WWE Officials Concerned About A Current Main Event Star They Fear Isn't Going To Be With Them For The Long Haul; Details On Who It Is & If It Will Alter The Way The Company Is Booking Them

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I'm told WWE officials are somewhat concerned about spending a lot of time and money on pushing Alberto Del Rio because there is a feeling he might not be around for the long haul.

While Del Rio drew a lot of attention in August 2011 by claiming he wanted to retire in five years, I heard he recently claimed while doing media for WWE in Japan he plans on retiring by the end of next year.

However, given the fact WWE is very thin on top talent, especially heel top talent, I'm told it's not seen as something that is going to have much effect on his current push.

  • mike

    Wow that's left field Alberto hasn't even been there long. How could you talk retirement when you've only been I'm Wwe for like three years.

    • hitman310

      Well you got to think about it. Yes I know he has only been in the wwe for a few years but think about all the years he spent in mexico wrestling. I'm sure it has taken a big tole on him plus over there they are flying all over the ring in and out.

    • Jaryd

      He didn't only start existing when he came to WWE, he didn't come in as a spring chicken, he's nearly 35 now and will be 36 by the end of next year, I'd say that was a pretty acceptable age for retirement.

  • christopher525

    Talk about burning out quick, damn.

  • Evon Reese

    He's dull and boring anyway.

  • Gibbons08

    He can retire right this very second for all I care! I have 0 interest in that clown!

  • Philip Thompson

    Well, he doesn't need the work – if WWE programming is to be believed (and why wouldn't it be?) then he has about $200,000,000.00 in luxury cars alone!