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Michelle McCool Divorces Husband; Details On Her Health

Written by Tom Wilkens on Mar 15, 2007 - 11:00:51 PM

source: www.f4wonline.com

SmackDown Diva Michelle McCool recently divorced her husband of several years, so she's back to being Michelle McCool as opposed to Michelle McCool-Alexander. The two were a couple since high school.

In other Michelle McCool-related news, last week on WWE.com she wrote a commentary about her illness late last year that had her hospitalized for two weeks. Michelle claimed 14 days, although WWE.com claimed four. She was doing an overseas tour and during a match with Kristal, her back started to hurt. It wasn't normal back pain, it was debilitating pain to the point where she could not stand or even speak. She kept telling people she was fine, but then would go to bed in tears. One night she was dso dehydrated that they had to hook her up to an IV. She said she couldn't remember going through the airport when she got home, and that while she was in the hospital, friends and family weren't sure she was going to live. "For the first six to seven days of my 14-day stint in the hospital, I was completely out of it, hallucinating from the combination of my low sodium and medication." She concluded with this advice: "You never know when might be your last day. You have a choice each morning: You can be in a good mood or a bad mood. Count your blessings, cherish your loved ones and remember to smile! I love you all, and can’t wait to get back in the ring and make each and every one of you prouder than ever!"

In her post on WWE.com, Michelle never once said what the actual illness that she was suffering from was other than "dehydration". The reality is that Michelle had a really bad eating disorder and was taking a ton of diet pills to the point where either her kidneys and bladder shut down or were getting very close to shutting down. Despite the claim on WWE.com, and her own claim, it's been said that she was actually in the hospital for upwards of 20 days, so it was a very, very serious life or death situation.

In unrelated news, McCool is said to be a big favorite amongst some of the older guys in the company.


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