Original Plan For The Triple-Threat WWE Championship Match At No Way Out; Details On How The Plan Was Changed Hours Before The Show Went Live, Dolph Ziggler's Future After Tremendous Crowd Reaction In World Heavyweight Championship Match Against Sheamus

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- I'm told the plan as of 6 PM EDT Sunday evening was for Daniel Bryan to win the triple-threat match at WWE No Way Out to become the WWE Champion. There were a few reasons CM Punk ended up retaining at the last minute but one of the main reasons had to do with the touring schedule for live events.

- While WWE producers were more than aware of the crowd chants for Dolph Ziggler in his World Heavyweight Championship match against Sheamus, I'm told no matter "how loud" the crowd support is, he will be pushed when he is ready. My source says the feeling in WWE is they won't have their hand forced although their hand is being forced due to the lack of top talent.

  • Matt

    Still nice to see Ziggler over with the crowd. Came a long way after the Spirit Squad haha

  • Jitters84

    I always love talent with skills then looks.. Better matches and story telling then 4-5
    Moves max and a squash..

  • cornb31

    Very loud ziggler chants & lawler tried covering by saying “listen to how loud these sheamus chants are!” Lmao I’m so glad they were heavily behind dolph and hopefully next heavyweight champion!

    • hurrigame

      Jerry Lawler has become, said to say, a bigger tool than Michael Cole. He really DOES need J.R. at the commentary table to balance him out.

  • ChromeyDaniels

    Are you kidding me? That just doesn’t make sense… How is he not ready?

  • kbunyon

    Talking in the Live Blog about the Triple Threat Match, I mentioned that they had to be still discussing the end of that one right up until the end. I just had a feeling that the WWE Championship Match would be one that wouldn't be inked until the last minute.

    That one could easily have gone in any direction, but I'm glad Punk retained. Nice seeing longer title reigns.


  • Patrick_Peralta

    not suprised WWE is refuceing to listen to the fans reaction to the fans. The fans feel he is ready but they don't. not very smart if you ask me.

  • jonathon212

    ziggler is more ready then anybody else on the roster right now…what the heck are they waiting for ???

  • Andre

    Vince is being very subtrain at the moment. Zigglar is more then ready too main event. He's been ready for the past year & half. Pride comes before Crash vince, it's time that you push that kid.

  • Ziggler

    Ziggler is a natural heel…Please don't ruin it by turning him babyface, i.e.(Orton, Morrison)…He reminds me of a young Curt Hennig…If he ends a promo by saying "Perfect," I'm going to think he's been reincarnated LOL!,

    • Moose666

      I completely agree!! I see Curt every time he comes out from the charisma to the skill in the ring.

  • JamieSNZ

    Damn it….i had picked bryan as winning! Sooo close

  • Jack

    Sheamus seems to be really good at getting heels over as babyfaces….