WWE NXT Release, Former Talent In Rolling Stone, Ric Flair Appearance

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- Wrestling News World reader Fernando sent word Gavin Reid's (real name Steve Evans) profile has been removed from the NXT Wrestling website, most likely indicating his release.

- Christopher Nowinski is featured in the January 31, 2013 issue of Rolling Stone magazine talking about concussion. Wrestling News World reader Dave L notes that he is quoted at length about his work with other athletes as well as with the families of athletes who have passed away due to concussion related injuries. Nowinski's WWE career was ended premature due to concussions.

- Ric Flair is advertised to appear at the February 24, 2013 WWE NXT live event in Melbourne, Florida. He will join he daughter, Charlotte, in signing autographs for fans prior to the show.

  • coolk

    Did anyone else notice on the ec 2012 dvd, rollins,ambrose and reigns were in the gym with cena,big e and other stars. This could mean cena could still be working with shield.

    • Dangerous Lee

      No, Cena was just working out with the NXT guys. That video was from a year ago, long before there were plans to bring them in.