Crowd Confusion At WWE Night Of Champions, Top WWE Star Injured, Outcome To Main Event Match Changed, Why Ryback Is Being Aligned With Paul Heyman, Who Stole The Show

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Backstage news from WWE Night of Champions…

- We're told there was a "state of confusion" over Triple H's apparent babyface promo to open WWE Night of Champions. I noted it felt like it ran long but the fact it confused the live crowd adds to the fact they could have found a better way to open the pay-per-view.

- Speaking of the crowd, the fast count in the main event went unnoticed live. Speaking to people that were in attendance, the consensus was the match ended clean. This wasn't the case and is expected to be follow-up on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw.

- Alberto Del Rio lost a tooth in his match against Rob Van Dam. The injury happened when he took the Van Terminator.

- There was talk over the weekend about having Damien Sandow "cash in" his Money in the Bank briefcase at the pay-per-view on Sunday, however, those plans obviously changed.

- Ryback's alliance with Paul Heyman is seen as "feast or famine" and "one last chance" for him to make it as a top talent. Everyone knows what I think about it but I'm told he's being put in the program with CM Punk because Punk is a guy with major influence that will hold Ryback's ego in check. The office knows Punk won't be shy if Ryback is unsafe or reckless in the ring. Both accusations have been made in the past.

- Daniel Bryan and CM Punk were seen to be on a "different level" over everyone else on WWE Night of Champions.

  • Chris

    I have a feeling the long term for Ryback and Heyman involves either a Lesnar or Ryback turn.


      as long we don’t see Brock vs Goldberg II

  • Xavier

    ” Daniel Bryan and CM Punk were seen to be on a “different level” over everyone else on WWE Night of Champions.”

    Is that something that was really said backstage or is that you decided to throw information good measure? Lol, I thought Orton & Heyman were pretty damn good to last night. And that tag match between the Shield & PTP was a lot if fun also. I was impressed by PTP and pleasantly surprised by how over they were last night.

  • Scott Davies

    The PG era Corparation. Randy Orton as a very robo promo The Rock, Daniel Bryan as Mankind with a beard, Triple H as poor mans Vince McMahon & John Cena as A poor mans very G rated Stone Cold.
    Come on we all feel that way. Daniel Bryan is a 3 time World Champ that could be transitional. Like Mick Foley.

  • Jay El Bee

    I didn’t see it as a babyface promo, I saw it as a promo from a guy who remembers that he feuded with Heyman & Lesnar for over a year which ended less than 6 months ago.