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WWE Superstars Results (6/23/2011) - Melina/Kim Feud Continues

Written by Sam Tindall on Jun 23, 2011 - 6:08:24 PM

WWE Superstars Results - 6/23/2011
Report by: Sam Tindall of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

My name is Sam and it's my honor to bring to you the June 23rd, 2011 episode of WWE Superstars in full detail. Please let me know what you think of the results when you are finished. Without further a do...we await the beginning of Superstars. :)


We are not treated to fireworks this week, but a plug for the main event: Santino & Kozlov Vs. the New Nexus.

Kaitlyn, AJ & Natalya Vs. Alicia Fox, Tamina & Rosa Mendes:

Matt Striker points out that Tamina and company are bullying the newcomers in recent months. We start off with a headlock and head scissors exchange by Fox & Natalya. Natalya attempts to lock in the Sharpshooter. Fox wiggles her way to a tag by Tamina.

The two third-generation-Superstars stare down. Tamina pushes Neidhart and shoulder blockers her into an unsuccessful pin attempt. A sunset flip by Natalya follows another failed pin attempt. Tamina escapes, bringing in Rosa.

Rosa is brought up into a delayed vertical suplex by Natalya before being backed into the "good girls" corner. Natalya tags in her mentor, NXT Season 3 winner, Kaitlyn.

Natty swings her into Rosa in the corner with a closeline from Kaitlyn. She then hits a Sidewalk Slam on Rosa. The "bad girls" distract Kaitlyn is taken down by Rosa and her face is going to have mat burn after Rosa grates her against the mat.

She tags in Tamina who hits a mean Clothesline. Stiker makes his usual remarks about wanting to help Kaitlyn. Stuck in the corner, she is beat down by the three. Fox tags in and Irish Whips her into the corner before tagging Rosa back in. 1 - 2 - Kickout.

Rosa twists Kaitlyn with a Chinlock. Kaitlyn rushes out of it and tags in AJ. She hits a series of clotheslines on Fox, who is now tagged back in. (Confusing, ain't it?) Fox goes for a tilt-a-whirl, but AJ reverses into a Crossbody. Fox, on her knees, receives a well placed dropkick to the head. 1 - 2 - The bad girls make the save before being chased off by Natalya.

AJ hits a few kicks, Fox goes for a Scissors Axe kick before being rolled up by AJ for the quick pin victory.

Winners: "The Chic-busters" AJ, Kaitlyn & Natalya by pinfall.

Natty seems impressed by the girls she has taken under her wing.


RAW is recapped by Striker & Kopella, including the errors made by the texting mishap. We will now get what we want - Sin Cara/Bourne Monday from Vegas! They give us a replay of the Elimination 6-Man Tag match from Monday's RAW where Cena, Orton & Riley def. Miz, Christian & R-Truth.


Scott Stanford recaps Cena's victory ala Capitol Punishment.

We are then treated to another Diva's match, this time from RAW.

Melina Vs. Gail Kim

Stanford plugs Melina's shots at Gail from her tweets and video posts. I guess it IS all a work. Scott claims the issues are stemmed from "Gail leaving her (Melina) hanging when it came to tag teams." Bah!

The two shake hands before locking up. Melina is snapmared but she gets Kim into a head scissors. Kim gets out of the hold and shoots for a Clothesline, but an early Stratus-like Matrix Move by Melina gets her the upper hand. A Suplex into a failed pin attempt.

Kim goes for the apron, maybe for the top rope. Melina follows and receives a Sunset Flip. 1 - 2 - Kickout. They exchange shots before Melina is irish whipped into the corner. Gail shoots under; Melina over, who has a bad fall. She then plays possum with the referee for some heel heat.

She hits a devastating inverted Bulldog on Kim's face! She continues to punish her face in the turnbuckle pad followed by a dropkick to the head. She trash talks before missing a bodyslam, Kim with a crossbody reversal. Two failed pin attempts by Kim.

Melina hits a spinning facebuster. 1 - 2 - Kickout. Headlock on Kim, she works her way out only to be punished with more shots to the head. Josh promises us he will, "get to the bottom of whatever happened between these once best friends next week." This implies two things:
1) They are starting a storyline out of thin air and 2) No one will notice because next week they will be on Superstars. (Although maybe the kayfabed heat on Twitter will help, much like it's helped Ryder get on RAW. *Sarcasm*)

Kim comes back with a dropkick followed by a clothesline. She hits her signature variation on the Spear in the corner, diving to the apron. She climbs to the top rope for her Missile Dropkick. Kim sells her back, Melina grabs the ropes, keeping Gail from gaining any more advantage.

Melina misses a boot to the skull and her flexibility becomes her downfall. Kim takes Melina from the splits to a pinfall! 1 - 2 - 3.

Winner: Gail Kim by pinfall.

Kim tells Melina it was "her fault" as she walks up the ramp. It's too bad we cannot see two of the best the WWE has to offer in a legitimate storyline on RAW for the WOMENS Championship. Instead we are given desperate attempts to draw heat through the internet.

RAW Roulette is plugged for Monday from Las Vegas!


If you care, John Cena has more fans on Facebook than almost every celebrity in existence!!! (Sorry, I had to.)

The R-Truth/Cena "Conspiracy" package that played on Capitol Punishment/RAW is replayed for us. I'm glad Truth is getting the push, but personally I thought their match at the pay-per-view could have been a lot better; with the same feeling surrounding most of a show that looked great on paper.

Santino & Kozlov make their way to the ring.

"Be a STAR" Promo.


The Tag Team Champions from the New Nexus make their way to the ring for this non-title match. I'm wondering if the nice amount of heat they receive from the crowd is post-production propaganda or legitimate.

Non-Title Match: Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov Vs. WWE Tag Team Champions - Michael McGillicutty & David Otunga representing CM Punk's New Nexus.

And we are underway. Santino starts off against Otunga with a hilarious flashy kick that misses. Headlock by Santino, who goes into the ropes and is shoulder blocked by Otunga twice. They play it up by Santino getting one of his own. Otunga with a wristlock, Santino again reverses. Otunga irish whips Santino into the corner. Santino avoids a Clothesline and preps the Cobra!

Otunga bails out of the ring, regroups by tagging Michael. The two exchange holds in the ring. Santino gets the advantage and McGillicutty begs the ref to get Santino off of him, going for the ropes. He attempts a shot at Santino, which is reversed into an Atomic Drop by Marella. Kozlov tags in.

The "Sambo Master" arm drags Michael half-way-to-Sunday. He wrestles around a bit, firemans carrying Michael into the ropes. Hennig (had to get one of those in there) tries to get the upper hand, but fails and Kozlov has earned his paycheck for the evening. He tags Santino back in.

After being used by the Russian as a battering-ram on Mike, Santino goes for the cover. 1 - 2 - Kickout. Mike lures Marella into his corner and gets the tag.

Otunga hits a bodyslam, but misses a few elbows. Santino's unorthodox offense continues as he tags Kozlov back in.

Kozlov hits his signature headbutts with the arms locked in. Otunga builds up some offense only to be Fall Away Slammed right out of the ring! Mike sneaks back in but his intentions do not come to fruition, Marella chases him off with a loaded Cobra. It's been ALL about the comedy duo so far! They all regroup.

We see a recap of Christian/Orton, plugging Christian's pending backlash tomorrow on SmackDown!


Our final break has concluded as Otunga and Santino are in the ring. Otunga comes off the ropes only to be hip tossed by Marella. He takes to the ropes himself and goes for his signature diving headbutt, salute and all. He gets Otunga's knees!

Otunga hits a few knees to Santino, tags in Michael. Santino attempts a comeback, but Mike gets a Perfect Dropkick. Otunga back in, his clothesline follows with a pin attempt. 1 - 2 - Kickout.

Kozlov rallies the fans behind Santino as he fights his way out of a chinlock. Otunga drags Marella into his corner, tags in Michael. Michaels hits a few elbows. 1 - 2 - Kickout.

His offense is short-lived as Santino takes both Nexus members out of the ring! He gets the hot tag on Kozlov, as McGillicutty reenters the ring. Kozlov locks the arms and hits another round of headbutts to Michael's chest.

Hoisting the second-gen Superstar face down across the top rope, he punts him in the gut. On fire, he hits a boot to the chest before hitting a scoop Powerslam. Cover, 1 - 2 - Otunga makes the save.

The ref fails to get him out of the ring as he ducks a Clothesline by Santino, who flies out of the ring. The 2-on-1 results in a triple clothesline. Everyone is down!

Santino gets the tag and looks to take advantage of this open opportunity. McGillicutty reverses his attempt into his McGillicutter, a running swinging Neckbreaker. 1 - 2 - 3!

Winners: The WWE Tag Team Champions - New Nexus Members - David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty by pinfall.

Scott & Josh conclude by pointing out Otunga did connect with a shot to the back of Santino's head as he was hitting the ropes, allowing Michael to connect with his finish. "Don't blame the referee! He was trying to get Kozlov out of the ring."



Ryder failed to make an appearance on EITHER show this week? How does that work?

Looks like we will see more videos from Melina as she travels overseas with Morrison. Stay tuned, if you dare! ;)

The thing I have always liked about Superstars, and has kept me watching, is that the matches are given enough time to tell a story. This is good for the younger talent, but also in some ways, makes it better than RAW or SmackDown! (This is my opinion, of course.)

Thanks for taking your time to join me. Hope it was a good read. Once again, please let me know what you think of the results. :) Until next time, I'm Sam Tindall and this was WWE Superstars. God bless!


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