WWE No Way Out Pre-Show Match; Backstory Behind Vince McMahon's "One Legged Wrestler" Joke On Raw Supershow

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- Brodus Clay will face David Otunga in the WWE No Way Out pre-show match that will be broadcast on WWE's YouTube channel and streamed live here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com. The pre-show begins at 7:30 PM EDT. Make sure you join us for exclusive live play-by-play coverage.

- For those that missed Vince McMahon's "go hire the one legged wrestler" joke to John Laurinaitis during the opening segment of tonight's Raw Supershow, here's the backstory. Several years ago, Vince told Laurinaitis to sign the popular one-legged wrestler Zach Gowen who was 19, working out of Livonia, Michigan. Somehow the signals were crossed and Laurinaitis offered a contract to a 37-year-old working out of Florida. When Gowen arrived in Stamford, Connecticut to meet with company officials, Laurinaitis asked him who he was. Tom Prichard had already sent Gowen his contract and airplane tickets so Zach introduced himself. John asked him why he was there when Vince interrupted and said that's the 19-year-old one legged wrestler I asked you to sign. Just as John was trying to explain his mistake, Vince let him know he was aware and called him an idiot for trying to ink a wrestler in their late 30s.

  • Owen

    If Johnny Ace made such a massive botch, why has he still been employed by the WWE for years afterwards?

    • Anand

      I was about to ask just that… Why does WWE Still stick to this clown?

    • The Breaker

      It's because he and Vince are still good buddies.

  • dusty588

    Oh Johnny!

  • Patrick_Peralta

    LMAO good going Big Johnny.

  • Brandon

    I thought all of "Big Johnny" antique is just on-screen. It seems like, "Big Johnny" is "Big Johnny". LOL

  • Youth

    That seems legit…

  • H.M.

    For some reason I had a feeling this had to do something with Zach Gowen. Regardless…


  • Philip Thompson

    He's made many more such blunders. I am not a fan of Jim Cornette whatsoever but if you look at some of his Q&A answers on YouTube he can give quite an insight into the capabilities of big Johnny.

  • Voice of Wrestling

    wwe started going downhill as big Johnny got older and became a bigger part of wwe

  • dddddd

    its not as big of a botch than last night when he mentioned "we are approaching the 100th episode of Raw!!!" hilarous, yet sad.

  • @KyleGordon91

    That other one legged wrestler's name is Steve Chamberlain.

  • JIM

    That's so funny. I totally don't get why they stick with him either. Especially when I've read that the talent doesn't even like him. But at the same time sticking with him has finally paid off for the company since he is arguably the hottest heel they have at the moment. People legitimately hate that guy and that's a hard task to accomplish. Just ask some of the heels on the roster how hard it is to get people to dislike you.

  • Logan_Walker

    Wow i never knew that haha

  • MonstaHeel 450

    Wow! LMFAOL! No wonder he'll always be the "other nothing brother" to the Animal. Even his nephew whose in the NFL now laughs at him. What a freakn idiot.

  • Kevin

    So John Laurinitishas been screwing up for years, and he STILL has a job with WWE? WTF!? Not only did they keep this talentless oaf, they promoted him to an on-air character. Vince is a savvy businessman, but I think he should call HIMSELF an idiot for keeping Big Johnny around all these years.