WWE Not Refunding All Wrestlemania 29 Webcast Customers

Wrestling News World reader Daniel purchased the Wrestlemania 29 Webcast from dot com but was unable to watch due to technical difficulties. His request for a refund was denied. The following was sent to him via email:


Thank you for your purchase of WrestleMania XXIX.

We apologize for the technical difficulties that you experienced during the event. After further investigation, we are happy to see that you were able to view the event after the technical issues were resolved. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience, and hope you enjoyed the show.

WWE Customer Support Team

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  • What’s the deal with these webcasts do you get repeats of the show as well?

    • Winnipeg

      Nope. My buddy in Ottawa got kicked out and got an email from WWE after complaining, they said upon further investigation that he was trying to watch from mutipal computers. He’s got a tablet, laptop, & desktop but their all on the same network. It’d be the same as if you had 3 tv’s networked in different rooms of your house.
      I doubt anyone who feel or did get ripped off are not gonna be repeat customers.

      • Wow, this amazes me. According to the show anyone who bought the online version from wwe.com missed half the show due to there technical difficulties. I just assumed that they got a replay of the show for like a week or something and can watch it whenever they want then within the week. BUt damn they missed half the show because of wwe.coms problems dont get any replays and still no refund thats not right.

      • lee

        Everyone who ordered it got ripped off it was a terrible WM, it will go down as the worst one ever.

        • Winnipeg

          Technically yes haha

  • gaby

    This sucks, WWE sucks

  • Lrgetrout9

    Oh boy, WWE really wants a lot of chargebacks, don’t they?

    That’s the next logical step if you were denied.

  • and THAT’S why people just watch PPV’s on free streams. If you know you are going to have high traffic you better get your server side all ready to go to avoid this.

    Depending on how long it was out, like if it was 15/20 mins then i understand the no refund cause nothing honestly happening during that time really.

    • Matt

      Or order the damn thing on tv. Like the good old days.

  • But if you look at the email he received, he was able to see it after the issues were solved. So why complain, I admit it didn’t live up to the hype, but he saw the show, in it’s entirety and than had the nerve to ask for his money back

    • Snap

      Well… if I go to a movie theatre and pay to watch a program, whether it be a PPV or a movie and there are technical issues which affect the enjoyment of the program even if you could ultimately watch it to its conclusion, the movie theatre will provide a free voucher for another movie/event in the future.

      Considering WWE was charging $70 for their event, providing a credit of equal value for future events should be the least they would do. It’s just bad customer service on WWE’s part.

    • BlazeKing

      If anything, he should have asked for a credit for what he couldn’t get to watch. That wouldn’t have got turned down. WWE was only giving out refunds for people who didn’t get to see anything.

  • Kris Mystery

    Why does the news story say he was unable to watch it but the email states he was able to? Which is it?

  • Conley

    I ordered the PPV, the stream cut out before they even finished the opening video package, and didn’t start again until about two hours later. So, I ultimately saw it and got the PPV that I paid for, I was just constantly two hours behind everyone else.

    Am I happy about it? Not completely, there shouldn’t have been any problems with it in the first place. Am I demanding a refund? No, I ultimately saw the product I paid for, and even if I hadn’t have been able to see it that night I had until about 6:44 PM Eastern the next day, according to the My Video Library page on WWE.Com, to see it at my leisure.

  • Relying on an internet connection to watch such an important PPV is a stupid thing. If you’re unable to order it on TV or can’t make it to a buddy’s house or even like a Buffalo Wild Wings…just wait a month and a half, spend 20 bucks and get the blu ray.

    • Snap

      That’s not the point, if WWE is going to offer it on their site, they should be accountable for actually delivering what people have paid for. The technical issues were NOT the fault of the customers, so they should be compensated with either a refund or a voucher of equal value.
      I think we all know the real reason why WWE balks at providing the refunds, they don’t want to do anything which would jeopardize WrestleMania as being the highest grossing event in company history. It does not excuse them from bad customer service, though.