WWE NXT: Redemption Over After Sixty-Seven Weeks

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Today's episode of WWE NXT: Redemption is the final episode after sixty-seven weeks. While Vince McMahon has maintained a domestic television deal is in place for NXT, it's unknown when/if the show will be broadcast on television in the United States.

We posted the final episode earlier this evening at this link.

  • Kris Hardy

    Well it said on this episode of NXT that the "New NXT" begins next week. So I guess they can't find a US TV Provider to broadcast it?

  • christopher525

    So, ummmm, who won "redemption?"

    • Blazeking

      Titus O' Neil.

      D. Young technically wasn't supposed to be there. Bateman showed up late in the competition *after* somebody else got eliminated. He never had a chance to accumulate enough redemption points to save him because Titus had them all, lol. I never liked the contests from the start since the show was supposed to replace WWECW. They weren't even Tough Enough caliber challenges at that!!!

  • ip1

    about time

  • n1ck

    So who won?

  • Dangerous Lee

    There. Now you Internet marks can stop complaining about a show you don’t even watch…..

  • MonstaHeel 450

    Longest. Contest. Ever. And who won? NO ONE!!!!! LOL!!!!

  • Matt

    THANK GOD ALMIGHTY! now when do we see the Fcw talent from full sail university?

  • Tyler Bowles

    About time… 67 weeks? I thought it was longer than that.

  • chelu671

    Just in case anyone is wondering, next week will be the premiere of the new NXT/FCW tapings. Lower card WWE superstars will be competing with FCW talent.

  • Sean

    Bring back nitro vince!

  • So who won?

    Surely the up and coming stars that started the show are now veterans ready to retire?

  • Vince


  • About time

  • Ricky

    Lets just hope they keep the idiotic challenges and such off of this NXT.

  • Thumpa

    The only rookie left was Bateman and he didn’t even start on this series! What a joke…