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WWE Superstars Results (8/4/2011) - The Master Lock Vs. The Ankle Lock

Written by Sam Tindall on Aug 4, 2011 - 6:03:56 PM

WWE Superstars Results - 8/4/2011
Report by: Sam Tindall of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

AUTHOR'S NOTES: Hoping to see some more comments this week, as last week was a bit lackluster. Here goes, let's hope for a good episode of Superstars.


Fireworks blast off as Jack Korpela & Matt Striker remind us that we have TWO WWE Champions.

Alicia Fox struts her way to the ring. Her red attire matches her hair.

Kaitlyn makes her way to the ring alone, without AJ or Natalya.

Alicia Fox Vs. Kaitlyn

Fox gets the first advantage out of the lock up with a headlock. She brings Kaitlyn to the mat, Kaitlyn warps her legs around Fox's head. Both to their feet now, Kaitlyn with a shoulder block. She then taunts Fox, holding up a "1" and showing her confidence.

Alicia with a waistlock on Katie, (can I call her that?) who hoists Fox up by the wrist above her head. She plants Alicia up on the top rope but her momentum is immediately thwarted as Fox dives off with a Lou Thesz Press! Hair pulling ensues.

Fox is whipped into the corner. Kaitlyn runs in only to find an elbow from Fox. The Rihanna look-a-like rushes out of the corner and STOs Kaitlyn's head to the mat. Knees by Fox. Alicia slams Katie face first into the mat. "One!" she screams. "Two!" Alicia locks in a chinlock.

Kaitlyn fights out of it with little-to-no crowd participation. Sunset flip by Kaitlyn for a two count. Alicia retaliates with a running Clothesline. She then locks the chinlock back in. How long will Kaitlyn last? She fights to her feet, but is slammed back down by Alicia! Nice!

Kaitlyn, who apparently can "squat over 300 pounds", fights out again and finds herself slammed back to the mat again! Kaitlyn AGAIN fights out of the chinlock, this time with a back Suplex. Alicia looks surprised as she misses a Clothesline and is then pancaked to the mat by Kaitlyn.

Dropkick by Katie. 1... 2...

TWO! Alicia reverses an Irish whip only for Kaitlyn to fly out of the corner with an elbow smash. She gains another two count before going for a tilt-a-whirl manuvuer. Alicia fights out of it and takes to the ropes.

She hits the Axe kick for the pinfall!

Winner: Alicia Fox by pinfall. This girl is on a roll!

Masters/Swagger tonight on Superstars!


WWE SummerSlam promo.

The 357-pound Brodus Clay makes his return to television. On his way to the ring now, we see nothing looks any different. Same mohawk, same singlet, same weird muscle pose that shows it's all hidden under the dense insulation.

His opponent, 210-pound Pat Silva, the hometown boy...is already in the ring. We'll see how long he can last with Brodus.

Brodus Clay Vs. Pat Silva

No lock up, Brodus hoists Silva into the corner and begins to beat him down. He sends him face first toward the ropes and smashes him in the back. On the mat, Brodus stands on the poor guy.

He goes out of the ring and elbows Pat. Back in the ring, he utilizes his full 4-count and chokes him. He hits a succession of elbow drops obtaining a two count.

He nails Silva with an Exploder Suplex. Sending him to the ropes now, he headbutts Pat. Brodus nails a splash in the corner before hitting the ICU, now called the Fall of Humanity; a finishing running splash from the ropes.

Winner: Brodus Clay by pinfall @ 1:55, about as long as a Diva's match for anyone that's keeping track.

Masters/Swagger tonight.


Rey Mysterio DVD promo.

WrestleMania 27 on NBC promo.

Vladimir Kozlov makes his way to the ring for a singles match. His entrance video on the Tron shows Kozlov in a humorous light.

Primo makes his way to the ring. Stanford makes note that neither are teaming with their former teammates. (Santino or Ryder)

JTG makes his way to ringside as we see Kozlov's impression of him and defeat of him on NXT.

Vladimir Kozlov Vs. Primo

Primo finds himself on the apron quickly after an overhead throw starts the match by Koz. Primo managaes a waistlock, but Koz hip tosses him. Primo latches onto the ropes and the ref chases off Vladimir.

Primo finally taunts Koz into a few cheap shots, but Koz maintains a hold on the offense with a huge shoulder block. Primo out of the ring now, as JTG disses the Koz on commentary.

Primo tries to use his quickness to his advantage. Kozlov captures him and hoists him to the top rope, laying him across. He hits some signature headbutts. Primo falls to the mat.

Primo hits a chop block and then locks in a half Boston Crab. Primo continues with some knees to Kozlov's leg before tweaking and twisting his leg. Kozlov kicks Primo to the corner, but meets the second turnbuckle following a drop-toe-hold.

Primo beats him down before setting up for a move and nailing the turnbuckle upon the Koz's departure. Kozlov nails a running knee, followed by some headbutts and then boots Primo back into the corner.

Primo takes him out at the legs again, taking to the top rope for an attempted Axe Smash.

Kozlov jumps up, headbutting Primo in the chin.

A pinfall is followed by Kozlov taunting JTG to get into the ring.

Winner: Vladimir Kozlov by pinfall.

Main Event: Masters Vs. Swagger tonight!


Orton/Christian SummerSlam promo.

RAW Rebound: Triple H/CM Punk/Cena/JL confrontation ending in the announcement of the Undisputed Championship match @ SummerSlam.

"The All-American American" Jack Swagger makes his way to the ring, parading around it.

Henry/Sheamus SummerSlam promo.


Swagger awaits his opponent in the ring, as we come back from the break.

The under-utilized Chris Masters makes his way to the ring. It's the Master Lock vs. the Ankle Lock!

Jack Swagger Vs. Chris Masters

Swagger uses his amateur background to bring Masters down immediately. A waistlock is what Masters tries to power his way out of, but Swagger retaliates with a front slam. He doesn't let go.

Masters tries to fight out and Swagger puts his knee between his shoulder blades. Masters finally gets to his feet and hip tosses Swagger. A series of Clotheslines sends Jack reeling out of the ring. He complains as he catches his breath.

Swagger breaks the count and gets back onto the apron to some heat. He finally gets back in and a lock-up brings him into the corner. The ref breaks them up. Swagger gets the advantage on the next lock-up and uses all four seconds available to him to stomp a mudhole into Masters.

Masters fights out of the beat down of boots and elbows. He takes to the ropes for a running Elbow Smash. He follows it up with a verticle Suplex. 1...2...

Two! In the corner now, Masters gets some redemption by applying his boot to Swagger's sternum. Scoop Slam by Masters followed by a leg drop for the two count!

In the corner again, chops by Masters! "WOOOOOO!!!!" Masters brings Swagger up onto his shoulder, Swagger pushes out sending Masters to the corner and to the mat. Swagger hits his corner slingshot Splash. 1...2...

Two count. Commercial break.


Greatest Superstars of the 21st Century DVD promo.

As we come back from the break, Swagger is running circles around a downed Masters in the ring to a chorus of boo's.

Jack hits a shot to the back of Masters off the ropes. He sends him to the ropes again, but Masters does a 180 and Clotheslines Swagger. A few punches and clotheslines find Masters back in control. Swagger plays possum in the corner.

He dashes to the ropes and nails Masters a great front chop block. 1...2...

Two count. Swagger continually brings Masters back to the mat with an arm wringer followed by a leg vice around the mid-section of Masters.

Masters fights back but his ailing back keeps him from lifting Swagger, who nails another Clothesline to some heat.

Stanford reminds us he is "taking way too much time" as the over confident Swagger taunts the crowd. He hits another Clothesline on Masters. He waits for him to get to his feet and runs at him, Masters counters and locks in the Master Lock!

Swagger fights out but is planted with a Samoan Drop! Masters waits in the corner. When Swagger reaches his feet, he receives a well-placed Elbow Drop to the head, bumping right back to the mat. Up again, he's met with a succession of Clotheslines and Masters capitalizes with Spinebuster. 1...2...

TWO! (How much more can these guys go? Nice to see Masters stamina is in check here.) Masters brings Swagger to his feet, who catches him off guard with a Rock Bottom-like slam. A few boots by Swagger, who taunts one last time and takes to the corner for his Splash again on the downed Masters.

Masters gets the knees up this time and attempts a Master Lock! Before he can sinch it in, Swagger rolls out of it, applying the Ankle Lock!

Master writhes in pain and he is given no choice but to tap out.

Winner: Jack Swagger by submission. (Yay! A submission!)

The All-American American parades around the ring as we come to a close.



Nice to see Alicia Fox can tell a decent story in the ring without Natalya.

Good, also, to see Clay back. He's quite the unorthodox individual. I am reminded of Big Daddy V and his offensive style. Should be interesting to see if he is marketable in the WWE.

Where can they really go with Kozlov's character like this? I know they intended to launch a show between Santino & Kozlov, but it never really happened because they have not obtained a WWE Channel as soon as they would have liked to.

Chris Masters has been in this same position for years now ever since he came back. Are they afraid to push him because of his former Wellness violations?

But enough about what I think, what do YOU think??


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