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WWE NXT Results (2/1/11) - Bateman And Bryan Gain Momentum

Written by Brooks Oglesby on Feb 1, 2011 - 10:55:23 PM

WWE NXT Results - 2/1/2011

Last week, we saw an excellent match between Ted DiBiase and Daniel Bryan. We also saw Brodus Clay dropping his old pro, Ted DiBiase, for a new pro, 2011 Royal Rumble winner Alberto Del Rio! What can we expect this week, as the 4 remaining rookies strive to become WWE's next breakout star?

-Josh Mathews and Todd Grisham welcome us to this week's edition of WWE NXT, coming to us from Long Island, New York! Matt Striker is in the ring, and tells us that next week will have an elimination. Starting at noon tomorrow, voting will begin. It's time to bring out the rookies with their pros! Byron Saxton out first, to no real reaction. Derrick Bateman gets a small pop. Johnny Curtis gets a comparable pop. Brodus Clay with Ricardo Rodriguez gets a small chorus of boos. The rookies and pros are standing outside the ring. Striker asks why Del Rio is not out with Brodus. Ricardo explains that Del Rio can't be here tonight, as he is so overwhelmed with all the activities that have come up since he won the Rumble. Ricardo will be taking over tonight. Our first challenge is announced as an arm wrestling challenge tonight for 3 immunity points.

Challenge #1: Arm Wrestling Contest

-Johnny Curtis up against Byron Saxton first. The pros escort the rookies into the ring. Curtis slams Saxton's hand down in less than a second, and Saxton goes to the back.

-Derrick Bateman is up next against Brodus Clay. Clay is laughing to himself as he steps up. Bateman asks Bryan to slap him to get him pumped up, he does, and Bateman starts screaming. They stay even for a few seconds, with Bateman going crazy, but Brodus overpowers him.

-Our final round has Johnny Curtis against Brodus Clay. These two always seem to be facing each other. They stay even for a few seconds. Brodus gets a headbutt on Curtis and slams Curtis' hand down. The official disqualifies Brodus Clay.

Winner: Johnny Curtis, who receives 3 immunity points.

-A match between Byron Saxton and his former pro, Chris Masters, is announced for tonight.


-We see the cryptic promo for 2-21-11. Very interesting, and open for speculation.

-Byron Saxton and Chris Masters are in the ring, ready to start.

Match #1: Byron Saxton vs. Chris Masters

-Byron takes control early, pushing Masters into the corner and throwing wild strikes. Masters flips Saxton around and hits some chest chops. He whips Saxton and gets a fallaway slam for a two count. Standing wristlock by Masters, but Saxton fights away with punches. Saxton tries to whip Masters to the turnbuckle, but Masters counters that as well. Byron climbs up the turnbuckle and hits a strange knee to the shoulder of Masters for a two-count. Saxton has Masters grounded with a seated shoulder bar. A Masters chant breaks out as Masters gets a big Samoan drop on Saxton. Masters catches Saxton with clotheslines and elbows, taking him down repeatedly. Saxton walks right into a big spinebuster, and calls for the Masterlock. Byron is out within seconds, as Dolph looks frustrated. Not looking good for Saxton, as the announcers point out that this is the second time Masters has beaten Saxton.

Winner: Chris Masters

-Backstage vignette with Bryan and Bateman. Bateman is teaching Bryan a guillotine. Bryan isn't pleased with his form. Gail Kim walks in, and Bryan praises Gail for being able to do a proper guillotine. Bateman says that Bryan's just being nice. Bateman says that Kim can't do it to Bateman. She locks it in, and Bateman chokes and falls to the ground. He's unconscious. Bryan says it's "so hot" when Kim does submission holds, and they kiss. Bateman weakly looks up, nods, and smiles.

-Next, we will see Ted DiBiase versus his former rookie, Brodus Clay.


-Ricardo is coaching Brodus, while Maryse is nowhere to be found for DiBiase. We get a recap of the fatal four-way last week. Some nice spots, with Curtis' double diving legdrop, and Saxton and Curtis both suplexing Brodus. Brodus of course, wins and decides to take Alberto Del Rio as his new pro. He grabs DiBiase by the throat and slams him down. Maryse comes out late to the ring.

Match #2: Ted DiBiase vs. Brodus Clay

-Brodus immediately overpowers DiBiase and grapples him into the corners. Maryse is disinterested, and goes to greet Josh Mathews. Ted DiBiase grounds Brodus with a headlock. Brodus gets to his knees, but Ted tenaciously hangs on. He lets go and hits 3 quick elbow drops. Ted hits a huge boot to a seated Brodus, and Brodus is out. DiBiase is fired up, and hits a plancha from the apron. Brodus is on the barricade and Ted hits a dropkick. Brodus grabs DiBiase and throws his back into the steel turnbuckle. DiBiase slides back into the ring, while Brodus follows. Huge belly-to-belly by Brodus. Brodus drops DiBiase with a big clothesline. Meanwhile, Maryse is giving Grisham her number and texting indifferently. Brodus is toying with DiBiase, landing chops to the back. A neck pinch by Brodus. Ted fights to his feet, but gets thrown shoulder-first into the turnbuckle. Ted is hung up on the second rope and gets kicked in the stomach. Brodus gets a scoop slam on DiBiase. He hits the ropes and tries for a splash, but DiBiase takes out Brodus' knee. Brodus is selling that hard, as DiBiase focuses on Maryse, who kisses Grisham. Brodus takes advantage, hitting a big running powerslam for the win.

Winner: Brodus Clay

-Johnny Curtis is selling his eye injury. Saxton comes up and Curtis says "Hi Carlton!" Saxton wants to talk to Curtis. He's worried about him. He says R-Truth is talking bad about him. He says that Truth's saying that Curtis' ego is too big. Curtis says that he and Truth are friends, but he and Saxton are not. Curtis says that he has a match to win, unlike Saxton. Saxton stops him and says that regardless, they both know the truth. He smirks as Curtis walks off.

-Our main event is announced, a tag team match consisting of Derrick Bateman and Daniel Bryan vs. Johnny Curtis and R-Truth.


-The rookies are in the ring, and we are reminded that Curtis is the only rookie with points, at 3. Our next challenge is an NXT staple, the Talk the Talk Challenge!

Challenge #2: Talk the Talk Challenge

-Byron Saxton's topic is "WWE Pros." R-Truth, specifically. Byron says he has a tribute for him. He says a lame verse as R-Truth laughs. R-Truth shows him how it's done, and says "WHAT'S UP?!" as the crowd repeats him.

-Derrick Bateman has 30 seconds to speak about Dolph Ziggler. He says Ziggler has the body of a Greek god and the face of a worn-out catcher's mitt. He says he changed his name to Dolph Ziggler from Turd Ferguson. Dolph says "My name is not Turd!" as a "Turd!" chant starts.

-Johnny Curtis has 30 seconds to talk about Chris Masters. He says there's no way to top Bateman, so he'll talk about someone else. He hits a slap on Brodus Clay and runs out of the ring quickly. Brodus is very upset.

-Another "Turd!" chant starts as Brodus Clay starts talking about Daniel Bryan. Ziggler says that if the crowd doesn't stop chanting that, he'll leave. They cheer louder. Brodus says that Bryan is boring, but he has a nice girl, Gail Kim. He'd like to show her how a real man is. Bryan says that a "real man" doesn't mean a "fat man." That gets a pop as Brodus seethes in the ring.

-The crowd decides the winner with the loudest cheer.

Winner: Derrick Bateman, who wins 2 immunity points.

-We get a preview of Triple H's movie, The Chaperone.

-The Raw rebound is up next, and there's a recap of the 7-man Raw Rumble last night. John Morrison is literally a robot, in case you missed his performance in the Rumble or during Raw. Lawler ended up winning, which means he will face The Miz at Elimination Chamber, while Cena, Sheamus, Orton, Punk, Morrison, and R-Truth will duke it out in the Elimination Chamber match itself.

-R-Truth comes out rapping with Johnny Curtis. He gets select members of the crowd to say "What's Up!" into the mic. Ride of the Valkyries hits, and out come Derrick Bateman and Daniel Bryan. Our main event is underway.

Match #3: Derrick Bateman and Daniel Bryan vs. Johnny Curtis and R-Truth

-R-Truth and Derrick Bateman will be starting out. They lock up, as Truth whips Bateman into the ropes. Bateman hits a shoulder knockdown, but Truth gets up and hits two consecutive arm drag. Curtis is tagged in and quickly grounds Bateman. Bateman reverses and grounds Curtis. Very impressive chain wrestling for rookies. They're back up and battling in chain grapples. They flip over the top rope together as Curtis slaps Bateman. Bateman takes him down, and they're not wrestling, they're brawling. The pros come over to separate them. Bateman looks pumped as we go to commercial.

-We're back, as Bryan is now the legal man, facing Curtis. Bryan throws Curtis against the ropes, but Curtis hits a shoulder block. The exact same spot happens again. Bryan hits a quick suplex, grounds Curtis by the corner, and tags in Derrick Bateman. Bateman hits a snap suplex. Curtis is trying to get the tag to Truth, but Bateman won't allow it, holding the headlock. Curtis takes control shortly, but Bateman whips him into the ropes, hits an elbow to the face, and tags in Daniel Bryan. Bryan and Curtis trade European uppercuts until Bryan hits a snapmare and a hard kick to the back. Bryan grabs Curtis' legs and tries to do a Mexican surfboard stretch, but can't get it, so he just drives Curtis' knees to the canvas. Bateman is tagged in. Both men are grounded as Curtis manages to get a body scissors on Bateman. Striker notes that this is the 50th episode of NXT. Bateman wriggles out and tosses Bateman in the corner. Curtis runs out and hits a spinning heel kick. Curtis holds his quad, looking like he's in pain, and tags Truth. Truth quickens the pace with some flying kicks and tags Curtis back in. A two count on Bryan, as Bateman broke up the pin. Bateman gets thrown out by Truth, who jumps over the top rope and takes out Bateman. Back in the ring, a backslide attempt by Curtis gets reversed by Bryan, as he flips over Curtis and puts him in the LeBell lock for the win. Matt Striker incorrectly claims that as a tag team, Bryan and Bateman are now 2-0. (They are actually 2-1, as they have lost to Conor O'Brian and Alberto Del Rio.)

Winners: Daniel Bryan and Derrick Bateman

-Bateman and Bryan celebrate to end this week's edition of NXT. Be sure to vote for your favorite rookie, as next week's NXT will have an elimination! Thanks for reading.


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