WWE Payback Returning To Allstate Arena; Goldberg Denies Negotiations With WWE; Talk Is Jericho

- The Chicago Tribune reports that the second annual WWE Payback pay-per-view will once again take place at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois. Click here for more.

- Goldberg denied any negotiations with WWE Tuesday afternoon on his Twitter account:

- Chris Jericho interviews his father, Ted Irvine, in the latest edition of the Talk is Jericho podcast. Click here to listen.

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  • disqus_HZkhbeFufx

    Hi Richard.
    I have posted this in a couple of articles as the problem is getting really irritating and I was hoping people might join me to ask you to turn off the intrusive pop up ads.

    I am trying to use the dirt sheet app but when I do it keeps pushing me into the App Store to download some dodgy games. I also find when I read the site on the mobile web on iphone I keep getting kicked out into a new advertising window. Can this be stopped as it’s wasting my data allowance on my phone and is taking away from m enjoyment of your site.

    • Browny

      Well said, the pop up adds are VERY ANNOYING!

      • Punker

        Premium has NO ads. get on that jawn

        • Nathen

          Funny. The complaint isn’t about ads in general, just the intrusive one that forced you into the app store. There is one pop up I get in android that claims I have a virus, which may be the dodgy one the OP mentioned. Clearly Richard agrees as he changed it.

          Don’t be an ass.

          • Rus

            Umm I don’t think he was being an ass, Im also a Premium member and have never had any pop up ads

          • Mysterion

            He was being an ass. I’m a Premium Member and get the app store pop up frequently.

    • http://www.wrestlingnewsworld.com/ Richard Gray

      I took off the ad that I believe was causing the problem. Sorry for the delay, I’m out of town. Also, Goldberg isn’t being honest ;)