WWE Parodied By Satirical Cartoon Network Show

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Mad, a satirical kids' show on Cartoon Network, recently lampooned the WWE in a sketch titled WWE Bought A Zoo, and features the likenesses of John Cena, Triple H, and Rey Mysterio. The clip from the episode is embedded below, courtesy of the official Cartoon Network YouTube channel:

In addition, WWE was already parodied by the show early last year, in the clip embedded below:

  • Conner Wells

    Why would they do this?!?!

    • Ricky

      Because they think that ripping the WWE is funny. I gotta admit that the latest sketch is pretty tasteless and to me just seems like a shameless attack on a World Wide Titan they can't touch.

    • eurosario

      Just for fun

    • AJG316

      You ask why I ask why not this is hilarious I wish they would make more of these

    • AJG316

      Why not its hilarious I could watch these videos all day I hope they make more

  • Zach

    I find them hilarious. I had seen the older one before, and even sent it in to this site, but it didn’t get covered.

  • Mike L

    Don't give Vince ideas…

  • Noah

    This is worse than TNA

    • havoc525

      Actually, I find it better than TNA, at least those clips are entertaining.

  • G Ilyas

    The 2nd video was funny, I rarely see anything that good on TV lately. I don't see why people are complaining

  • j grooms

    ooh, boom drop

  • WyFo

    H x 3

    • @ease9310

      What does that mean?

  • @ease9310

    I want the company of MAD to make a lot more of these hilarious videos,and maybe some new ones,with new names for the tittle.