WWE Officials Furious Over Batista Leak - How It Happened & What They're Saying About It

WWE officials were infuriated that Dave Batista's return to the company leaked online Friday night. The leak happened when WWE sent promotional information to venues of upcoming live events that said Batista would in fact be returning.

When the information began to get published and make its way onto social media, WWE contacted the sources and told them to pull it. As we reported here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com, all mentions of Batista for the February 16, 2014 WWE live event have been removed.

I sought comment from a WWE spokesman about the leak and was told they had "no clue" about Batista's status with the company.

How this impacts the inevitable return of Batista to WWE remains to be seen but it sure looks like "The Animal" will be around for Wrestlemania XXX next year.

  • youcantnailher

    Dammit Sin Cara!!

    • Guest

      He only had one job

      • dev

        actually he had way to many jobs. even an action figure with one of it 😛

  • K!NG

    It will be good to see Batista back weather he is returning for a match or not

  • David F.

    Batista v Lesnar???

  • Nostaljack


  • Nick Djnickchaos Trahan

    If this is true, whoever included Batista in the promo materials should be fired. But it sounds MUCH more like an intentional leak to keep fans buzzing during the slowest 2 weeks on the WWE calendar.

    • J sal

      Requesting somebody should be fired over a, yes it was large, but because of a mistake where nobody’s life was in danger, is extremely harsh. I’m glad I don’t work for you.

  • Lebron James

    I missed Batista. He’s a hell of a power house. Glad he’ll be back.

  • DW

    Alright nastalgic fans, calm down. I want Batista back sort of, I think if he came back earlier that would be great but we don’t neeeeed him anymore. A big!!!! Main eventer from days past that wants to come back because Punk, DB, and the shield brought wrestling back. Waiting for it to be cool again Batista……ugh I hope they don’t try to force Batista.

    • Win

      Brought wrestling back? I could’ve sworn there were 200,000 less buys for Survivor Series this year than last. That’s a decline, in case you’re wondering. A popularity of a wrestler doesn’t necessarily equal better ratings, hence the reason the door is always open for “bigs”, such as the Rock, Brock, and Batista. The numbers don’t lie, kiddo.

      • Mysterion

        After the rather large levels of discussion had on this site I don’t think we can attribute that to any one talent. The card was atrocious. And the only match genuinely worth watch was Punm/Bryan vs Wyatt’s. Big Show main evented. A”big main event” talent. And we had ard vs Cena. Again. Yay. If WWE had built a more compelling and all in all decent card it’d probably draw more. It was a throw away pay per view at best.