, then wrenches on his arm bar through the rope. Then in the ring ADR locks on the hold for JoMo to tap out.

Winner – ADR

ADR barely lets JoMo go, then back on him with a stomp. Ricardo draws out ADR's name longer than ever.


Justin announce Hugh Jackman and all his accolades. Hugh to the ring. He gets the fans going a bit on mic. He sounds excited to be there. Hosting the Oscars was cool, but not in front of 50,000 fans in Cleveland. He talks up his new movie. Hugh's going on until Vickie comes out screeching her head off. Dolph follows Vickie out. She's all up in Hugh's business. She talks about how he's the sexiest man alive. She says he'll agree that she's the hottest WWE Diva. Hugh then tells Vickie she's a Diva. Hugh checks out Vickie's necklace and Dolph is pissed that Hugh's too close to Vickie. Dolph gets in Hugh's face for taking his time. This was his celebration time ffor retaining the US Title at NoC. Not robots, but real live people. Unlike Riley, Dolph gets it. He rips on Cleveland. But Hugh makes movies and this is as real as it gets.

Hugh asks if Dolph is trying to stare him down. Underdog is just a loser. Like people who meet Hugh, losers lose. Hugh's pissed at Dolph's words and tells Vickie to get Dolph in line. Hugh's going to find the biggest underdog for Dolph to face and Hugh will train him up. Dolph spews venom at Hugh and his underdog. “A we want...” chant. Hugh can't understand the chant until he sees a sign. Hugh from the ring, calls for the sign, then takes it back to the ring. Hugh holds up a sign with “Ryder>Wolverine!” The fans want Ryder! Hugh leaves the ring and takes the poster with him!

R-Truth and Miz pull up. Laurinaitis says Trip wants them now. Miz apologizes for any position they put him in last night.


WWE Rewind – The second Sin Cara comes out and they face off in the ring.

Sin Cara vs Cody Rhodes

Sin Cara comes out to the ring, but which one? Cody out to face him. The golden light comes up and the other Sin Cara comes out to the stage. He comes out to the ring and flies into the ring. Sin Cara circles himself in the ring. The larger Sin Cara gets the heat, smaller the pop.

Sin Cara face off, some solid moves, but a couple botches. Monkey flip on the larger sends him flying from the ring. Smaller Sin Cara celebrates in the ring. No sign of Cody.

Miz and R-Truth in to see Trip. Miz steps up and says he's sorry. They shouldn't have interfered. They know he's not part of it. R-Truth wants to apologize too. They won't do anything like that again. R-Truth calls him Trips. They think he's doing a great job and are sorry. Both look very humbled. Trip accepts. Since they put their hands on an official, they are each fined $250,000 each. He expects the checks on his desk tomorrow. Trip says he could fire them, but instead they're working tonight, facing Punk and Cena. Heads bowed, they both leave.


Video stills of Henry defeating Orton last night.

Teddy long is leaving the ring. JR says he was just informed that Orton will invoke his rematch clause at HIAC and it will be a HIAC Match. JR then introduces Henry. King doesn't like JR being in the ring with Henry with the mindset Henry's in. JR said that many said Henry couldn't win the big one. After 15 years, how does it feel to prove the nay-sayers wrong. Henry says JR was one of them. Henry says he's never been in a HIAC Match, but he gave Orton hell last night and will do it again. Henry shows JR the belt with his name on it, no man gonna take what he got. JR and the rest of these people, he'll never forgive them for not supporting or believing in him. On behalf of all these people, JR will apologize for it, then apologize to Henry. JR tries to pull the mic back and rips on JR. JR wanted VKM to fire him for being injury prone and an overachiever. Nothing has to be said as it's all right there – the belt. Henry will give JR the chance, right now.

JR apologizes to Henry and gets heat from the fans. Henry says he hates ass kissers. Henry grabs JR's tie and takes JR to his knees. JR screeches that Henry's hurting him. King into the ring pleading with Henry for JR who's still dragged to his knees. Henry lets JR go, but then grabs King when checking on JR. Henry says King will take his place. One shot to Henry, then Henry takes King down with one blow. World's strongest slam and Henry gets huge heat from the fans. King dragged by a foot across the ring, then kicks King to the floor. Henry from the ring and takes apart announce. King throw announce with another slam as Henry's still yelling smack at anyone and everyone. Henry saunters off up the ramp with the strap over his shoulder, sucking up the huge heat. Everyone over to check on King and JR who still are not moving. (But there was no Kane-esque fire lit this evening.)


People are helping King from ringside. Video of Henry's attack on JR, then King. Josh is at announce with Cole as King is still being helped backstage.

Kelly & Eve vs Natalya & Beth

Kelly out in teal, Eve with her in purple and gold. Natalya and Beth out together in black. Beth with silver studs, Natalya in in pink trim.

Beth on Kelly and takes her down hard. Kelly whipped, but gets a foot up. Tilt-a-whirl head scissors on Beth, then Eve tags in. Eve runs into a big boot. Natalya tags in and they double team Eve with Natalya getting two. Josh mistakenly says that Natalya was facing Kelly last night. Somehow Eve rolls Natalya up for three.

Winners – Kelly & Eve

The faces flee as Beth and Natalya fume.

Backstage Hugh talks about how out there Ryder is, then they head off for Ryder to face Dolph!


An exclusive sneak peak at Hugh Jackman's new movie.

Dolph w/ Vickie vs Ryder w/ Jackman

Vickie and Dolph are in the ring. Ryder out to the ring, Jackman in tow. Jackman wearing a Ryder headband!

A blow, then Ryder rolls Dolph up for two. “Let's go Ryder!” chants. Dolph backs Ryder back into a corner, Ryder reverses out. Big boot to a sitting Dolph for a long two. Ryder runs into a big Dolph kick, then gets stomped for it. Dolph over yelling out at Jackman. Neck breaker to Ryder for two. Ryder fights back for two. Arm bar on Ryder in the center of the ring. Ryder works to his feet, but then takes blows in a corner. Dolph rushes Ryder and eats feet. They both clothesline each other and struggle to their feet.

Vickie pisses off the ref who throws her out. The ref checks on Ryder as Jackman on the apron with a huge punch to Dolph. Ryder with his finisher and pins Dolph for three!

Winner – Ryder w/ Jackman

Ryder and Jackman celebrate in the ring.


Swagger video.

Backstage Swagger shows this to Vickie. Swagger wants a contract, she agrees to bring Swagger into her stable. He kisses her hand. Swagger walks off buttoning his suit as Dolph, all sweaty, glares.

Punk's ready for his Match and Cena's there. Cena says they're very alike. Their matches, their history, their controversy. Cena's worried about them facing off in HIAC. Cena says someone's being fired, be a shame if Punk's history. Punk says it would be history if the WWE Champ is fired.

Promo for the HIAC PPV.

R-Truth & Miz vs Cena & Punk

Miz and R-Truth singing R-Truth's recently re-mixed music.


R-Truth and Miz still in the ring together. Punk's music and out he comes looking more spry and less abused than two hours ago. Cena is again all smiles holding the strap and that long and exciting way that Justin announces him to the ring. Miz shakes the ref's hand and said he's sorry for last night.

Cena shakes the ref's hand and Miz attacks Cena. Cena on Miz hard. Punk tags in and they double team Miz for two. Miz fights back and tags R-Truth in. Punk on R-Truth with a toe hold, then suplex for two. R-Truth on Punk with stomps, but Punk comes back with a blow.
Cena tags in and takes R-Truth down for two. Cena lets R-Truth tag out so Cena can have Miz. Miz looks nervous! Drop toe hold to Miz, but he kicks out. Miz up, then wiggles free and takes Cena down for two.


Kick to a sitting Cena's face from Miz. Miz bounces around, taunting Cena, but Cena right back on Miz. Miz comes back with what Cole calls 'vintage' Miz. Miz drags Cena to the heel corner and tags R-Truth for two. Chinlock on Cena in the center of the ring. Cena works to his feet, then suplexes free. Both are down. Cena up, but slammed down by R-Truth. Cena dragged over and Miz tags in.

Miz on Cena with kicks as he dances around Cena, then about humping Cena's face before a few more blows. Cena throws Miz off, but are down. R-Truth tags in and is able to stop Cena from getting the hot tag. R-Truth stomps on Cena, but is backedoff a bit by the ref. Cena up and eats a bitch slap from R-Truth. Miz tags in and they double team Cena. Miz stomps Cena down in the heel corner. Miz locks on Cena's head, but lets free to talk smack to Punk. Cena back with a spinebuster on Miz, cheap shot on R-Truth, but then into a clothesline from Miz. Miz flies at Cena with a flying knee, but Cena counters.

Cena with a diving tag brings Punk into the ring. Punk on Miz and R-Truth, working them both over. Running high knee then bulldog to Miz. Flying clothesline to Miz. Punk gets Miz up, but Miz fights it off. Miz almost lands in R-Truth's face, but stops himself. A dropkick sends R-Truth into Miz. A GTS and R-Truth is pinned for three.

Winners – Cena & Punk

Cena into the ring and holds Punk's hand high.

Trip's music and he comes out to the stage. Trip tells Cena and Punk they had a great Match. “Miz, Truth, you're fired.” Trip turns on his heel and heads backstage.

Backstage rows of the roster watching monitors. Miz and R-Truth are shown running up the ramp. Just as Trip gets to where the boys are watching, Stanford stops Trip to find out what he can about the firing. Yelling and screaming from the boys as R-Truth and Miz attack Trip from behind. The wrestlers get R-Truth and Miz off Trip. Miz and R-Truth each behind held by about five other wrestlers are thrown out at Trip's orders. Regal was one who threw R-Truth out, Brodus Clay helped throw Miz out. Trip then stomped off in a huff.

Biggest pop
Ryder / Jackman

Biggest heat
Miz / R-Truth

Most mixed


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