WWE Payback Results (6/16/13) - New World Champ, Punk Returns, Cena Retains

Welcome to our exclusive live play-by-play coverage of WWE Payback.

WWE Payback Results
Sunday, June 16, 2013
From the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois
Report by Sean Hopkins of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

Quick Results

Kickoff Show

The WWE Payback Kickoff pre-show begins with Damien Sandow's entrance music as Josh Mathews announces the Intellectual Savior to the Masses.  Mathews welcomes us to a panel comprised of Big Show, R-Truth and Cody Rhodes.  The announced attendance is 14,623 from the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois.

Big Show puts over his "iron clad contract" and says he can do what he wants, when he wants.  R-Truth is excited and Cody offers a few words before we go to JBL, Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole.

Singles Match
- Damien Sandow vs. Sheamus

The entrances:

Damien Sandow's theme opened the stream but his entrance was cut out as they showed the aforementioned panel instead. Back to the ring, Sheamus comes out to a pop from the Chicago crowd. We go to a clip from Smackdown two weeks ago between Sheamus and Sandow. The "new aggressiveness" of Sandow is put over by Cole and JBL.

The start:

The bell rings and the first match of the night is underway. Sandow has pink knee pads and white trunks, Sheamus and black and green trunks and matching knee pads. Sheamus sends Sandow to the mat as they both go for opening control. Sandow and Sheamus exchange clubbing blows and the crowd is already on fire. A big scoop and a slam from Sheamus onto the Intellectual Savior to the Masses for a two count.

Mid-match notes:

Sandow counters, backing Sheamus into the corner. Sheamus ends up delivering a stiff right to the temple area of Sandow followed by his high-flying battering ram maneuver. Sheamus gets a two count. He works Sandow, who is standing on the apron. Sandow to the outside but Sheamus follows. The fisticuffs continues as this is a physical brawl.

Sandow sends The Celtic Warrior into the steel ring post and kicks him right in the side of the face. Damien works Sheamus over on the outside before rolling him in the ring for a quick one count. Sandow applies a headlock on Sheamus but the crowd is hauling for a comeback. Sheamus gets to his feet and backs Sandow off with right hands.

Sheamus walks into a big elbow as he works with Sandow on the top rope. Sheamus pulls him off and pins him for a two count. Drop toe hold from Sandow on Sheamus in a counter followed by a side Russian leg sweep. Elbow from Sandow onto Sheamus and a two count. They're going to a 90-second commercial.

We're back and an agressive Sandow is dominating Sheamus. Not for long, as Sheamus drops Sandow down to the mat. Folks, if this crowd stays this hot, this is going to be a memorable evening. Sheamus sends Sandow back to the mat after he gets up. Sandow quickly counters, briefly throwing Sheamus to the outside. Sheamus gets back on the apron but eats a spinning neckbreaker. Two count for Damien on the former WWE Champion.

Sandow gets thrown out the apron off a counter from Sheamus. Kick from Sheamus and he starts to club away at his opponent, who is standing on the apron. Rolling senton by Sheamus for a two count. Sheamus goes up top but ends up getting taking off with a reverse neckbreaker by Damien Sandow. Sandow covers Sheamus for a two count too close to the corner.

The fight is in the middle of the ring and Sandow gets a two count on Sheamus off a neckbreaker. Sandow is frustrated that he's unable to put away Sheamus. He sets Sheamus up on the top rope and they exchange rights. Suplex from up top on Sheamus but he walks into an Irish Curse Backbreaker. Make that two. Make that three Irish Curse Backbreakers from Sheamus onto Sandow.

The finish:

Sheamus beats his chest, setting Sandow up for the Brogue Kick. He connects and pins Damien Sandow for the pinfall victory.

Winner - Sheamus

We go back to the panel of analysts with Josh Mathews plugging the show's lineup.  Cue video footage from Ryback's rivalry with WWE Champion John Cena.

Josh Mathews wants to know who does the 3 Stages of Hell match favor. R-Truth says he's excited to be a lumberjack but he has to go with Ryback. Cody Rhodes says he wants to talk about the second stage, because he has some experience putting larger superstars through tables. Rhodes says the second stage goes to Ryback. Big Show says the difference is John Cena has been in the business over 10 years and he's proved he can stay at the top. Show predicts Ryback goes out in the ambulance and John Cena stays champion.

Mathews previews with World Heavyweight Championship match between Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio. Show talks about how serious concussions are and they effect timing. He puts over Del Rio's abilities and says he doesn't feel confident that Dolph retains. R-Truth takes Del Rio as well due to Dolph's concussion. Cody Rhodes said Ziggler took his time and he'll leave World Heavyweight Champion.

Cue footage about CM Punk's return match against Chris Jericho.

We return less than 5 minutes from going live on pay-per-view. Josh Mathews thanks Big Show, R-Truth and Cody Rhodes. He says they'll be back later on in the pay-per-view for more analysis. Mathews throws is back to JBL, Cole and Jerry Lawler.

Cole says the fans in attendance are going to be as much a part of this as the superstars are. Lawler says the superstars will feed off the fans and JBL says this place is going to explode when Punk returns tonight. Michael Cole says Payback is next as the pre-show concludes.

We open the show with a video package highlighting the main feuds heading into tonight. A lot of time is spent on Cena/Ryback, as well as Ziggler/Del Rio.

The pyro hits and Michael Cole welcomes us to the show. They throw it right to the ring for the Intercontinental Championship Match.

Triple Threat Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship
Wade Barrett (c) vs. Curtis Axel w/Paul Heyman vs. The Miz

The entrances:

The Miz's music hits, and the Must See Superstar makes his way to the ring to a bit of a mixed reaction from the crowd.

Curtis Axel is out next, with Paul Heyman in tow, and he doesn't get too much of a reaction out of the crowd on his way into the ring.

Wade Barrett is the final entrant to make his way into the arena. He too doesn't draw too much of a reaction out of the fans.

The start:

The bell rings and all three men square off. Axel tries to clothesline Miz, but Miz ducks and attacks both opponents, tossing Axel over the top and out to the floor. Miz tries for a quick roll up, but hot shots Barrett into the canvas when that doesn't work. Axel heads back to the apron but Heyman tells him to wait it out. Barrett recovers and tosses Mizto the outside and Miz slams Axel's head into the apron before sending him back into the ring for a pump-handle slam from Barrett.

Mid-match notes:

Miz comes in to break up a pin and tries for the SCF on Barrett, but Barrett shrugs it off. Miz hits Axel with a huge right and Barrett hits Miz with a huge kick for a near fall. Barrett stomps the back of the Miz's head before taking him into the corner.

Barrett lays Miz on the top turnbuckle and kicks him in the gut. Miz tries to mount a comeback, but Barrett catches him with another stiff kick to the gut. Barrett cuts Axel off from coming back into the ring, but the distraction leads to him getting hung up on the top rope when he misses a kick. Axel heads into the ring and avoids a neckbreaker from Miz, hitting a big dropkick. Axel takes Miz into the corner and kicks and punches away at him. Axel takes Miz out of the corner and hits a flipping snapping neckbreaker to a seated Miz that's good for a two count. Axel hits Miz with a knee to the gut for another two count.

Axel puts his boot on Miz's face and grinds it in before picking him up and hitting him with a big right hand. Axel slams Miz's face into the canvas. Miz tries to fight back, but Axel hits him with a series of clubbing blows to the back. Miz comes back with a series of rights and kicks, but Axel comes up with a giant side suplex that plants Miz on the back of his head. Barrett comes in to break up the pin and attacks Axel in the corner, viciously stomping away. Barrett whips Axel into the corner, but runs into a big clothesline from Miz. Miz catches both men with clotheslines and kicks before tossing Axel into Barrett. Miz hits Barrett with the corner clothesline and catches Barrett with a shoulder to the gut. Miz hits a double axe handle to Barrett before almost scoring a pin on Axel. Miz tries for the figure four on Barrett, but Barrett kicks him away and hits the winds of change. Axel breaks up a pin attempt.

The finish:

Barrett and Axel break up each other's finishers on Miz, but Axel hits the perfect-plex on Barrett. Miz breaks up a pin at two. Miz avoids a back suplex from Axel and hits the SCF. Barrett tosses Miz from the ring and goes for the pin, but Miz drags Barrett out of the ring. Miz goes for the pin but Axel kicks out. Miz traps Axel's leg in the corner and hits a running dropkick before trying to the figure four. Axel kicks him off into Barrett's arms. Miz reverses Barrett and tosses Axel out of the ring. Miz traps Barrett in the middle of the ring in the figure four. Axel sneaks in and pins Barrett while Miz has him trapped and he gets the three count.

Winner and NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion: Curtis Axel

Axel and Heyman celebrate with the Intercontinental title while the crowd REALLY seems to have woken up after those entrances.

We get a promo for Mark Henry, reminding us that he's the World's strongest man. It's a highlight reel of Henry beating down opponents before announcing that he'll return tomorrow night on Raw.

Heyman and Axel are shown celebrating backstage when they run into Triple H. Hunter gets in Axel's face and won't let him pass. Vince McMahon comes in and congratulates Axel before dismissing him. Vince says Triple H vs. Curtis Axel live on Monday Night Raw and asks if Hunter is feeling it. Hunter says he isn't feeling it one bit before walking off. Vince doesn't look too happy about that.

WWE Divas Championship Match
- Kaitlyn (c) vs. AJ Lee w/Big E Langston

The entrances:

Kaitlyn makes her way out to the ring for the next match, while the culmination of her secret admirer storyline is recapped to remind us what led up to this match.

AJ is out next, and she gets a pretty nice pop from the Chicago crowd as she makes her way to the ring accompanied by Big E. Langston.

The start:

The bell rings and AJ blows a kiss at Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn beats her down to the mat before chasing her to the outside and tossing her over the Spanish announcer's table. Kaitlyn drags AJ back into the ring and hits her with a right to the back of the head, before delivering a series of blows to the same spot.

Mid-match notes:

AJ heads to the outside and runs from Kaitlyn, catching her with a boot to the face on her way back into the ring. AJ laughs and tosses Kaitlyn back into the ring for a quick two count. AJ chokes Kaitlyn against the middle rope before pulling her back down for another two count.

AJ locks Kaitlyn in a cravat, but Kaitlyn fights to her feet and out of the hold. AJ hits Kaitlyn with a flying back elbow to drop her back to the mat for another two count. AJ picks Kaitlyn up to her feet and drops her with two consecutive neckbreakers for another two count. AJ talks smack to Kaitlyn, who shoves her away and receives a kick to the gut for her troubles. AJ locks Kaitlyn into a sleeper hold, bringing her down to her knees.

Kaitlyn fights to her feet and knocks AJ off her back in the corner, but AJ knocks Kaitlyn right back down to the mat for another near fall. Kaitlyn begins mounting a comeback with a nice dropkick, followed up by a clothesline, back elbow, and running shoulder block. Kaitlyn goes for the cover but only gets two. Kaitlyn pulls AJ to her feet, but AJ catches Kaitlyn with a crucifix pin. Kaitlyn fights out and stands with AJ on her shoulders, tossing her to the mat. Kaitlyn drags AJ into the ring while she's grabbing the apron, ripping off her belt in the process. AJ uses the belt to blast Kaitlyn with a right hand while the ref is distracted, but Kaitlyn is still able to kick out of a pin attempt.

AJ is frustrated and she heads to the top for a cross body, but she's caught by Kaitlyn. AJ turns it around and traps her in the octopus hold. Kaitlyn fights out of the hold and hits AJ with a giant spear. Kaitlyn grabs AJ and blows her a kiss before slamming her head to the mat. Kaitlyn goes for the pin, but AJ kicks out at two. Kaitlyn crawls over to AJ and pulls her up to her feet, putting her on her shoulders. AJ fights out of it and avoids a spear in the corner.

The finish:

Kaitlyn crashes head first into the turnbuckle. AJ locks Kaitlyn in the octopus hold again and Kaitlyn drops to a knee. Kaitlyn almost fights out of it, but AJ won't let go and Kaitlyn is forced to tap out.

Winner and NEW Divas Champion: AJ Lee

AJ celebrates with her new title as Kaitlyn looks distraught watching on. The crowd seems pretty excited, having already seen two title changes in the first two matches.

Kaitlyn is shown crying, so the fans chant 'You Tapped Out'. Kaitlyn drops to her knees and starts sobbing on her way to the back. Layla comes in and gives her friend a hug and the fans boo loudly. It's pretty amazing.

Layla consoles Kaitlyn in the back, and Alicia Fox and Natalya try to help as well, but Kaitlyn just walks off completely distraught.

After a quick word from the expert panel in the rafters that did the pre-show, and will be doing the post-show (panelists were Josh Matthews, Big Show, R-Truth, and Cody Rhodes), we get another bizarre Wyatt Family promo.

WWE United States Championship Match
- Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Kane

The entrances:

Kane is the first man to make his way down to the ring for the third consecutive championship match of the evening. Kane gets a little bit of a reaction out of the fans on his way into the arena.

Dean Ambrose is out next, and he gets a nice pop on his way through the crowd.

The start:

The bell rings and Ambrose ducks a lock up and hits Kane with a right to the back of the head. Ambrose hits Kane with a series of strikes, backing him into the corner before being pushed away and hit with a big right hand. Kane hits Ambrose with a series of rights before hitting a big suplex and trapping Ambrose in a rear chin lock.

Mid-match notes:

Ambrose fights to his feet and hits Kane with a bit head butt, but is caught with a huge backbreaker from the big man. Kane kicks and stomps Ambrose in the back before hitting him with a giant right to the side of the head. Kane whips Ambrose into the corner hard and attacks him in the corner, burying his shoulder in Ambrose's midsection before hitting him with another big right.

Kane hits Ambrose with a big kick, but Ambrose comes back and sweeps Kane's legs out, taking him down to the mat. Ambrose brings the fight to Kane with punches and kicks before grinding his elbow into Kane's back, then hitting a dragon screw. Ambrose hits Kane with an elbow drop before wrenching his head and neck. Ambrose lets Kane stand and clamps on a headlock, tries to transition into a neckbreaker, and is pushed off into a big slam from Kane. Kane catches Ambrose with a big kick to the chest before heading to the top. Ambrose stops Kane and attacks for a bit before being pushed away. Ambrose ducks a flying clothesline from Kane and hits a flying elbow of his own that's good for two.

Ambrose locks in a modified dragon sleeper before dropping it and clamping on a sleeper hold. Kane stands with Ambrose on his back and crushes him in the corner, but then he runs into a back elbow from Ambrose. Ambrose jumps from the middle rope and is caught with a fist to the gut from Kane. Kane wraps his hand around Ambrose's throat, but Ambrose fights it off, only to eat a boot to the side of the head. Kane hits a low dropkick to a seated Ambrose that's good for another two count. Ambrose fights back, trying for a sunset flip, but Kane pulls him to his feet. Ambrose traps Kane in the ropes for a huge dropkick that's good for a two count.

Ambrose teases going for Old School, but Kane yanks him down from the top rope, hits him with two big running splashes before connecting with a giant sidewalk slam that's good for another two count. Kane heads to the top rope and catches Ambrose with a big flying clothesline. Ambrose ducks out to the apron and catches Kane, snapping his neck over the top rope. Kane responds with a big boot that sends Ambrose to the floor.

The finish:

Kane follows to the outside and Ambrose slaps Kane. Kane responds, hitting Ambrose with a huge right that drops him. Kane dismantles the Spanish announcer's table and grabs Ambrose around the throat. Ambrose hits the DDT on the outside, and heads back in the ring, allowing Kane to be counted out.

Winner and STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion: Dean Ambrose

We get a video package of a lot of highlights of RVD from over the years. It looks like he'll be returning at Money in the Bank next month.

World Heavyweight Championship Match
- Dolph Ziggler w/Big E Langston AJ Lee (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez

The entrances:

Alberto Del Rio is the first man to make his way out to the ring for the next match, and of course he's got his personal ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez along with him.

Dolph Ziggler is next out to the ring with Big E. Langston, and his newly crowned champion girlfriend, AJ Lee. Ziggler gets a big pop from the crowd as he makes his way out for his first PPV defense of the World Heavyweight Championship.

After formal ring introductions for both men, we're ready to kick off this match.

The start:

The bell rings and we get a lockup right away, Ziggler bails to the outside to take a breather right away. Del Rio follows, but the ref pulls him back in. Ziggler heads back into the ring and kicks Del Rio in the gut, backing him up into the corner with a series of punches. Del Rio sends Ziggler into the ropes for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, and Ziggler rolls right back to the outside again. Ziggler regroups with AJ and Langston before heading back into the ring. We get another lockup and Ziggler breaks it up with a series of punches. Del Rio attacks and the crowd is more interested in chanting for RVD.

Mid-match notes:

Del Rio kicks Ziggler in the face and stomps at the Champion's head before hitting him with a big belly to back suplex. Ziggler struggles to pull himself up, but then hits a giant dropkick. Ziggler charges Del Rio, and he's backdropped over the top rope and to the floor by Del Rio. Del Rio follows and slams Ziggler's head into the announcer's tables. Langston comes in and shoves Del Rio away and the ref tosses him, sending him to the back. Langston argues, but makes his way out of the arena. Del Rio comes in and Ziggler fights back with a series of strikes before slamming Del Rio's head into the announcer's table.

Ziggler sends Del Rio back into the ring and follows, getting caught with another kick to the face. Del Rio follows up with stomps and head butts to the back of Ziggler's head before trapping Ziggler in a rear chin lock. Ziggler stands to his feet and fights out of the hold, but Del Rio pulls him back and catches him with a couple of clubbing blows to the back before trying for a suplex. Ziggler lands on his feet and locks on the sleeper hold, pulling Del Rio right down to the mat.

Del Rio runs into the corner, sending Ziggler crashing head first into the middle turnbuckle. Del Rio lets loose with another kick to the side of Ziggler's head. Ziggler rolls to the apron and Del Rio traps him in the ropes, hitting him with a series of forearms to the back, and one final one to the back of the head before dropping to the mat with a giant backstabber. Del Rio goes for the pin, but he's only able to get a two count. Del Rio waits for Ziggler to stand, and he tries for the cross arm breaker, but Ziggler counters into a swinging neckbreaker for a two count.

Ziggler stands and hits Del Rio with a series of rights, avoids a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and lands on his feet, only to hit the rocker dropper. Ziggler goes for the pin but only gets two. Ziggler forces himself up to his feet, climbing up in the corner and then pulling himself to the top rope. Del Rio catches him with another kick to the head, setting him up in seated position on the top. Del Rio hits a reverse suplex off the top out of the corner and Ziggler still kicks out at two. Ziggler rolls to the outside and Del Rio hits an immediate baseball slide before heading to the apron and kicking Ziggler flush in the face. The trainer is out and he's checking on Ziggler and Ziggler is refusing to quit.

Ziggler stands and Del Rio hits him with another baseball slide to the back of the head. Del Rio sends Ziggler back into the ring and follows, waiting for him to get to his knees. Del Rio hits Ziggler with an enzugiri, and goes for the pin, but Dolph kicks out and the crowd goes nuts. Del Rio goes crazy and hits Ziggler with a series of clubbing blows. Ziggler pulls himself up using Del Rio for support. Ziggler kicks Del Rio's knee and hits the Zig Zag out of nowhere and both men are down.

The finish:

Del Rio is up first and he hits and superkick to Ziggler on his knees, goes for the pin, and gets the three count.

Winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion: Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio gets a very mixed reaction from the crowd who aren't sure how to handle his means of winning this match. Ziggler is shown crying on the mat while Del Rio holds up his newly won title.

Ziggler holds his head in his hands and buries his face on the mat while AJ sits on the apron and cries. Ziggler falls to the arena floor on his way to the back and cries as the screen fades to black and we get a 'Dont try this at home' video package.

We get a bit more advice from the expert panel up in the top of the arena, but they're interrupted as Del Rio makes his way out and tells the crowd to give it up for the new World Heavyweight champion. Del Rio calls out the Spanish fans and gets a little pop. He says he proved to the world why he deserves to be the Champion. He's done everything since he came to WWE, and he did it for the fans, every single night, so for Chicago, and the fans, and the entire world, he asks for their support. He says everyone knows Del Rio is one of the best in the business. Every night he comes out and gives 100%, so after tonight he feels like he deserves to be the champion, so he asks the fans to give it up one more time, and has Ricardo announce him before heading to the back again.

We get a video package highlighting Chris Jericho's displeasure at Punk going home and continuing to call himself the Best in the World, and going out of his way to bait him into a match. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with this one, and the reaction that Punk will receive, provided he does appear.

Singles Match
- Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk w/Paul Heyman

The entrances:

Chris Jericho is out to the ring first, and Y2J gets a pretty nice reaction from the fans on his way out to the ring for the next match. It's especially nice when you consider the kind of pop that Punk is likely to draw.

The crowd is already chanting for Punk, so they play his music and the crowd goes nuts. Punk makes his way out to the top of the ramp with Paul Heyman and the crowd gets even louder. Punk drops to his knees and checks his and Heyman's watch, confirming that it is indeed, CLOBBERING TIME. Punk has some pretty crazy Wolverine stuff going on with his beard.

The start:

The crowd is thrilled to see Punk and they're showing it. The bell rings and Punk and Jericho lock up. Jericho backs Punk into the corner and shoves him upon breaking. Punk shoves back and Jericho laughs it off. Anoter lockup and Punk goes behind, but Jericho reverses. Punk takes Jericho down to the mat and ties up his legs before being tapped in a hammerlock.

Mid-match notes:

Punk fights to his feet and hits a snap mare to send Jericho to the mat. Another lockup and Jericho locks Punk right into a headlock. Punk pushes him off, but eats a shoulderblock right away. Punk pops right up and delivers a dropkick to Jericho before catching him in a headlock of his own.

Jericho fights to his feet and Punk targets the arm before backing Jericho into the corner and burying his shoulder into Jericho's midsection. Jericho and Punk trade chops before Jericho attacks Punk in the corner and stomps away at him repeatedly. Punk tries for a tornado DDT out of the corner, but Jericho tosses him away and sends him to the outside over the top rope. Jericho hits the ropes and drops Punk with a baseball slide to the outside. Punk gets back to the apron and catches Jericho throat first across the top rope. Punk heads to the top and hits Jericho with a double axe handle smash that's good for two. Punk traps Jericho in a keylock hold.

Jericho fights up and out of the hold with a couple of chops, but runs right into a knee to the gut from Punk that's good for another two count. Punk continues to work on the arm, trapping it and wrenching away in an attempt to wear down Jericho. Jericho fights over and hits Punk with a series of punches of the side of the head to break the hold. Jericho hits Punk with a big knee, but then runs right into a big boot from Punk. Punk heads to the apron and goes for a springboard clothesline, but Jericho ducks it and Punk crashes to the mat. Jericho hits Punk with a couple of big shoulderblocks before heading up to the top for an axe handle smash of his own. Jericho plants Punk with a bulldog.

Jericho misses a lionsault but lands on his feet and Punk is up to hit a neckbreaker in a flash. Punk hits Jericho with a knee to the gut before sending him into the corner and following with a knee to the face. Punk goes for the bulldog, but Jericho pushes him off and hits the lionsault for a two count. Jericho kicks Punk in the shoulders, then the ribs. Punk gets up and shoulders Jericho but Jericho fights out. Jericho tries for the Walls of Jericho, and he's able to turn Punk over. Punk shakes his head and reaches for the ropes, but he's in the middle of the ring. Punk rolls through and grabs Jericho around the head, pulling himself and hitting a couple of rights before locking in the Anaconda Vice.

Jericho tries to fight out of it, but Punk drops him down to the mat and Jericho begins to fade. Jericho slides over and gets his feet on the ropes to force a break. Punk gets to his knees and calls for the Go To Sleep. Punk shoulders Jericho, but Jericho blocks it and counters, trying for the Walls of Jericho. Heyman climbs up to the apron. Punk shoulders Jericho and sees Heyman, getting distracted and he's caught with a roll up for two. Punk hits Jericho with a wild kick and both men are down. Punk reaches down and Jericho catches him with a codebreaker for two.

Jericho hits Punk with a series of rights to the side of the head before picking him up for a series of rights. Punk begins to fight back with rights and kicks before sending Jericho into the ropes for a heel kick to the face. Punk hits the running knee in the corner before sending Jericho to the mat and heading to the top rope. Punk looks over his shoulder before pointing to the sky and dropping the elbow. Punk calls for the Go To Sleep again and he shoulders Jericho, hitting the Go To Sleep, but Jericho kicks out at two.

Punk can't believe it, and the fans are asking for one more time. Punk looks like he agrees as he nods his head. Punk shoulders Jericho and Jericho fights out of it. Jericho tries for the codebreaker, but Punk avoids it. Punk clotheslines Jericho over the top rope and hits a suicide dive through the ropes. Punk sends Jericho back into the ring before heading up for a springboard move. Jericho catches him in a codebreaker and goes for the pin, but Punk still kicks out at two.

Jericho hits Punk with a series of rights to the back of the head before trapping Punk's arm and hitting him with a series of elbows, Daniel Bryan style. Jericho tries for the Walls, but Punk counters with a small package. Both men get to their feet and trade strikes. Punk tries for a hurricanrana, but Jericho counters, stopping him and transitioning into the Walls of Jericho. Punk is trapped in the middle of the ring again. Heyman begs Punk not to tap out and the fans are totally behind Punk. Punk turns and beats at Jericho, forcing Jericho to turn it into a single leg crab.

The finish:

Jericho almost goes into the ankle lock as Punk stands and beats on Jericho with a series of rights. Punk hits the GTS and Jericho hits the ropes and bounces back. Punk hits the GTS again and Jericho drops for the three count.

Winner: CM Punk

Punk celebrates as the crowd continues to go nuts for their hometown hero.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
- Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins vs. Daniel Bryan & Randy Orton

The entrances:

As soon as Punk makes his way out of the arena, The Shield's music hits and Rollins and Reigns make their way down through the crowd, pretty quickly, and into the ring.

Randy Orton is out first for his team, and he's followed by Daniel Bryan. Everyone in the match gets a good reaction from the crowd, but Daniel gets the biggest reaction out of the crowd BY FAR.

The start:

The bell rings and Reigns catches Bryan with a kick and chases him into the corner. Bryan turns things around and catches Reigns with a series of kicks before flipping over him and running into a giant running right hand from Reigns which is good for a two count. Reigns beats on Bryan in the corner and tags out to Rollins who comes in with a series of stomps in the corner before choking Bryan with his boot. Reigns tags back in and he whips Rollins into the corner for a big running forearm that Reigns follows up with a clothesline for two. Reigns traps Bryan in a rear chin lock.

Mid-match notes:

Bryan fights to his feet and out of the hold, but Reigns catches him with a knee to the chin for another near fall. Reigns traps Bryan in another rear chin lock and the crowd attempts to get behind the challenger. Bryan fights up to his feet and hits a huge running clothesline. Orton and Rollins tag in and Orton hits a couple of clotheslines before hitting a huge snap powerslam. Orton sends Rollins out to the apron, and drops him, hitting Roman Reigns with the suspension DDT instead. Orton runs into a big boot from Rollins, but turns a crossbody into a powerslam that's good for two. Orton goes for the suspension DDT on Rollins, connecting and dropping him to the mat.

Orton drops to the mat and Rollins rolls out of the ring. Orton reaches for Rollins and Reigns blasts him with a huge right hand. Rollins brings things back into the ring and pins Orton for a two count. Rollins stomps away at Orton before tagging back out to Reigns. Reigns comes in and beats on Orton for a bit before going for another pin and getting two. Reigns chokes Orton with his boot and Rollins gets in on the action while the ref is distracted.

Rollins tags back in and stomps away at Orton. Orton tries to come back with a series of rights, but Rollins sends him headfirst into the middle turnbuckle to stop the momentum before tagging out to Regins. Reigns comes in and traps Randy in a headlock. Orton fights out, but falls to a Samoan drop for another near fall.

Rollins tags in and clamps on a rear chin lock, but Orton fights out. Rollins comes right up with a big leaping enzugiri to drop Orton to the mat. Rollins tags out to Reigns, and double team work goes wrong as Reigns' shoulder connects with the ring post, and Orton suplexes Rollins into Reigns in the corner. Bryan tags in and hits a double missile dropkick before hitting consecutive corner dropkicks on Reigns and Rollins, then another low dropkick in the corner on Reigns. Bryan hits Reigns with a series of kicks to the chest, and a big kick to the side of the head, but it's not enough for a three count.

Bryan is able to toss out both Reigns and Rollins, but when he goes for a suicide dive, Rollins pushes Reigns out of the way and Bryan crashes into Orton. Reigns brings things back into the ring and shoulders Bryan, but Bryan fights out of it. Bryan catches Rollins on the top rope and hits a butterfly superplex that's good for another two count. Bryan clamps on the no lock, but Reigns breaks it up. Rollins goes for the roll up, but Bryan transitions into the No lock. Reigns breaks it up again.

The finish:

Orton tries for the RKO on Reigns, but gets pushed off. Bryan is speared by Reigns, but Reigns eats an RKO from Orton. Rollins is in and he knocks Orton from the ring before hitting Bryan with a running stomp to the side of the head.

Winners and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: The Shield

Three Stages of Hell Match for the WWE Championship
Stage 1 - Lumberjack Match, Stage 2 - Tables Match, Stage 3 (if necessary) - Ambulance Match
- John Cena (c) vs. Ryback

We get a video package that highlights the tension that's been building between these two guys for the past couple of months, that will come to a head in this Three Stages of Hell match.

Justin Roberts runs down the various stages that will be taking place over the three falls of this match. Fall #1 will be a Lumberjack match. #2 will be a Tables match. And 'if necessary', the third fall will be an Ambulance match.

30 Superstars make their way out from the back to act as Lumberjacks from the next match. There's a ton of people who haven't seen PPV time in a good while. Hey there Ted DiBiase Jr., and JTG!

The entrances:

Ryback is the first competitor to make his way to the ring, and he doesn't get too much of a reaction out of the fans.

John Cena is out next, and the Champion gets a mixed, but very loud reaction out of the Chicago fans. Cena salutes the fans before running down to the ring.

After formal ring introductions for both men, we're ready to kick off the main event of the evening.

The start:

The bell rings and both men are slow to start. Cena charges in for a lockup, but Ryback pushes him away and chases him into the corner with a series of stomps to the chest. Cena sends Ryback into the corner, but he's caught with a huge over the shoulder slam from Ryback for a two count. Ryback waits for Cena to stand and catches him out of a cross body, hitting a fall away slam to send Cena across the ring.

Mid-match notes:

Ryback charges Cena in the corner, but misses and connects shoulder first with the ring post. Cena ends up on the outside of the ring, but no one attacks and Cena simply slides back into the ring. Ryback head butts Cena in the side of the head before clamping on a rear chin lock.

Cena fights to his feet and shoulders Ryback. Ryback fights out and shoulders Cena, dropping him down into a backpack stunner. Ryback tosses Cena to the outside and this time the lumberjacks attack before tossing Cena back into the ring for a two count. Ryback pulls Cena to his feet and hits a big suplex. Ryback picks Cena up and tosses him out to the floor where he's mobbed and attacked again. Ryback stomps at Cena's back and chest as he rolls around the ring.

Ryback picks Cena up to his feet, but this time Ryback is tossed outside. He gets right back in and eats two flying shoulder blocks, and a belly to back suplex. Cena calls for the five knuckle shuffle, but Ryback is up, and he presses Cena, sending him flying to the outside where he's attacked before being sent back in.

Ryback calls for the shellshock, but Cena tosses him to the outside. Things are calm for a minute, but things break down and everyone starts fighting. Cena heads to the top and leaps off into the pile of humanity. Cena and Ryback are both sent back into the ring to recover. Both men get to their feet and Cena is able to trap Ryback in the STF. Ryback gets Cena on his shoulders and drops him with shellshock. Ryback pins Cena for three.

Stage One Winner: Ryback

Stage two begins, and this brings us into a tables match. Cena must win two falls in a row to win the match. The bell rings and Ryback spears Cena in the corner. Ryback heads to the outside and goes under the ring. He grabs a table and brings it back into the ring with him. Ryback sets up the table in the middle of the ring. Ryback picks Cena up and gets him in powerbomb position, but Cena fights out of it. Cena tries to shoulder Ryback, but is pushed off into a giant spear. Ryback picks Cena up to his feet and presses him overhead. Cena falls to his feet and shoulders Ryback. Ryback flips the table falls to his feet, but Cena low bridges Ryback and he falls to the floor. Cena follows and Ryback launches him into the ring steps shoulder first.

Ryback picks up the stairs and tosses the over the top rope, into the ring. Ryback sends Cena back into the ring and follows, grabbing the stairs and using them to blast Cena in the face. Ryback holds the stairs high over his head and taunts Cena before dropping them down and throwing them at Cena. Cena moves and the steps crash through the table. Cena takes Ryback to the mat and grabs the stairs, using them to bash Ryback in the face. Cena heads out to the arena floor, going under the ring and grabbing another table. Cena brings it into the ring and sets it up in the ring. Ryback grabs the stairs, but Cena blocks a chair shot. Cena falls on the table and Ryback brings the stairs down. Cena moves and Ryback breaks another table. Ryback throws the stairs at Cena, but Cena ducks and the steps fly up the entrance ramp. Cena hits a suplex and the five knuckle shuffle, but when he tries for the AA, Ryback comes up with a spinebuster to stop his momentum.

Ryback hits the meathook clothesline and heads back to the outside to grab another table. Ryback brings the table back into the ring and sets it up. Ryback picks Cena up and shoulders him for shell shock, but Cena drops down and hits the AA, sending Ryback crashing through the table.

Winner of Stage Two: John Cena

Ryback is furious and he sends Cena right to the outside. Ryback dismantles the announcer's table and powerbombs Cena through the table. Ryback picks Cena up and drags him back toward the ring, tossing him inside. Ryback takes Cena into the corner and punches Cena repeatedly, sending him out to the arena floor. Ryback fights Cena up the entranceway, shouldering him and walking toward the ambulance. Cena drops down and shoves Ryback into the ambulance. Cena opens up a side door and pulls out a bunch of crutches, but walks right into a huge kick from Ryback. Ryback goes to punch Cena, but misses and his hand crashes through the ambulance window. Ryback continues to attack, but Cena picks him up and slams him into the side of the ambulance.

The ambulance door ends up open somehow, and Cena whips Ryback into it hard, taking the door completely off the ambulance. Cena picks up the door, and uses it as a battering ram to hit Ryback. Cena drags Ryback toward the driver's seat of the ambulance, but Ryback fights him off. Ryback tosses Cena up on the hood of the ambulance before ripping off a part of the paneling off the ambulance and using it as a weapon to bash Cena. Ryback almost gets Cena with another powerbomb, but Cena backdrops Ryback into the hood of the ambulance instead. Cena climbs to the top of the ambulance and rips off the lights, using them to blast Ryback in the side of the head.

The finish:

Ryback stands and grabs one of the crutches. Ryback climbs up and Cena grabs the crutch, slamming it over Ryback's back. Cena shoulders Ryback and hits the AA, sending Ryback through the roof of the ambulance.

Winner of Stage Three, and STILL WWE Champion: John Cena

Cena heads back to the ring with his title in hand, raising it high over his head while ambulance sirens wail in the background.

The PPV ends with the ambulance leaving the arena and Cena watching, holding the belt high. Cena makes his way around ringside and thanks the fans before heading off to the back with the title over his shoulder.

  • #ChristianRules

    Who injured Christian??
    If they are wrestling tonight I see him coming back screwing with them and getting he’s “Payback”!!
    Or maybe Punk won’t show Jericho will go on about him being here to wrestle and offers a challenge to anyone at the back and duh dah The Returning Christian will accept the challenge!!!!

    • Smart Mark

      As much i wish that would happen considering i am a Huge Christian fan. I just don’t think that his return would happen as a heel in Chicago.

  • H.M.

    ADR beat Dolph Ziggler..

    WHAT was WWE thinking? Of ALL the people that could be given the strap, why is he taking it back?

    • H.M.

      And aside the fact that Ziggler’s reign through and through was TERRIBLE. Poor guy can’t catch a break.

      • Noelz

        What reign…he was concussed for 95% of it

    • Xavier

      You can’t complain. People on here are always complaining about things being too predictable so we finally get a swerve.

      • H.M.

        There’s a stark difference between a proper swerve, and stupid, senseless booking. I’ll eat my words if we see a double turn, and something more comes from all this in the bigger picture. As a knee jerk reaction though, that was a piss poor decision in general, on all fronts. Let’s see how the week plays out though.

        • -|AZ|-

          Now that IT IS DONE, I wouldn’t mind Ziggler taking it back from ADR at MITB and being the victim of an instant cash-in starting a feud with someone of the likes of RVD or Roman Reigns.


  • Smart Mark

    So the very first PPV title defence for Ziggler and he already loses it? The WWE just turned into a joke with that one match.

    • Danny_Boy

      Your a joke. Ziggler didn’t deserve too win. Hr hasn’t done anything since he’s had the title, or even defended it. Del Rio much more deserving.

      • Smart Mark

        Maybe because he was concussed you idiot.

        • Danny_Boy

          Then he shouldn’t have the title then you dumbass

          • Smart Mark

            You complete idiot, he got a concussion while he was holding the title meaning he had already won it. I don’t think WWE is the show for you kid go back to watching something more capable for you to comprehend.

          • Danny_Boy

            No dumbass, the WWE isn’t a show for you. No matter how much you cry Vince will never make a internet guy the #1 guy in the company. Go back too watching ROH little girl, and leave the WWE for the grown men too dicuss

          • Noelz

            He’ll do it if the money leads him to do it

          • Danny_Boy

            But it never will lead too more money. Guys like Ziggler, Punk, Bryan, Ambrose, Christian. Rollins & Axel will never be bigger draws then guys like Cena, HHH, Rock, Lesnar, Taker or Orton. When everyone gets that thru their thick heads then they’ll be able to enjoy wrestling again. And if they don’t like then they need to watch another product

          • Smart mark

            Punk and Bryan are both bigger draws than Orton right now, do you even understand what you’re saying. Do you think before you type? I’m a huge Orton fan but I can admit that he is not a bigger draw than Punk or Bryan or even Ziggler right now.

          • Danny_Boy

            Your putting me to sleep girl

          • Smart Mark

            Oh is that because you know your wrong and know that your talking crap you uneducated f*ckwit.

          • Danny_Boy

            Nope. You haven’t made one factual statement. There’s nothing smart about you so I suggest you stop calling yourself “smart mark”. I can clearly see that your panties are still in a bunch over your Boyfriend Ziggler losing. It must be that time of month again for you. Maybe you should pick up some Tampons

          • Smart Mark

            Fact: Ziggler receives more reaction than Delrio.
            Fact: The concussion Ziggler received was his first injury.
            Fact: Ziggler’s concussion was due to an attack by Jack Swagger.
            Fact: CM Punk is WWE’ #2 guy, (currently higher than Orton, HHH & Lesnar)
            Fact: Dolph Ziggler has never injured an opponent in the ring.
            Fact: Ziggler won the title before being concussed.

            Balls in your court Danny Boy

          • Danny_Boy

            Fact: Ziggler lost
            Fact: Del Rio is a better wrestler then Ziggler
            Fact: Punk isn’t #2, Cena ,Taker, Lesnar, HHH & The Rock are higher up on the food chain then Punk will ever be.
            Fact; Ziggler is injury prone
            Fact; Ziggler is reckless and careless in the ring
            Fact: I never accused Ziggler of hurting anyone else
            Fact: I know more about wrestling then you do.

            Back to you MARK

          • jdl

            Sticking “fact” onto your opinion does not change them into facts.

          • Danny_Boy

            Exactly, so why do you keep doing that

          • chris

            You sir, are an idiot.

          • Danny_Boy

            You sir, are a dumbass!

          • Nick K

            The angry fat boy strikes again.

          • Tim

            Fact: Ricardo gets the reaction not Alberto.

          • michael foulds

            This is pathetic the way you two are going on about this…I think you both really need to get a grip

          • Danny_Boy

            It’s even more pathetic that you feel the need to jump into this then claim I’m pathetic.

          • michael foulds

            Not really I enjoy reading these comments, but you two have took it to the extreme.

          • Smart Mark

            I’m sorry, but if you are reading the comments that Danny Boy is typing above then you can see why i feel the need to respond to them and thats all i’ll say.

          • Scottyo614

            “Fact: Ziggler is reckless and careless in the ring
            Fact: I never accused Ziggler of hurting anyone else”

            How does that work?

          • Smart Mark

            Those aren’t even facts jackass

          • Dude

            Why is Danny_Boy calling out Danny_Boy?

          • sheamus fan

            Nope ziggler is not as over as del Rio

          • sheamus fan

            I think Bryan is thefuture face of wwe and whereasziggler is concerned he is not talented enough to be in the whc picture and del Rio stood out in the match

          • Smart Mark

            Thats funny because i don’t even like ROH and when did i say that an internet guy should be #1? Oh i guess i was just saying stuff that you couldn’t comprehend again kid. Theres this really fun thing called “education” i think you should sign up so you can learn to read and understand things abit better kiddo.

          • Danny_Boy

            You wanna talk about education little girl. Learn how to capitalize your I’s. Oh and by the way ZIGGLER LOST! It hurts to hear that again doesn’t it.

      • Luke

        “Your a joke. Ziggler didn’t deserve too win. Hr hasn’t done anything since he’s had the title, or even defended it. Del Rio much more deserving.” The most idiotic thing I’ve read on this site. And considering what ‘Xavier’ posts on here that’s quite an accomplishment.

        • Danny_Boy

          It’s the truth. Ziggler hasn’t done anything with the title, he’s too injury prone and reckless as a wrestler. The only idiot on here is you. Do go troll somewhere else

          • Bart

            “he’s too injury prone and reckless as a wrestler” ramblings of an idiot.

          • Danny_Boy

            Are you gonna cry now because your hero Ziggler can’t stay healthy or because he’s reign as a champ was a flop. Kepp trolling douche

          • Smart Mark

            How is Ziggler injury prone when this was his first injury? and he was hit on the head for the injury to occur? Also how is he reckless when he’s never injured anyone? Please state your logic because right now there is none in your comments.

          • Danny_Boy

            Just watch his matches, he’s careless in the ring and tries to do way too much He tries to steal the show (which is fine) but he ends up over bumping and taking to any risk that don’t need to be taken. Even now he’s too hurt so putting the belt on Del Rio makes a lot sense. I don’t know why that’s so hard for you to understand

          • Noelz

            When has he gotten injured or missed action for himself or anyone else as a result of his “over bumping”…I mean it’s possible I missed it but I don’t think I did…inspite of his serious bumping he seems pretty safe from what I’ve seen

          • Danny_Boy

            He’s a hazard to himself. he gambles too much

          • Nick K

            Ziggler’s injury was 100% the fault of Swagger, anyone saying he got injured because of how he wrestle’s is delusional and likely just trolling.

          • Noelz

            No more so from guys like Shawn michaels in his early years or the rock…I mean watch him sell a stunner and tell me that couldn’t go bad quickly…it’s his style…no more hazardous than guys that jump off the top rope every ten seconds or anyone else for that matter…he’s actually toned it down a bit from his early days…if it went to far I guarantee Vince would stop him like he’s done with multiple guys before

          • Smart Mark

            What don’t you understand? It makes no sense. Delrio doesn’t even get a reaction out of the crowd, if Ziggler is well to compete than he is well to hold the title. And you keep saying that he is careless in the ring but fail to give any examples because you know that you need toilet paper to wipe the crap coming from your mouth.

          • Danny_Boy

            Your still trolling. I just gave examples moron. Your boyfriend Ziggler lost so go dry your tears somewhere else little girl. I don’t have time to host a pity party for you

          • Smart Mark

            Still fail to comprehend aye? Don’t worry you’ll catch on someday. And no you didn’t provide an example of a superstar that Ziggler has injured because of his “reckless” and “careless” ring work.

          • Chris

            Of course he hasn’t done anything with the title, since he only got a couple of weeks in to his reign and got kicked in to concussion?! And how can you take a guy whose only recent lay-off was because someone recklessly booted him in the head, then call him ‘Injury prone’?

        • Xavier

          Say bro, keep my name out of your damn mouth.

  • Justin Lal

    IWC got what they deserved tonight in the Del Rio/Ziggler match. Those smarky crowds are so predictable that WWE had a trick up their sleeves tonight and it worked.

    Best match of the night was Miz/Axel/Barrett — unpredictable, exciting, and a creative finish.

    • Grizzly Bear

      Yeah, you don’t know what you’re talking about, kid. The crowd didn’t know how to reacted to the double turn.

      • Justin Lal

        You’re missing the point. These smarky crowds are so predictable that they essentially forced WWE into making this booking decision, which was a good one. Cheering heels/booing faces finally forced WWE to have their face switch roles.

        • Smart Mark

          So your saying that Del Rio winning the title tonight was because of the fans cheering heels? Logic = 0/10

        • Noelz

          The people cheer who they like and boo who they don’t…it has nothing to do with face and heel it’s about who the ppl like and are fans of or don’t like and are not fans of

        • Andrew F.

          They don’t cheer because they are heel, they cheer because heels are 100x more interesting in some cases. Or in Ziggler’s case, he’s f**king awesome! And btw Miz sucks

    • Ben

      No, it didn’t work, because now the WHC is a guy who only gets a reaction when Ricardo is announcing him. Del Rio isn’t over, period, not as a face or a heel. Ziggler isn’t massively over either but at least the crowds seem to care about him being there.

      Best match of the night was Punk/Jericho. When you have the second-best worker in the company (Y2J) going up against someone not far behind with a red-hot crowd, it’s not surprising. And how in the world do you rate the tag title match 5/10? Bryan, Reigns, and Rollins all delivered. I’d agree that it was just another match when compared to the many awesome matches those three have had, but it was definitely at least a 7/10, even with Boreton dragging things down.

      • Jacob

        Are you Fíng kidding me. Punk looked terrible tonight. He was winded by the end of this match. Punk/Jericho was average at best.

    • Tim

      Axel winning was unpredicting. Hahahaha

    • Andrew F.

      It’s funny you hate on the IWC, and you’re on this website 24/7

      • Danny_Boy

        It’s even funnier that the IWC hates on the WWE so much but they come on here and watch RAW every week

        • Andrew F.

          Well actually it’s because we are loyal an hope it gets better, I’m a mets fan and they suck, and I often trash them. But do I stop watching? No!
          I’m a fan….

  • Justin Lal

    Sheamus def. Sandow – 6/10
    Axel def. Barrret and Miz (IC Title) – 8.5/10
    AJ def. Kaitlyn (Divas Title) – 8/10
    Ambrose def. Kane by CO (US Title) – 3/10
    Alberto Del Rio def. Dolph Ziggler (WHC) – 7.5/10 (Booking move: 10/10)
    CM Punk def. Chris Jericho – 7/10
    The Shield def. Team RKNo! (Tag Titles) – 5/10

    John Cena def. Ryback (WWE Title) – 4/10

    • Anand Vijayakumar

      Shield vs Bryan & Orton = 5/10
      Punk Vs Jericho = 7/10

      and Axel def. Barret & Miz gets 8.5/10

      Are you kidding?

    • Nick K

      The fact that you rated anything above punk/jericho shows that you should be spending your time on wwe.com, this site is not for you.

    • sheamus fan

      Cm punk vs Jericho was match of the year till now god dammit.
      Y2j vs punk -10/10
      aj vs kaitlyn-7/10
      axle vs miz vs Barrett-9/10
      del Rio vs Ziegler-8.5/10
      team rkno vs shield-7/10
      Ambrosevs Kane -6/10. (poor booking should have been versus r truth or Cody)

      • sheamus fan

        And cena vs ryback-9/10

  • Tim

    Just when I’m like screw wwe for having aboringo win the title. They make up for it by having ryback lose again. Thank you wwe

  • BIG M

    A big well done to AJ and Katlyn for putting on the best divas match in a long time and for all the people saying that ziggler is reckless I was saying that mounths ago and getting ignored now that he is hurt people r getting on that bandwagen and for the people complaning about the title loss get over it RVD is coming back go go go THE WHOLE F’N SHOW.

  • Bryan

    I dunno… Don’t get me wrong, but if they were going to make Ziggler drop the belt in the first place I would rather have had them make him vacate the title when he first got injured.

  • Nick K

    WWE should be concerned, Cena their top guy got zero reaction tonight which has been the case rather often lately. It’s time to have someone actually beat him with no shenanigans involved.

  • Avalanchian

    I truly feel Ziggler losing the title and AJ winning the Diva title is going to play on some storyline coming up. AJ will either see Ziggler as a loser and leave him or Ziggler will get jealous of AJ and try to cost her the match. And somehow BIg E will end up facing Ziggler in the future to protect AJ.

  • Mohan Ramnath

    lots of comments today … wwe needs to book and bring up the younger talent and stop with the same ppl holding the belts over and over.