WWE Officials Soured On Alexa Bliss?

There are currently some rumours going around that WWE officials are not overwhelmed by Alexa Bliss' in-ring ability while she's been competing on the main roster for Smackdown Live. The talk is that Bliss is believed to only have chemistry with Becky Lynch and that the latter is the one responsible for their "passable" matches. This is believed to have started up again after Bliss' awkward match with Mickie James on Smackdown.

Again, this is just a rumour and we can't confirm it independently but it is one that has been making the rounds recently.

EDIT: The WWE has already denied this via Road Dogg's comments on Twitter regarding the situation: "hell no! She is adored by EVERYONE. She's a star dude and everyone knows it."


  • Buzzkiller73

    The young woman is still very green ring work wise but could give lessons on what it is to be an effective heel in wrestling. IMO Bliss and KO are the only 2 young talents on the roster who get “IT”.

  • Eric

    Worried about effective ring work when you have Goldberg as your champion. Good call WWE

    • Shadowfox

      But he makes them a lot more money than she does

    • art123guy

      Better call, Brock’ll win the belt at Wrestlemania and defend the belt 3 times in a years time.

      WWE: Building Stars for The Future!

  • Michael16

    since when WWE cares about in ring ability?

  • Legen Dary

    Well this simply means she is getting buried. Ruin an already weak Smackdown women’s division. Probably after Miz and Maryse beat Cena and Nikki they will strap the belt to Maryse and let Miz win the title and be a power couple

  • Dave Barton

    1> They’re the ones who decided to put the SD Women’s title on her so quickly.
    2> Underwhelming in-ring work didn’t stop Nikki from a record-breaking title reign.
    3> John Cena was a multi-time World champ before his in-ring work got good (yes, I’m saying he’s given us many good matches….but mostly in the last few years).
    4> Goldberg with his combined 10 minutes in the ring since November? (Maybe he still is good enough to headline WM vs Brock for the Universal title, but damned if we’d know since his return!)

    • Vomkrieg

      Compared to Kelly Kelly and some other previous divas/womans champions, she virtually Ricky Steamboat in the ring. She’s also very young and has a heap of time to improve.

      I think you are a little harsh on Cena though, he’s wrestled the style they wanted, and in recent years he’s really really improved and has had some exceptional matches. The dude has been in a good number of the best WWE matches of the last 5 years.

  • The Bops

    She’s another A.J. Lee – a solid little spark plug that is the best promo-heel in the business right now.

    • TheDireWolf

      best heel promo…lol
      Miss flair may have something to say about that, and i don’t her ugly face and man like figure with boobs one bit..
      but she a way better heel

      • steple2

        Bliss and Flair are the two best without a doubt… Flair took a while to grow on me, but she is def gold. They remind me of Lita and Trish.

  • Not according to Road Dogg. From his Twitter account:

    @JoeCroninJCS hell no! She is adored by EVERYONE. She’s a star dude and everyone knows it. This is what’s wrong w/the internet lol #bull💩

  • steple2

    They better leave Bliss alone! Bad enough I lost Paige, and IF she comes back theyll prob job her out now.