WWE Officials Looking To Replace AJ Lee As Raw GM; Who Are Possibilities To Replace Her & Why There Has Been Talk Of Taking The Role From AJ, How Vince McMahon Is Easing Triple H Into A Position Of Power With The "Final Say," Update On A Major Name That Last Worked In TNA Coming To WWE

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Last week we reported on a proposed plan of Ric Flair returning to WWE by being paired with Dolph Ziggler. I'm told the idea stems from the fact there has been talk of wrapping up AJ Lee's role as General Manager and giving it back to Vickie Guerrero. This, of course, would leave a clear path for Flair to operate as Ziggler's mouthpiece.

There are those in the company that feel despite success this summer in her gimmick with Daniel Bryan and CM Punk, AJ hasn't worked in the GM role as they had hoped. When replacements are discussed, Vickie Guerrero is a name that continues to draw a lot of support although there has also been talk of keeping her with Dolph and bringing Flair back as GM.

The constant in all the talk is replacing AJ Lee as the Raw General Manager. I'm told Triple H in particular feels AJ as GM has run its course and they need to go in different direction.

While Vince McMahon would typically be against any role that would frequently put a live mic in Flair's hands, there have been an increasing number of situations lately where Vince would typically object where he has been biting his tongue. This has occurred especially when Hunter is anticipating an objection from Vince. A few people have told us Vince is going out of his way to drop old grudges in situations where Hunter is a supporter of the guy in question as a sign of good faith that Hunter's opinion will gradually become the final say on matters.

  • Ranfery25

    No no No! I dig AJ As GM however Its just the face they didn’t expose her as much as they should have to see that potential she used to have when she had a lot more TV time

  • Kerri

    Richard- I'm just wondering, is WWE expecting the lawsuit with TNA to be resolved soon or found some kind of loophole?
    The past couple of your reports on this make it seem as if WWE is already at the point for "when" Flair returns to the company and not "IF" he does, because of the lawsuit or other possible factors. I get planning ahead, but that's almost 'counting the chickens before they hatch' type thinking.

    • Richard Gray

      Well remember we talked about the possibility of WWE back-paying on a deal with Flair on a handshake. While Vince would probably never go for this, Hunter seems to be getting more and more stroke as I reported above.

      Also, the main point of this report is not WWE's interest in Flair or plan of being paired with Ziggler. Those are items from last week. The news out of this report is WWE is looking to replace AJ and Flair's name has come up as a potential replacement.

      Hope this helps.

      • Patrick Peralta

        if the replace AJ that is fine but I do not want Vicki in the role. all we will get is Vicki continueing as a heel GM making AJ's life hell and I don't wish to see that. I'd raither see Regal in the role. if AJ goes back to what she was doing before the GM role then fine. I'm quite frankly tired of Heel GM's.. on RAW.

        AJ and Booker T have been a breath of Fresh air (aside from Teddy Long as a face GM )

  • LeftyTosser

    It certainly would be interesting to see the train wreck with Flair having a live mike in his hand. Sooner or later he will say something, he always does. Richard, doesn't Flair still owe WWE a fairly large sum of money? I thought court records indicated that there was a pretty sizable sum still owed. One of the problems with AJ is that she has not been involved in much recently beyond the Bryan thing. Give her some room and rope and see what happens.

  • Moe

    Thank God! Sorry to say for someone when they get hyped, sometimes it's too much and for no reason. AJ is very overrated in my opinion, and isn't the greatest diva in the world.

    • Patrick Peralta

      AJ is great. in her roles. she's been interesting throughh out the summer and a joy to watch.

  • Miles

    Doesn’t matter who the gm is, the character remains practically the same regardless of who it is

  • adam

    Of the divas that are currently being showcased on TV AJ is far more entertaining. Her role as GM as not been what the WWE has hope because like Ranfery said she hasnt been involved in really anything but with Daniel Bryan. There was one show a couple weeks ago where she popped all throughout the show and made all kinds of matches involving anyone who called her crazy. But since she has rarely been seen.

    I dont understand how with some superstars or divas the WWE feels its not what they expect and drop it after a short time and do not give it a fair shot. While others they push down our thoats (khali ryback etc). while it does not get over with the crowd. Anybody want to clairify?

    • Ranfery25

      Thank You! I’m glad someone sees my point! And idk how to respond to the last part, which Agree however. Except The Ryback part because I feel he is In a way getting more over with the Crowd, because Did you see this Monday Night Raw the pop he received when Booker T announced him?

    • Patrick Peralta

      Ryback is not pushed down my throat… I enjoy his push.

  • Stephan

    Aww… I know I'm just being absurdly sentimental, but reading that phrase "as a sign of good faith that Hunter’s opinion will gradually become the final say on matters" made me a bit heavy hearted. Not because of Hunter (as he actually seems to be making a lot of good decisions in his early days with the job), but just the reality that Vince's days are slowly but surely coming up.

    Also, I hope Flair gets the job. Although he's been in an authority role many times before, it still feels fresher than Vickie. Plus, a heel Flair managing a heel Ziggler just isn't going to work. I'm sorry, but in 2012, nobody wants to boo Ric Flair. You can certainly try (see: TNA in 2010), but people will just go 'Woo!' anyways. Just my opinion. Well written report, Richard!

  • partyjereme

    But Ziggler doesn't really even need a mouthpiece, they should put Flair with someone who could use a mouthpiece like maybe Mason Ryan or Tyson Kidd.

  • Duckfannaz

    Have Ryback get the win over Miz for the IC title by DQ at HIAC preserving his streak but not winning the title. The next night have Flair show up as his mentor ala Heyman to Lesnar. Then put Ryback over Miz clean. Ryback needs a mouthpiece more then anyone. Dude has had 1 mini interview. Other then that my wife thinks he can only say feed me more.

  • Evon Reese

    Please please don't let Vicky be the new GM. EXCUSE ME but I just couldn't take that many EXCUSE MEs in a night. Maybe they can put her over Slater Drew and Mahal if they are busting her up with Ziggler. But if he's going to cash in his MITB case and win the belt they should leave them together until then. She deserves those bragging rights to be manager of a champion.