WWE Office Departure, Mick Foley Puts Over Damien Sandow, Drew McIntyre Injury Update

- WWE executive Ann Russo-Gordon has left the company. Russo-Gordon operated as a liaison between talent and WWE when they were seeking financial assistance for rehabilitation through the WWE Wellness Policy.

- Mick Foley wrote the following on Twitter:

- The mysterious procedure that Drew McIntyre had that made him “part bionic” is believed to be a thumb injury. For those that missed it, McIntyre appeared on Raw with a cast that covered his thumb and went up down his wrist.

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  • Ken

    Was Ann any relation to Vince Russo at all? Probably not, but I have to ask.

    • Richard Gray

      I don't believe so

  • ted

    big deal. wwe will just hire someone to replace her. it is not a difficult position to fill if you find someone with a background in drug/alcohol rehabilitation programs.

  • H.M.

    Sandow has won me over. He's an excellent heel and his persona and in-ring repertoire is definitely what looks like a throwback to the old days – mind you I'm only 19 and I grew watching the AE but I think it's a fair assumption based on what little footage I've seen.