WWE Nixes Text Alerts, Jim Neidhart's Outburst Lands Him Behind Bars, Celebrity Wrestlemania Match Setup Today On "Extra"

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- WWE sent a message to subscribers to their premium text-message alerts that the service will end on March 30, 2012.

- The reason Jim Neidhart was held in contempt of court yesterday was due to an outburst while he was being sentenced on drug, theft and burglary charges from an arrest in September 2010.  Neidhart was sentenced to five months and 29 days in jail and is still being held in jail as of this writing.

- The WWE angle on today's "Extra" featured a confrontation between host Maria MenounosKelly Kelly, Eve and WWE Divas Champion Beth Phoenix.  Beth and Eve came out while Maria  was interviewing Kelly Kelly. Eve and Beth demanded that Maria interview them when she reminded them that Kelly Kelly beat Beth the last time she faced her.  This led to Beth grabbing Maria by the chin before security broke it up.  It looks like there are plans to Maria Menounos & Kelly Kelly vs. WWE Divas Champion Beth Phoenix & Eve at Wrestlemania XXVIII.

  • Nightmare

    Nobody wants to see that i want to see Natalya vs Beth or Kharma Vs. Beth or a triple threat match

    • Brick

      I want to see Maria

  • Moist Farts Stink!!


  • Justin

    Well, we just found the one match on the Wrestlemania card for a bathroom break.

  • Toast

    If kharma isn’t competing at wrestlemania I WILL ragequit!!

    • christopher525

      You go right ahead, and neither myself, anyone else here, and especially nobody in WWE will give 2 damns.

    • Alejandro

      Dude her baby passed away,I don’t blame her for skipping Mania this year.

      • Ale ale jandro

        No dedication.

        • XKonn247

          You disgusting human being. Her child passed away. Have some compassion.

          • Ale ale jandro

            Skipping a huge payday's not going to bring it back. By WM she'll have had a few months to get over it. Best to get back on the horse, as they say, and not let depression set in.

        • The Light

          You must be satan to say something that despicable! If you aren't, you'll be joining him soon.

  • British bulldog forever

    Well seeing as over here in England WM is on til 4am, this “divas” match provides an opportunity for a quick nap to ensure that I survive til the end

    • AJG316

      I don't think that divas matches last that long nowadays. At best you could close your eyes for a couple of seconds and just lay down. Sorry man

    • rkodmr

      Ya a 2 minute nap knowing the divas division

    • XKonn247

      I’ll Bevin the pub watching again so it’s perfect time to slip out back for a quick smoke haha

  • Kleck

    Too bad OT couldn’t have been a really well done Diva match with Nattie and Kharma

  • Alejandro

    A nice little bathroom break for an otherwise very strong looking Mania.Beth vs Kharma would have obviouslly been a million times better,but given recent events with Kharma,I certainly don’t blame her for taking some more time off.This match will obviouslly be won by the celeb,and it will unfortunatley probably be the second to last match shown as they usually do with the diva matches.

  • Why can't they do Natalya vs Beth? It would be the best wrestling match you can get from the ladies division as of now.