WWE Officially Announces Signing Of Fergal Devitt

WWE has officially announced the signing of Fergal Devitt here on dot com. According to their report, he'll report to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida on Monday.

“This is something I’ve been looking forward to since I was maybe four or five years old,” Devitt told WWE.com last week, while preparing for the trip in his home country of Ireland. “I grew up watching wrestling my whole life, so to get the chance to step in the ring that I’ve watched on TV so many times is a dream come true.”

Click here for dot com's complete report.

Devitt joins Kenta and Kevin Steen as notable WWE developmental signings. Triple H wants to "keep the pond stocked," even in the face of mass budget cuts. All three are seen as valuable assets with different talents to offer.

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    Keep it coming WWE. Triple H’s incentive seems very promising for the future

  • Plutocrat

    I’m exicited to see Prince Devitt and Kevin Steen in the E they should rise straight to the top of pile immediately they are both to good for NXT or jobbing.

  • Vic Jose

    In 3 weeks wwe will announce the purchase of TNA videos and a couple of wrestlers, lol