WWE Over The Limit Results (5/20/12) - Christian Returns & Wins WWE Intercontinental Championship, Sheamus & Punk Retain, Big Show Helps Laurinaitis

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WWE Over The Limit Results
Sunday, May 20, 2012
PNC Arena in Raleigh, North Carolina
Report by Sean Hopkins of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

"People Power" Battle Royal
Winner gets a shot at the WWE United States or WWE Intercontinental Championship later in the night.
Ezekiel Jackson, Tyson Kidd, The Great Khali, Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, Jinder Mahal, Tyler Reks, Michael McGillicutty, Drew McIntyre, Heath Slater, Darren Young, Titus O'Neil, Yoshi Tatsu, Alex Riley, David Otunga, JTG, Curt Hawkins, The Miz, William Regal & Christian

The start:

We open the show with a Battle Royal in progress.

Mid-match notes:

Everyone is in the ring brawling and Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole point out that Christian is in the Battle Royal, making his return to PPV. Heath Slater is tossed over the top, but with so many bodies, it's hard to see who eliminated him. Michael McGuillicuty is eliminated by the Great Khali. JTG is taken out by a double superkick from the Uso's.

Yoshi Tatsu is suplexed to the floor, coming up grabbing his ankle. Ezekial Jackson almost eliminates Hawkins, but Tyler Reks stops it and the two eliminate Jackson. Darren Young and Titus O'Neil are able to eliminate one of the Uso's. This is just a mess.

Drew McIntyre is eliminated by Hawkins and Reks, who are eliminated in turn by Khali. Khali also turns around and eliminates Jinder Mahal. Cody Rhodes and Santino Marella are sitting ringside watching things unfold. William Regal almost eliminates Tyson Kidd, but Kidd is able to hang on. Superstars gang up on Khali and Titus, Young and Miz team up to eliminate the big man. Titus tries to eliminate one of the Uso's, but misses a kick and is hung up on the top rope, Uso eliminates him with a superkick to send him to the floor. We're down to the last eight men, and it turns to seven as Young clotheslines Uso over the top rope.

Christian eliminates William Regal, and the crowd's not happy about it. Young beats down Alex Riley, but he ends up dropkicked and sloppily falls to the outside. Riley plants Miz with a big spinebuster, but Miz is able to back drop Riley to the ring apron, and force him out to the floor. Kidd kicks away at Miz, blasting him with a dropkick. Kidd kicks Otunga, flipping out to the apron. He comes back in with a springboard dropkick to Miz and Otunga. Kidd is thrown over by Miz, but he skins the cat, only to be knocked back by Miz and Otunga. It's down to Otunga, Miz and Christian.

Otunga and Miz team up on Christian, beating him down to the mat. Otunga holds Christian up for Miz to blast him with a big forearm. He holds him up for another. Miz and Otunga try and eliminate Christian in the corner, but Christian is able to fight them off. Miz misses a corner clothesline, and Christian hits Otunga with a couple of big right hands. Otunga tries for a powerslam, but Christian drops down and shoves him out of the ring. Miz tries to eliminate Christian, but Christian fights him off.

The finish:

Miz tries for the SCF, but Christian fights it off. Christian tries for the Killswitch, but can't hit it. Miz is almost able to eliminate Christian, but he holds on, on the apron. Christian sends Miz out on the apron on another side of the ring, and goes through the ropes with a spear to knock Miz to the floor.

Winner: Christian

Christian signals that he wants to take on Santino in a U.S. Championship match, so we have that to look forward to later tonight.

Next we get the video package that normally would have opened the show, focusing on the main feud of the evening, John Laurinaitis and his beef with John Cena. The package focuses heavily on the 'People Power' initiative that Ace has been beating like a dead horse lately.

As if the opening video package wasn't enough of a throwback to the beginning of the show, we get the opening pyro, and Michael Cole welcomes us to the show, 16 minutes in. He's interrupted by Vickie Guerrero, asking the crowd to excuse her.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
- Kofi Kingston & R-Truth (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger

The entrances:

Vickie says tonight will be a monumental night. First of all she says hello to the WWE Board of Directors. She believes she's on a short list of candidates to lead the shows if Johnny is terminated, but before she leads the shows, she's going to lead us into a new era of tag team excellence. She introduces her charges, Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler.

Kofi Kingston and R-Truth are out next, and they make their way out to a nice reaction from the crowd. It seems like the crowd is a little quiet tonight, but they don't look it. Maybe it's just an issue of how they're mic'ed.

The start:

The bell rings and it looks like Swagger and Kingston will kick things off. Swagger goes behind Kofi and takes him down to the mat. Kofi gets to his feet and clamps on a head lock. Swagger fights right out, and the two trade off for a bit working on each other's arms. Swagger is able to put on a headlock, but Kingston sends him into the ropes, only to eat a big shoulderblock. Kingston comes right back with a big back elbow. Kofi tags out to Truth and we get a double hip toss.

Mid-match notes:

Truth hits a crazy leg drop that's good for two. Truth lock on an arm bar and wont let go. Swagger is able to back him into the corner to tag Ziggler. Ziggler comes in and works over Truth's arm, wrenching it. Truth comes back with a couple of rights to the face, before tagging out to Kofi. Kofi comes in with a huge dropkick that's good for a two count. Ziggler comes right back with a huge suplex, planting Kofi for a two count. Swagger comes in and beats on Kofi before choking him in the ropes and allowing Ziggler to get a cheap shot.

Swagger beats on Kofi in the corner. Kofi tries to fight back, but Swagger takes him to the mat with an arm bar. Kofi is able to fight up to his feet and break the hold, but Swagger takes him right to the mat with a big belly to belly suplex. Swagger tries for a leg drop, but Kofi moves and Swagger misses. Truth tags in and hits Swagger with a series of forearms and a big flying forearm. Truth sends Ziggler from the apron, but he's thrown into the turnbuckles and hit with a Vader bomb for another two count. Ziggler tags in and hits a high angle elbow drop for two.

Frequent tags as Swagger comes in to pound on Truth's back, and Ziggler tags right back in to hit a big neckbreaker for another near fall. Ziggler locks on a crossface and transitions into a front face lock. Truth fights up to his feet and tries to make it to his own corner, but Ziggler kicks him in the gut. Truth reverses a neckbreaker with a backslide, but Ziggler hits a huge dropkick for a two count. Swagger tags in and grabs Truth's arms, burying his knee in his back and pulling back.

Once out of the hold, Truth tries to fight back against both challengers. A blind tag leads to a double team face buster from ZigSwag for another two count. Ziggler locks on a side head lock and shows off, doing a headstand to apply more pressure. Truth is able to get to his feet and fight out of the hold. Truth reverses a suplex with a small package, but Ziggler kicks out and goes right back to the attack before tagging out to Swagger. Swagger comes in and takes Truth into the corner, hitting him with a right before seating him on the top. Truth fights Swagger off and hits a big tornado DDT.

Both men make the tag and Kingston comes in with a crazy series of forearms and dropkicks. Kofi hits the boom drop and the crowd is pumped. Kofi tries for the TIP, but Ziggler avoids it. Kofi tries for the SOS, but can't hit that either. Kofi hits a beautiful top rope cross budy, but a pin is broken up by Swagger.

The finish:

Kofi sends Swagger from the ring, and when he comes back in he's met with a rocker dropper from Ziggler. Truth breaks up the pin, then leaps over the top on to Swagger. Ziggler turns around into Trouble in Paradise in the ring, and he takes the pin and the three count.

Winners and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: R-Truth and Kofi Kingston

Hawkins and Reks are backstage with Eve. Apparently they're heading into the crowd to confiscate signs that make fun of John Laurinaitis. Otunga is there to let us know that it's all legal. Hawkins and Ryder head off, but Eve and Otunga look pretty ominous.

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  • james

    Everything was good till the outcome of cena match. That killed it.

    • ATR

      Big Show F’d that one up! Damn Big Goof!

  • leonard

    Wow the ending with Big Show helping Ace , I would have never guessed that. Not!! Come one WWE Really …? So glad i didn't order over the limit, and Thank you Wrestling news world for providing such a good play by play of the PPV

  • JAE

    What the hell?? Cena LOST? I mean, I cannot stand Cena, but come on, John Laryngitis is a jackal! He's boring.
    Then again, it was too good to be true, seeing him leave WWE.

    Either way, I'm glad Christian is back! And with gold around his waist!

  • vivalajady

    is it just me or was this whole ppv predictable i mean i got all bar one match correct

    • James M>>>

      Well, if you missed one match, I would say the whole ppv wasn’t predictable.

  • pipebomb

    raise your hand high above your head and then smack yourself if you didnt see this outcome coming for the johhny ace/cena match

  • Ricky Valdez

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a match between Daniel Bryan and c m punk, WOW, I’m begging for an IRON MAN match between those two.

  • Chad

    And the award for the most predictable ending to a match goes to: Cena and Laurianitis!

  • AJG316

    The PPV was ok, just had a terrible ending

  • Kleck

    Was it worth $55.00?

  • Terra Ryzing

    Good to have Captain Charisma back. I kinda wish he was in the world title hunt instead of Del Rio.

  • Dangerous Lee

    Did Lilian botch the intro to the Camacho match?

  • Anthony

    The main event killed what was a solid pay per view, Christian coming back and winning the IC championship caught me off guard. The results of the other matches were obvious but they were good matches. Cena vs Laurinaitis was brutal to watch. Just a horrible match with the most obvious ending, I might have left early in the match to get a heads up on any potential traffic. Thats how bad and predictable the match was.

  • H.M.

    Come on guys, you can't expect WWE to attempt to swerve us from the obvious result ALL the time…even that in itself tends to get predictable. It was predictable, but it was effective. The event itself was pretty solid and both World Title matches were so amazing that they left me wanting so much more out of them. The ending to Punk/Bryan probably means we can expect a continuation of this rivalry and I for one am happy at that. As for the WHC match I prefer Sheamus' Crucifix Powerbomb – speaking of which, when was the last time he successfully hit it?

  • Thomas

    I am not surprised regarding the ending of the PPV. It'll put Show back as a heel and I think he actually works better as a heel personally. Glad to see Christian back. Him and Rhodes had a pretty decent match. And the whole think with Punk vs Bryant, tis far from over. He's gonna try and do something fancy and it'll probably be a submission match or something for the next PPV.

  • Charlene

    So preditable said it the minute show was fired and cena read the letter I turned round and said John GM will win because show will help him as he was ‘fired’ so ain’t really a wwe star. Such a fix you are letting people down wwe and making the whole show boring and predictable to watch

  • Wow Punk has a very long title reign, something you don't see to often in the wwe these days. I can assure you though that his reign is over at the next one. there is no way wwe will let this go on any longer. right? right?

    Wait a minute, how long has it been since either cena or randy was world champion, something you don't see to often in wwe these days. that gonna change soon. right? right?

    The intercontinental championship actually looks like a worthy belt, good story lines, credible wrestlers holding it with the beautiful old look. something you don't see too often in the wwe these days. It's gonna become irrelevant again soon. right? right?

    What the hell, did we just see a women's match go 10 minutes and actually look like a good wrestling match. something you don't see to often in the wwe these days. That's not gonna happen again. right? right?

    Cena lost 2 of the last 3 ppv, yep definitely not gonna happen again, not even going to ask you.

  • bimo

    i have seen a long way back , the same ending from cmpunk, danielbryan match, with undertaker and kurtangle. undertaker gone for a last ride and kurt angle stops and locks undertaker’s arm into some hold and undertaker taps at the same time ref pins three against kurt

    • BOB

      It happens alot in wrestling its booking 101

  • Higgins

    Isn’t the next ppv no way out? Or is it the submission match ppv?

    • TCB

      No Way Out I believe.

  • The Savior of wrestling

    I predicted show would b involved somehow but I think that waz the best way he’s better heel he gonna b laurinightus’ goon yes yes yes.

    • I called it Big Show was not really fired good storyline been watching for so long I should be a writer, Laurinitis looks like he’s with wwe for longer. No No No!!!!!

  • BOB

    I kind of sense they will do a shawn micheals/ JBL thing with the Big Show and big Johnny….

    Weird start to the PPV and let down of a end….Im betting they let CM/ BD go last…

    Why was the MIZ in the battle royal if he had a match? there was no BC so lets say The Miz did win that would have been 3 matches in one night, Stupid booking.

  • Mastermind

    Ridiculous outcome of main event. Everyone knew that big show will interfere.

    It would have been better if they dont add stipulation into match or

    stipulation should have been that johnnys boys i.e. Otunga, brock … Should have been banned

  • Bops

    It’s a reach, but I was hoping for a Laurinaitis loss (with or without Show’s involvement). Thus resulting in Laurinaitis transitioning into a manager role for Tensai and others. I’m pretty bored with the “abuse of power” storyline. It’s just not realistic. A real-life company wouldn’t allow it.

    • H.M.

      Agree completely.

  • Bops

    But overall, I loved this pay-per-view. The Cena/Laurinaitis match was painful though. Reminded me of the Bret Hart/Mr. McMahon from Wrestlemania. And I’m a big Bret fan!!

  • Lenny

    I wonder of Vince Russo is back as a wwe writer…

  • Anon313

    That ending with show helping johnny could lead into big show vs. lesnar in the future i think

  • A.C.

    I'm very curious to see what is going to happen on Raw tonight. If John Cena doesn't go anti-hero and deal with Big Johnny the same way Stone Cold dealt with Mr. McMahon – anybody remember him either Stone Cold Stunners in the ring or a car full of cement? If Cena doesn't go that route, and/or HHH and Stephanie decide to just let ol' Johnny Ace run wild and unchecked, WWE is going to become a total joke. Doink The Clown would be a better GM.

  • Me.

    And the E wonders why PPV buys are plummeting…

  • Mr.Love

    I don’t have twitter but lets get this started #johnnyaceisthenewmikeadamle