WWE Getting Out Of The Pay-Per-View Business? - The Current Plan For The New Format Expected To Launch With The WWE Network Next Year; Details On The Future Of Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, SummerSlam & Survivor Series

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Reports are beginning to surface that WWE is getting out of the pay-per-view business. I'm told by a source close to the company that nothing has been decided 100% and nothing will be "any time soon."

The current plan is to move most of the B-level shows to the WWE Network while still carrying some, if not all, of the "big four" shows on pay-per-view. According to my source with knowledge of the situation, Wrestlemania XXVIII will the last pay-per-view until SummerSlam 2012 under the current direction (remember there was talk about airing Wrestlemania on the WWE Network to launch it). Royal Rumble 2013 would also be on pay-per-view in theory and right now company officials are undecided on Survivor Series 2012.

I'm told the deciding factor that will determine WWE's decision will be how many buys SummerSlam does after months of B-level pay-per-views being aired on the WWE Network. This will ultimately decide how many shows will be on pay-per-view rather than the WWE Network.

Everything will be under the "wait and see" approach once the WWE Network launches the new format. My source expects "four or five" shows to remain on pay-per-view each year. However, as much as plans have changed and continue to change, SummerSlam 2012 will be a pivotal show in the decision making process.

  • sforester

    Here's an idea: Keep the Rumble, Wrestlemania, Summerslam, and Survivor Series on regular PPV. That's January, April, August, November. Now take a B-level PPV for the other months…ONE per month, and use them to test out the iPPV route. Paid internet streams of PPVs have been booming in popularity as of late and this would be a perfect way for WWE to expand without the uber-high costs to the fans as they would get from ordering it from the cable or TV provider.

    • Patrick_Peralta

      That's true IPPV's have been booming, ROH, Evolve, Dragongate and a few others have done good bussiness. WWE being a bigger company would help them. I buy the IPPV's because they are cheaper then what WWE or TNA charges for PPV.

      • vmagic

        These companies only use iPPV because no ppv company wants to carry them.

        • GODSENT83

          Still works for them

  • outkazt09

    How’s the ippv stream quality?

    • wnwdotcom2

      It's real good depending on your connection.

  • sportsman6100

    iPPV does not seem logical for a company as big as the WWE. I like the idea that the company is proposing now.

    • wnwdotcom2

      All WWE PPVs are currently available as live iPPVs.